Horns on TV SIX times ...

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Barton Hills, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Barton Hills

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    On TV 6 times, 3 of those on the road. Good news for fans who don't travel with the team ...

    3/21 Texas v Nebraska
    3/28 Texas @ Texas Tech
    4/17 Texas @ Texas A&M
    4/18 Texas @ Texas A&M
    5/1 Texas v Baylor
    5/2 Texas v Baylor

    Interested to see if CBS College Sports picks anything up. They had us once or twice last year ... including a Stanford game.

    The Link

    The Link

    Edit: 5/1 BU game added on ESPNU ...
  2. iowahorn11

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    All on channels I don't get. Typical.
  3. daytonhorn

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    Does anyone know off hand what channel FCS is on DirecTV (and Dish & TWC)?
  4. ElginHotSausage

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    this past football season FCS was on DirecTv 617
  5. torre

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    Surfin' around and checked LSU's site. Note they are on TV 27 times.

    The Link

    This is why Texas needs to leave the Big12.
  6. Barton Hills

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    Yep, that SEC/ESPN package will have kids really wanting to play in that conference even more ...
  7. goosehorn

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  8. cochamps

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    Well, 27 games on TV versus 6 does seem like quite a disparity.
  9. dbfootball

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    All of the Home games for Texas will be on TexasSport.TV as they were last year.
  10. cochamps

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    That is sweet, I will say. I can't believe how long I sat in front of my computer for the Austin Wood marathon.

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