Holgerson slammed by grad transfer

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by mb227, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. mb227

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    Former UH guard Justin Murphy criticizes Dana Holgorsen on social media

    That is about as damning as it gets...sucks to transfer on a lie. Not the first time it has happened and won't be the last time though...

    Kudos to the kid for putting it out there though...maybe he saves someone else from sacrificing a potential career on the word of a couch-burner.
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  2. Horn2RunAgain

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    The kid's theme song ought to be 'I've been everywhere, man". His third program to play for
  3. mb227

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    He's a grad transfer...very big difference over some of the frequent flyers in the Transfer Portal.

    It would be a lot easier to downplay him if he didn't already have at least the one degree...
  4. Ajo Macho

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    While I agree with a lot of this student-athlete's points, lamenting "I'm no longer considered part of the UH team" is ridiculous.

    Of course you're no longer part of the team. You quit. That was your decision. If you hadn't quit, you'd still be part of the team.

    It might've been a move for the best, but stop acting like a decision you made makes you a victim.
  5. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Where did it say in the article that he quit? He is quoted in the article as "being suspended" then he tweeted that had heard through sources he is no longer part of the team.

    The article read to me like he was hurt so Holgerson cut him from the team according to sources. Seems like there is noise in there not being divulged, but that's a far cry from him quitting the team.
  6. Ajo Macho

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    Thought I'd read somewhere else that after things weren't working out (without being kicked off the team), he decided to redshirt so he could keep a year of eligibility and transfer somewhere else for one last season. I could be wrong.
  7. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    As a 6th year grad transfer can he do that?
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  8. ProdigalHorn

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    He did not decide to redshirt. Although according to his account, Holgerson was going to a number of his top players and asking them to take a redshirt in what he considered a "lost" year. If you're a sixth-year grad transfer and your coach has just announced that he no longer cares about the season - the one that you specifically transferred over to participate in - how should you react? (The fact that the team's starting QB announced his intention to redshirt pretty well confirms this.)
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  9. nashhorn

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    Sux, like OU.
  10. Ajo Macho

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    I must've gotten this guy mixed up with the starting QB who decided, mid-season, to redshirt. My bad.
  11. mb227

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    My understanding is that a number of players were asked to red-shirt...he declined. Holgerson gets hurt fee-fees and we move to the current situation...
  12. #2is#1

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    To my limited understanding this stuff happens all the time. When a new coach comes in, they are trying to get their type of guys in the program.
    If you start bad mouthing the coaches, process, and your a senior, and a journeyman? Bye
    Right or wrong, I’ve heard stories about getting a medical stamp, the player can keep financial entitlements, program can free up a scholarship.
  13. Joe Fan

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  14. mb227

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    Should more aptly say that 'hot mic catches coach being honest.'
  15. mb227

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    In THIS case, the grad came to Coogar High SPECIFICALLY because of Holgerson...

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