Horns slip by ISU at Gregory

Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by BabHorn, Oct 8, 2016.

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    tough match. Horns won the first two sets, ISU took the next two and Horns gutted out a 15-10 fifth set to win the match. Claire Hahn, Fr. Libero, ended it with a service ace. :hookem2:

    Horns set a record for service errors, don't remember if it was a school record, conference game record, whatever with 17 service errors.
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    We will not continue to win big matches if we don't get the service error problem fixed. I think White, who is obviously one of our most valuable players, had 4 or 5 by herself. On a positive note I like what Jerritt did using Yaazie and Westerlund in the middle. I think particularly Yaazie can help in this area which we also need strengthened on a go forward basis.
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    The service errors were mind boggling. I have never seen such folly by a Texas volleyball team. We will not get back to the sweet sixteen or Great 8 unless this issue is resolved.

    ISU seemed to have similar problems on Saturday just not to the extent we had them.

    Nice gutty win though!!!!
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