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    I didn't realize that the team, singles, and doubles rankings come out on 1/2/14. I'm eager to see how both the men's and women's teams stack up.
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    Love watching our tennis teams. [​IMG]
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    The men will have 3-4 nationally ranked players with a top 5 doubles team. Definitely have more depth and strength throughout the lineup. The women should be strong as well. Addison is one of the best players in the country. Looking forward to the season.
  4. 10SNE1?

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    Joining the Longhorns this weekend in Miami will be first-semester freshman Neda Koprcina of Croatia. Ranked as high as No. 828 in the WTA world tennis rankings, Koprcina is Croatia's under-18 national champion. The native of Split, Croatia trained in her hometown and in Belgium at the Justine Henin Tennis Academy.

    "Neda is an exciting addition to Texas Tennis," said UT head coach Patty Fendick-McCain. "Neda is a hard-working individual who was shaped by an extremely competitive environment in her native Croatia. We are thrilled to have her at Texas."

    Texas welcomes another newcomer next season in the form of Ryann Foster of Sunrise, Fla. Foster has been ranked as high as No. 940 in singles and No. 953 in doubles in the WTA world rankings.
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    Interesting! Freshman Mirta Bašelovic also from Split, Croatia just joined the Texas volleyball team for the spring semester. [​IMG]
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    Men look as advertised: very good. 7-0 vs SMU, 7-0 vs Rice, 7-0 vs Arkansas. Rice took #24 LSU to a tie breaker in the deciding match and lost 3-4.

    My best guess is this Longhorn team, currently ranked 20, is top 12 material, and depending how well Goldhoff plays could be top 8.
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    Sudanwa hasn't even played singles so far, nice to see that we're trying to get some depth built up, hopefully we'll have a nice showing at the Kickoff Weekend to get into Indoors.
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    In this lineup Suds is vying for #6 I think. Unless he plays like his soph. year wherein I could see him playing above Naumann. i don't see him above SHO, Glass, Gold, or Berk. Do you?

    He is certainly capable of beating all of those players, but just shows the depth this year's team has.
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    I agree. Sitaram could do it but has not played well enough. Looks like Homs could challenge for a spot. Doubles still needs to improve but team has more guys in the right spots this year.
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    Sunday, January 26: Texas 4, Wake Forest 3

    Three of Texas' most solid players, 2,3, and 4, all had off days and lost. Yet Texas pulled through, winning despite being down 2-5 in the 3rd set of the deciding match at the 6th line. Solid.
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    Saturday vs. Bama should be fun, I will be there.
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    Took down Bama 4-0 when they called it, David was down 0-4 and came back to 6-4, 4-1, was a shame he wasn't able to finish it out. Adrien and Nick wrecked shop 6-1, 6-1 each and Lloyd won 6-3, 6-2 to finish out singles as Texas won doubles 2-0.
  13. woowoo worster

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    Great 5-2 win vs Michigan today.

    Can someone comment as to whether or not Suds is injured? Thanks.
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    he's slumping. If they can get a consistent #6, they are going to be good.
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    This from Texas Tennis Twitter this moring. Match with Illini just about to start:

    Texas Men's Tennis &#8207;@TexasMTN 52m
    Senior Sudanwa Sitaram is playing singles for the first time this season in dual match play. LINEUPS at Illinois:The Link
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    Men went 2-1 in the ITA Indoors with wins over UGA and Cal, took a tough loss to Ohio State.

    Women seem to be in a freefall having lost 6 in a row including 0-3 at Indoors.
  17. overseasbbfan1

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    The men look really good and have a legit chance of making a deep run, or perhaps even winning it all this year. A lot of strong teams, but we're definitely in the mix. Our top 5 appear to be set but #6 seems uncertain. At the beginning of the season it looked like it would be Sudanwa, but he had some tough losses in the Fall, as did Homs. It seemed like we might see Holiner as a regular at the 6, and then Homs had a good win or two and I thought he might take the spot. It could be those three continue to rotate, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Homs ultimately get the nod.

    The women ended up with the toughest ITA qualifying draw, but took care of two good teams in Auburn and Rice to make the field. The six losses in a row are disappointing, but perhaps not unexpected considering all six were to current top 10 teams. But even with all losses being to higher ranked opponents, it would have been nice to steal a win or two. That said most were close contests, and the 4-3 loss to current #8 Vanderbilt would have likely been a win if our #2 player, Batra, had been in the lineup. I do like the new additions to the squad. Batra and Koprcina are strong players, and if we can add a couple more of similar talent this Fall, we should be a strong team the next few seasons. And hopefully the tough scheduling, losses notwithstanding, will serve us well later in the season. One thing I wonder about is our ongoing struggles in doubles; this isn't a new problem by any means. I know they changed the lineups in our last outing, so perhaps this will make a difference. You would think this would be one of our strengths as Coach Fendick was one of the top doubles players in the world. We'll have to see what happens, but I expect us to be even better as the season progresses.
  18. overseasbbfan1

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    The women dominated # 30 (now #21) Houston 5-0, and lost a very close match to #6 USC 4-3 (after leading 3-2). Their 7 losses have all been to current top 10 teams. Their 4 wins include the current #20, #21 and #26 ranked programs. We are probably a solid top 15 program, and did move back up a few places (26th to 24th) after the 1-1 record last week. Houston is interesting because they were #30 when they faced #26 Texas, and got blanked. They then beat current #19 Tulsa. They jumped from #30 to #21, three spots in front of the Horns, despite the bad loss to Texas happening during the polling period. Weird. I like the new doubles lineups. We won the doubles point vs. Houston, and even though we were swept in doubles by USC, the 8-3, 8-6 and 8-6 results indicate hard fought matches. USC has one of the best doubles lineups in the country, with all three teams ranked top 30, and two in the top 10. For several of the scores to be that close, in particular since our lineups are new, is a good sign. And hopefully the fact three of our top 4 in the singles rotation are underclassmen, inc two freshmen, bodes well for the future. We face #17 Michigan this weekend so let's hope we play like we're capable of, and knock off a higher ranked opponent.
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    Cockroaches go 0-7 against the Horns on Saturday, April 5.

    Raid !
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    Men's team took care of both Marist and Miss State and move onto the round of 16 to take on the winner of Cal/A&M.

    Women's team beat Houston but lost to A&M. Pretty tough year, they end up 13-13.

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