Horns to host 1st round of NCAAs this Friday

Discussion in 'Soccer' started by BabHorn, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. BabHorn

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    Horns will face off with North Texas at Mike A. Myers Stadium at 5 PM this Friday, Nov. 10. :hookem2:
    Not going to be an easy first game for the Horns.

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    Got those tickets today!!! Looking forward to a Friday night of Women's Soccer and Men's basketball.

    Let's Go Horns!!!:bevo::hookem2::hookem2:
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  3. BabHorn

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  4. BabHorn

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    Go, Horns!
    Horns take down North Texas, 3-0, to advance to the second round of the NCAAs! :yippee::hookem3:
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  5. BabHorn

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  6. BabHorn

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    TCU, WVU, BU and OSU joined Texas in the NCAAs.

    TCU lost 2-1 to Arizona.
    WVU, a #2 seed, won 3-0 over Bucknell.
    Baylor beat Rice 3-2.
    Four seed Texas took down North Texas, 3-0.
    OSU tied 1-1 with Missouri State but advanced by winning a penalty kick shootout.

    Four of the five Big 12 teams move on the second round.
    #4 seed Texas will face off with Clemson.
    OSU will face Duke, one of the four #1 seeds.
    Baylor will play #3 seed Southern Cal.
    #2 seed WVU will go against Rutgers.

    Texas and OSU are in the same bracket and would meet in the third round if both win their upcoming games.

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