Hillary is not out of the woods yet

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Joe Fan, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. 4th_floor

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    Beheading would be kind in that it would quickly put her out of her misery. Just continue with humiliation. Knowing that she lost to Donald Trump is suitable punishment for her.
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    Is this the 8th investigation? I've lost count. 'A' for effort though.
  3. militaryhorn

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    Plus, as cold as their blood runs it wouldn't spill out all over the place.
  4. Joe Fan

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  5. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Haters point to Ivanka and Kushner doing the same thing.
  6. Garmel

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    Yep. Its called desperation.
  7. Clean

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  8. Joe Fan

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    The Clinton Foundation reported a $16.8 Million loss for 2018
    Total revenues of $30.7M vs expenses for the year of $47.5M.
    Private planes, 5-star hotels/restaurants and sycophantic entourages aint free. The fake charity has lost more than $30M since Crooked Hillary lost in 2016.
    It is is now what it has always been, a scam

    Clinton Foundation Reports $16.8 Million Loss in 2018
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    Tax free non profit.
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    Re: Hillary is not out of the woods yet.

    Good. I was hoping to catch up with her in the woods. I couldn’t think of a more delightful way to spend a weekend than camping and hunting with Hillary.
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  11. Joe Fan

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  12. Joe Fan

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  13. Joe Fan

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    “Siri, do we have an extradition treaty with Northern Ireland?”

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  14. Joe Fan

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    Trump got Hillary to flee the country in less than one full term. And he is not even tired yet
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  16. Joe Fan

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  17. Sangre Naranjada

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    Because the Hill is above the law. Nobody else is, but her.
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  18. Joe Fan

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    The largest individual donor to the Clinton Foundation was Ukrainian. In 2015, the WSJ looked at “foreign individuals and their foundations and companies” who “were large donors to the Clinton Foundation” while Clinton was SoS (Jan 2009 to Feb 2013). Ukrainian Victor Pinchuk was the winner. He is a former parliamentarian whose father-in-law is a former president of Ukraine.

    “Between 2009 and 2013, including when Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, according to that foundation, which is based in Kiev, Ukraine. .... In 2008, “Mr. Pinchuk made a five-year, $29 million commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative...."

    Clinton Charity Tapped Foreign Friends
  19. OUBubba

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    You should totally impeach her!
  20. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

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  21. mchammer

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  22. BevoJoe

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    When it comes to the Clintons, that's a group best left alone. If a business deal come up that looks great, but the Clinton's are heavily involved, man, just walk away.
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    Agreed. Can't react with both Funny and Agree, thus my reply.
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  24. mchammer

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    I work with a big time classical liberal and he can’t stand the Clinton’s. Hated them since he first saw slick Willie.
  25. Monahorns

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    Classical liberals are conservatives. Small government, free markets, Bill of Rights, etc.
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  26. Joe Fan

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    Just the facts

    Russia & Russians donated over $145,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation

    Why did they do that? Was it because Russians & the Russian Govt are great and well-known humanitarians?

    Or was it to get Hillary on board to sell 20% of the US' uranium to a Putin cut out?
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  27. horninchicago

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    Facts don't matter.
  28. Garmel

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    Don't forget the real Russian collusion during the 2016 election that Clinton participated in.
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  29. OUBubba

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    They're notorious philanthropists!
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  30. Joe Fan

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    Pretty sure she is including the "donations" (cough, cough) she was able to "secure" for the "Clinton Foundation." Hillary certainly forces the use of a lot of "air quotes." Why is that?


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