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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by 14tokihorn, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Has anyone explored/researched this type of system for their elderly relatives. The industry is really the same as home security systems (security devices not needed).

    I must get to some-sort of determination toward finalizing the issue - its been a long, slow process in convincing a 90 yr. old that this is the thing to do and I'll sleep better knowing that in the event of a fall he could reach out for help.

    I've seen the national TV ads. whee the lady falls, and presses the pendant to call for help. But something about a national TV ad targeting the elderly smacks of maybe low quality and/or not dependable.

    Any recs. for a local compnay?
    I've briefly explored options with a local Security Co. - The systems can be So-o-o sophisticated: everything from audio & video sensors for the home, w/ internet access required. (IIRC) And 1. the risk of power outages s troublesome for this solution 2. Too sophisticated.

    Can it be done with only a land line phone? .
    What is the minimum communication method?
    The local carrier service is Verizon; Could a basic wireless account be sufficient?

    The criteria here is KISS... dad has to struggle with the concept of using his Jitterbug cell phone, so the possibility of confusing him w/ technology is quite high, I fear.

    On another note, I believe I recall that a 24 hr., live monitoring service is the thing to do. right?

    I just need to get a feel for the options of a TelCo service.
    The location is the outlying Austin Area.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Cheesy commercial but decent product - Life Alert. I have several patients who like them.
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    There's a system available that uses a cellular phone network with a special very small cell phone that's very simple to operate. The nice thing about it is it works away from home in case the person is still able to leave their home. Also, the person can talk to a person at the service provider, they can conference in a family member if necessary, or emergency help can be called. It's basically Onstar for an individual. If you can't find it with a google search, note it here and I'll do a search.
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    Yes, when you get back to Depot here, will you please accommodate me with a link.... I am quite underwater with bereavement at the present.

    I have discovered that the Life Alert system has a few competitors w/ essentially the same tech. model.

    This is all about doing the best I can for the 'ol boy.
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    Hope it works out for you.

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