Horns beat TCU

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by caryhorn, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. caryhorn

    caryhorn 5,000+ Posts

    They hit 9 of 15 threes. Same song, if the horns hit 50%+ threes they win.
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  2. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    Will Baker! Where has that been all year?
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  3. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    Mostly on the bench.
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  4. txlandagent

    txlandagent 500+ Posts

    5 conference games left +1 conf. tourney game. I'm calling 1-5 down that stretch to get us to a paltry 16-16.
  5. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 1,000+ Posts

    Which means next game they'll go 2-15 and lose. Sure it works once in a blue moon, but it's certainly not a formula for consistent success.
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  6. caryhorn

    caryhorn 5,000+ Posts

    3 point make percentage for the season is .33
    FT make percentage is .67; and we shoot nearly 5 less per game than opponents
    We are outrebounded by almost 4 per game.
    We've attempted 622 3 pt shots to 393 for opponents
    Will Baker's 3 pt make percentage for the season is .167; had he not had his best game of the season we likely lose the TCU game.
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  7. caryhorn

    caryhorn 5,000+ Posts

    I'm calling 2-3 in remaining 5 conference games; and one and done in the B12 tourney. For a whopping 2-4 to close us out. A mudhole season of 17-15.
  8. Chest Rockwell

    Chest Rockwell 1,000+ Posts

    I am 100% responsible for last night's win. As "well" as we've been playing, when I saw that Coleman was out and UT was favored by 2 I put in a wager . . . on TCU.

    Nice win, but I'm just ready for this season to end. Sadly, 1-5 or 2-4 will get us into some postseason tourney to further embarrass the program. Did anyone happen to count the amount of fans there last night? It couldn't have been much more than 1500 or so.
  9. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    I think we end the season 2-5 with a couple of blowouts at Sand Aggy and probably at the land thieves. Huggy Bear could destroy us in Austin as well. Only regular season game left that we win is Okie state and we will probably win the first round conference tourney game since we will most likely play tcu or osu again. 17-15, six seed in the vaunted nobody cares tournament. Wildcard game is Ksu, but since we lost by about 30 at Iowa state I can't see this team winning any road game.
  10. X Misn Tx

    X Misn Tx 2,500+ Posts

    so you're saying there's a chance?
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  11. Horns11

    Horns11 5,000+ Posts

    No Coleman, no Sims, no Febres, no Liddell. So quite literally, we were down three starters and arguably the guy who was supposed to be our forward off the bench, and THAT'S the combination that finally beats a mediocre conference opponent.

    Looking at the play-by-play, it's amazing that we even kept it close. TCU kept killing themselves. They had 14 turnovers, but we only had 9 blocks/steals. So they threw it away 5 times, including the controversial one with like 30 seconds left.

    We got crushed on the boards.

    Baker needs to work with Chris Mihm or something and develop more of his "inside 25 feet" game. Barnes would have had him setting up around the block and instead of settling for sky hooks, he'd be doing an up-and-under to get closer to the rim. I remember watching Jason Klotz practice this at RecSports for like 3 hours when I had a meeting there. Mihm could hit the long shots too, but he didn't have to, because he was always in such good position. Baker probably has like 20 pounds on Mihm too.

    Ramey plays with no control. His FT shooting is garbage and he should be a more heady leader with Coleman out. For the life of me, I didn't understand why the coaches kept the ball in his hands on important possessions instead of making sure Jones got it immediately.

    If Kai Jones develops a little more between the ears and stops pausing and getting the ball knocked away from him, he could be our next big guy to make waves in the NBA Draft. He's got good instincts on offense, but needs to make decisions faster.
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  12. caryhorn

    caryhorn 5,000+ Posts

    This This This^^^^!! Thanks for articulating a few of the massive holes in Smart's preparation of and coaching (lack thereof) both big men and guards. This goes straight to the heart of lack of player development which some interpret (wrongly imo) as lack of talent on this team.
  13. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    Before TCU he was 1 of 25, for a .040 percentage.
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