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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by NickDanger, Apr 23, 2011.

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    The boy is having a ranch party. The rents have a place out in the country and I have set up tunes around the cement pond and used to use an old stereo receiver that the kids never used. It crapped out and I bought a pawn shop home theater receiver to replace it. I have a bunch of ragtag speaker that work just fine for tunes, but the boy is having his best friends up for the night and they like to watch movies and play vidiot games on my projector and 10' screen outdoors at night. I have a really macho-looking set of speakers from a pawn shop (like 5' tall and covered with black carpet) and some ****** pairs of KLH speakers. I do not own either a subwoofer (not one that I can use anyway) or a center channel speaker. Do I need those for optimum effect? This is his Graduation/B-day/End of Aquatics/Going Away party so I'm willing to do some stupid **** to make it a big deal for him.

    Also, the receiver has an A and B front speaker system, a rear speaker capability, center channel and subwoofer outlets. I don't know if the bigass speakers should go for one of the front pairs or the rear pair.

    This will be outside so acoustics will not be controllable much other than speaker placement. I figure the kids will use lawn chairs and blankets on the ground.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Some experimentation is probably in order. However, from what you described, I would not want to mess with setting up true surround sound. So a sub and center are not necessary. I would try hooking your two macho speakers to front left/right outputs and hooking your other speakers to zone B. Then output audio using regular 2-channel stereo with a+b selected. Hope that made sense, several beers have been consumed.
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    Can you post a picture of what "Macho" speakers are. I am gruntled and intrigued, not to mention highly curious. Were I to be offered Macho speakers, even from a white van or SUV, I would be highly tempted to purchase them on the spot.
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    No advice....just that I hope you and "your boy" have a fantastic time!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Crap loop,

    I was just out there and could have snapped a shot. I'll try to remember when I am out there next week. They are close to five feet tall, about 20"x20" and covered in that black carpet **** you see at concerts on the bands' equip with yellow centers. They just look kinda gangsta. If they were standing up in the bed of a pickup they would be above the cab and only have about 6" between them. $75 at the pawn shop. I know guys who have spent more cleaning the wadded up socks they stuufed themselves with. Same deal.

    That was good advice on the surround deal. I have no idea which button to push and unless one of the hs kids knows how to do it the right way, I can make it good enough with just straight up stereo. Subwoofers are not free and bass boost will have to do.

    You git whut you git and you don't pitch a fit.

    Along those lines and with a tip of the hat to Carl Spackler, I spent at least 4 battery charges last night using the electric leaf blower to whisk away dead lady bugs and wasps and dust. The best part was when I turned on the leaf blower (battery operated Ryobi POS) it spewed about 2.174 million daddy longlegs all over the living area.

    Woulda been an awesome practical joke.

    If I had played it on someone else.

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