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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by dheiman, May 25, 2011.

  1. dheiman

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    We found the Lone Star Bar & Grill in the heart of Grand Cayman on a recent destination wedding/vacation. The restaurant touted "Real Texas BBQ" so we had to see if this place would pass muster. True to their word, Lone Star was decorated in Texas memorabilia and served wonderful smoked BBQ. They also had some fantastic Texas appetizers like fried pickles and five alarm chili.

    This is a must stop spot for traveling Longhorns. Horns up!
  2. SabreHorn

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    The guy that owns it played football at SA Lee with Pat Rocket & Tommy Kramer (IIRC). He is an Aggie, but has some Texas memorabilia in the restaurant. About 02 or 03, he had a Texas jersey autographed by Mackovic. He wanted an Aggie jersey autographed by Franchione. I made a deal with him that I would get him his Fran-shirt if he would burn the Mackovic shirt.

    Does he still have the oldies band on the front patio on Thursday or Friday night? It was led by Bob Soto or one of the dive company owners.
  3. Horny Ringman

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    How is Grand Cayman? We go to playa del Carmen a few times a year. Looking for a quick place to go for something different. Continental has direct flight from Houston. Just don't know that much about the Caymans.
  4. SabreHorn

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    Depends on what you enjoy. It is largely undeveloped. Most everything is located in about a five mile stretch.

    One of best restaurants, however, is on the north side of the island on a lagoon - Pappagallos.

    Not a lot of nightlife. Lower end of "hotel row" (Marriott & Radisson) have very rocky beach. You can get a condo for about the same price as a room at the Westin, Hyatt or Ritz Carleton.

    If you like to wall dive, the Southeast corner of the island has a drop from about 125 ft to over 23,000 - third deepest trench on the globe. 150+ dive sites within a mile of the island - no long boat rides.

    It is expensive, has good food, nearly zero crime. It's beach, diving, fishing, eating, limited shopping. Deals that once were (Rolex, diamonds, jewelry) are not more.
  5. Horny Ringman

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    How's te rum point area on north side? Looking for quiet out of the way bungalow, but close snuff to get to a beach front restaurant/bar. How far from airport?
  6. SabreHorn

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    While everything on Cayman is "close", it is not time close. It can take nearly an hour to get over there.

    I think you might be really happy at a place like Aqua Bay Club. There are a number of very nice, small condo projects along Seven Mile Beach Road. These are north of the Ritz Carleton & Weston hotels. While they are only a mile or two north of the hotel area, they might as well be 20.

    I use Aqua Bay as an example. It is beach front and has tennis courts. Not many units - maybe 20-24. Rarely are more than 5-7 occupied. Every unit has either a covered patio or a screened in balcony. There is a beach front pool. You can walk along the beach for a mile in either direction and not see anyone. Very private. Right now, I can't remember the name of the projects close by, but they are the same. A one or two bedroom unit is about the same as a single room at the Ritz or Weston, sometimes less. From these you can get to the restaurants and places you want to go in 5-10 minutes rather than 30-45.

    If you still want Rum Point, also consider a property on the far South end that is totally secluded. Only thing over there, but I can't remember the name. They are always running specials - come sit through our sales pitch & stay two nights free.

    Also consider Little Cayman & Cayman Brac, even more private.
  7. Horny Ringman

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    Thanks. I looked at aqua bay. Not bad. Anything similar that has a small beachfront restaurant? That is what was appealing about some of the rum point area places I looked at. Or at least close walking distance down beach to one.
  8. SabreHorn

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    Not that I remember. Colony Club or Colony House is by the Hyatt, but not very private. Not many beachfront bar/restaurants not connected to hotels.

    That condo/timeshare on the South side of the island is 30 minutes from anything and has a restaurant/bar, but I've never eaten there. Haven't been down to that side but a couple of times and never anybody there.

    I just never liked the drive time from Rum Point. Not very far, but maximum speed on island is below 30 mph because of traffic.
  9. Horny Ringman

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    Booked rum point. Seems like our type of place. May never even make it to seven mile side.
  10. EJC+1

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    Cayman is a great place. Rum point a great place to be staying. Don't totally neglet 7 mile beach. It's worth a visit to the beach a 1/2 day...also snokeling Eden Rock is very good as well.

    If you are in to snorkeling, the best place with the healthiest coral is Barefoot Beach which is just east of Rum Point...about a 15 min drive. A little tricky to find but you might have the whole place to yourself.
    The Link

    The Link

    Make sure you also eat at the Kaibo Yacht Club Restaurant & Bar which is on the Rum Point end of the island.
  11. Horny Ringman

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    Yep, found a link to barefoot by accident the other night. That will take a day of our time for sure. "over the edge" restaurant is along in that area too. Decent lunch? Will end up doing a day trip to 7mile. Everyone acts like it's so far. He'll we drive in Texas. An hour to other side of island is nothing.
  12. EJC+1

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    A couple of tips at Barefoot beach. You do have to swim out quite a bit to get to the good coral. Don't let the seagrass that you see early on fool you. You'll eventually get to the coral. Also, make sure you enter and exit at the same spot right on the Barefoot beach area. Don't swim all the way down to that house and hope to exit...you can but there are tons of spiny sea urchins. If you step on one or put your hand on one, then you'll be in bigtime pain. Just turn around and swim back along the coral heads, then head back into the beach.

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