Horns travel to Stillwater on Tuesday

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    #14/15 Texas (19-5; 9-3) will travel to Stillwater to face NR/NR Oklahoma State (13-9; 4-7) on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019. Texas won the first game 60-51 in Austin. Horns are looking for their fourth league road win. OSU is 3-2 at home for Big 12 games. Horns have a 35-15 edge in the overall series between the two teams. Texas holds a 32-11 edge in all Big 12 games, including the last nine in a row which includes the last three games in Stillwater.

    Oklahoma State Cowgirls (13-9; 4-7)
    The Cowgirls have three players in double digit scoring, including the Big 12’s number two scorer: Vivian Gray (#12, 6-1 Soph. F) at 21.6 ppg. Braxtin Miller (#14, 5-10 Soph. G) is at 14.6 ppg while Ja’Mee Asberry (#21, 5-5 RS Fr. G) completes the trio with an average of 10.2 ppg. Gray (82-200; 41.0%), Miller (57-186; 30.6%) and Asberry (41-110; 37.3%) combine to have attempted 496 of OSU’s 689 FG attempted. Kassidy De Lapp (#1, 6-3 Fr. F) has the fourth most attempts on the team with 37 (19 made; 51.4%). LaTashia Jones (#20, 6-2 Sr. F) tops the team with her 56.7% from the field on 17 of 30 FGs. Third in FG% is Jaden Hobbs (#23, 5-8 Soph. G) with 47.2% on 17 of 36 FGs. Of OSU’s FG attempts, 35% of them are from BTA. Miller (22-66; 33.3%) and Asberry (18-53; 34%) are the primary shooters from BTA. V. Gray (11-36; 30.6%) and Hobbs (15-34; 44.1%) are also frequent 3pt shooters. Hobbs, Jones (7-17; 41.2%) and De Lapp (2-4; 50%) are the most accurate from BTA. OSU doesn’t get to the FT line, they are last in the Big 12 in FT attempts. But they are second in FT% at 75.9%. V. Gray has taken 46% of their FTs (63-77) and makes 81.8% of her FT attempts. Her 63 made FTs are half of the team’s made FT’s. Second is Miller with 25 of 32 FTs (78.1%). Asberry is third with 12-17 FTs (70.6%). Seven players make at least 70% of their FTs.

    Jones and V. Gray at tied for the rebounding lead at 6.5 rpg. De Lapp is next at 5.5 rpg. Miller’s 3.5 rpg is fourth on the team. The Cowgirls do move the ball around well as they rank 3rd in assists with 13.6 apg. Miller has 35 assists (3.2 apg). V. Gray has 29 (2.6 apg) while both Asberry and Hobbs each has 25 assists (2.3 apg). Asberry tops OSU in TOs with 2.9 TOPG. V. Gray and Miller each averages 2.4 TOPG. Of OSU’s 38 blocks, V. Gray has 14 and De Lapp 11. Asberry (26 steals), Miller (23 steals) and V. Gray (10 steals) are the top three in steals.

    V. Gray and Miller have started all 11 league games. Asberry and De Lapp have ten starts. Jones has nine while three others have at least one start. Asberry, Jones and De Lapp joined V. Gray and Miller in the starting lineup in their last game. V. Gray (38.0 mpg) and Miller (37.8 mpg) are the stalwarts of the team. Ashberry (25.8 mpg), Hobbs (20.4 mpg), De Lapp (20.5 mpg) and Jones (21.9 mpg) also put in significant minutes. Mariam Gananou (#15, 6-5 Jr. C) has averaged 11.9 mpg in eleven games while Maria Castro (#30, 6-0 Sr. G) has seen action in all eleven games at a 7.5 mpg clip. Castro has taken 20 shots in league play with 18 of those coming from BTA (3-18; 16.7%). Bryn Gerlich (#10, 6-0 Fr. F), Karli Wheeler (#24, 5-8 Sr. G), Abbie Winchester (#25, 6-1 Soph. F) and Clitan De Sousa (#33, 6-0 Jr. G) average less than ten minutes per game.

    Texas Longhorns (19-5; 9-3)
    Four players averaging double figures lead the Horns into Stillwater. Sug (14.9 ppg), Joyner (12.6 ppg), Danni (11.8 ppg) and Jatarie (10.0 ppg). Destiny (8.0 ppg) is the only other Horn scoring more than 5 ppg. Sug (67-128; 52.3%), Joyner (62-135, 45.9%), Danni (46-107; 43%), Jatarie (50-100; 50%) and Destiny (31-82; 37.8%) have combined to make 256 FGs on 552 attempts. That’s 82.6% of all makes and 80.7% of all attempts during league games. Besides Sug’s 52.3% and Jatarie’s 50%, five other Horns are making at least 43% of their FGs. Danni (29-62; 46.8%), Sug (10-25; 40%) and Destiny (11-34; 32.4%) have emerged as the primary 3pt threats for Texas. Olamide (9-9; 100%) and Charli (22-25; 88%) have the best FT% on the team. Sug (35-44; 79.5%), Destiny (23-29; 79.3%) and Jatarie (20-26; 76.9%) have also very good from the FT line. Danni at 70% (21-30) has been solid. Joyner (23-46; 50%) has been the Horn most often getting to the FT line.

    Joyner (7.1 rpg) and Jatarie (5.7 rpg) are among the top 15 rebounders in the league. Sug’s 5.3 rpg leaves her just outside the top 20 rebounders in the Big 12. Four others average between 4.2 and 3.1 rpg. Sug’s 5.3 apg put her fourth in the league. Danni (23 assists), Joyner (18 assists) and Destiny (14 assists) all have reached double figures in assists during league play. Joyner (3.8 TOPG), Sug (3.4 TOPG) and Jatarie (2.0 TOPG) lead in turnovers per game. Charli continues to be the top shotblocker with seven. Jatarie has five blocks while Joyner adds three and Jada has swatted away three shots. Danni has the remaining block. All ten Horns have at least one steal with Joyner (16), Sug (15), Jada (13) and Danni (10) leading the way.

    Sug, Joyner and Danni have started every Big 12 game. Jada, Olamide, Destiny and Jatarie join them in having played in all league games. The starting lineups for all 12 games have come from those seven players. The latest starting lineup included Sug, Joyner, Danni, Jatarie and Destiny. Charli has played in 11 games while Joanne has gotten into ten games. Audrey returned to action against Kansas after missing three games with a concussion and nasal injury suffered in the Tech game. Although Sug (34.2 mpg) and Danni (35.7 mpg) continue to lead in mpg, their averages continue to slowly go down as our bench gets a few more minutes each game.

    Projected lineups are based on the previous game’s starting lineups.
    Screenshot (130).png

    The Cowgirls had trouble keeping Tech’s Brewer (11 pts), DeGrate (21 pts, 9 rebs) and Sanders (8 pts, 12 rebs) from scoring inside. They should have similar problems with the Texas posts, led by Joyner, especially if Joyner sets up inside often. Jones will likely be tasked with covering Joyner at least initially. Joyner will need to be aware that Jones can hit from BTA and will need to cover her out to the 3pt line. De Lapp should have problems with Jatarie on the offensive end. Charli is likely to have a bigger impact in this game.

    OSU has taken the fourth most 3s in league play. Texas is the second most accurate team from BTA. Guarding the 3pt line will be important for both teams as both have multiple players that can get hot from BTA although both have a couple they depend on for that. Both teams are also excellent at penetrating into the paint. Horns were able to keep V. Gray from heating up from BTA to keep OSU off the FT line in the first game.

    STATS COMPARISON—Big 12 stats only.
    Screenshot (131).png
    Screenshot (132).png
    Screenshot (133).png

    Screenshot (135).png

    Oklahoma State is another team that Texas is outshooting from the field. OSU does have an edge from the FT line although Texas makes more FTs per game due to getting more chances each game. OSU has a winning Big 12 record at home but Texas has a 5-1 Big 12 road record, the second best road record in the league.

    Horns should be able to score inside and clean up on the boards as well. The big problem will be how well OSU can hit from BTA at home. There’s not a lot that separates the two on paper. One thing that does stand out: Horns average 70 ppg and allow 65. OSU scores 65 ppg and allows 69. It should be another close game.

    Game time is 7 PM in Stillwater, OK. The game will be carried on FSSW+. 105.3 FM will be the radio station to tune in for the game.

    No. 14 Women's Basketball preview: at Oklahoma State - University of Texas Athletics
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    Anyone else with Spectrum? I have FSSW+ which is channel 319 in Austin but the current guide listing doesn’t show our game.
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    We need to show up tomorrow night like we did at KU on Saturday. OSU has several weapons...when all of them are clicking they're a tough out.
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    Don't forget those FCSA, FCSC and FCSP channels.
    The game shows up on FCSC 373 on Spectrum. It may still show up on 319 later on Tuesday. It does show up late sometimes. But for sure on 373.
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    Cowgirls Set To Host No. 15 Texas
    Congrats to Sug on being named a semifinalist for the Nancy Lieberman Point Guard of the Year Award. :bow:
    Women's preview: No. 15 Texas vs. Oklahoma State | Hookem.com
    Texas players prove to be road warriors as Big 12 basketball season continues | Hookem.com
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    Found it. Thanks.

    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

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    Comcast Xfinity?

    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    That was a sad quarter. Not sure what the game plan is, but we are either not following it or it needs to change. Down 10-11
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    Sug just needs to take over. She underestimates herself.
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    Charli has taken a couple of quick shots that she shouldn't have, but MAN she has gotten so much better on defense!
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    rough first half offensively for the Horns. We need Destiny and Danni to starting hitting their shots.

    De Lapp is doing a good job countering the Horns' inside scoring from Joyner and Jatarie.

    Both teams 50% from the FT line at 2-4 each.

    Horns with 11 TOs at the half. About half of those self inflicted. Horns up 26 to 15.

    Horns are up 25-23 at the half.
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    The team that plays the least worst game will win. That’s how this feels. No better either side.:facepalm:
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    ^This. Sug is our best offensive weapon. She need to be more selfish.
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    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    I don’t know which was worse, the game or the picture quality? :idk:

    But a win is good and a road win is fantastic. :hookem:
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    Tough win, 61-55 with Joyner hitting 3-4 FTs late to help keep the lead. Sug made the final two FTs for the Horns to provide an eight point cushion.

    Joyner and Jatarie had trouble with holding onto passes tonight though that looked more like poorly placed entry passes at times. They also went 5-12 from the field combined. Olamide was 1-7 from the field but grabbed 8 rebs. Charli had a good game, 3-6 from the field, 4-4 from the FT line and six rebounds. Joyner had eight TOs tonight to go with 10 pts and seven rebounds.

    But the offense was not smooth. Too many poor passes, shooting was not very good (37%), 17 TOs but the defense was good. And the scoring was clutch at the end when they needed it to close out the win.

    Gotta win the ugly games as well. Good win, Horns! :hookem2:
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    Charli is becoming such an important part of the rotation. That running hook shot in the second quarter was a thing of beauty. If I count right, she is now 14 of 14 at the free throw line in the last two games. I wasn't counting before that. Her free throw shooting is going to be huge for us in her four years here. Sug was great tonight, as always.
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    I thought BabHorn had to be wrong, but no, I checked the box score and Joyner Holmes really did have 8 turnovers. Eight. Is that a Texas record? Saints protect us, the woman is an All American turnover machine. If she scored 20 every night, it would be acceptable, I guess; but man she costs us with those things. I keep hoping some magic will occur and Texas will cohere into an elite 8 team,but I don't see it happening right now. We grind it out against mediocre teams that Baylor throttles.
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    Ugly wins are better than ugly losses...that's about all I can say about it. Luckily our defensive effort was really solid and forced them to play ugly too.
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    I would like to see her benched. Turnover rate for the season:

    Holmes - .15
    Mide - .06

    At least Mide isn't going to give a game away.
  21. hoopsalot

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    Nice compliment by OSU announcers for Jada — said she defended Grey as well as they’ve seen all year.
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    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    Thanks for posting this. I often scratch my head wondering why Jada gets any time at all. The announcer mentioned that she’s a 45% free throw shooter and I thought to myself, why is she ever on the court. Then someone reminds me that her defensive effort is key to holding many opposing teams’ best shooters. So there’s that...
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  23. Ellis21d

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    Just like the game we had in Austin, Texas just wore them down with there transition offense. OSU does not have much depth and it really showed in the 4th quarter. The OSU coach had to call a time out near the end of Q3 after Sug went coast to coast on a make. His girls didn't run the floor to stop Sug and were huffing and puffing with their hands on their hips. This style of play is an Aston trademark.
    It hurt us that Jatarie got in foul trouble and had to set a lot of the game. Especially after she got her 4th in Q4. She only had 14 minutes which may be a season low for her.
    Considering Texas's record in Stillwater was 12 wins, 10 loses, now 13-10, it was good to get out with a win.
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    Definitely glad we won; and, no, we didn't look good doing it mainly due to turnovers and some bad decisions.

    But, we did have a game Saturday night in Lawrence, and then had to fly back to Austin late that night. Then, we had to fly to Stillwater on Monday night, I assume. So, those back to back travel games (with a quicker turnaround than if game would have been Wednesday), while not against quality opponents, still are tiring for our players and they have to really show mental fortitude to simply fight through any "inconveniences" away from the actual game on the court.
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    Jada is this year's and possibly next year's Brianna Taylor, a low scoring defensive specialist. Although I think she really needs to be more aggressive offensively. She is certainly capable of providing 6-8 pts a game, imo. I am not sure why she and Joyner so bad from the FT line. I know they practice FTs. It's puzzling.

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