Horns v. Butler

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    Game starts in 30 minutes. Just getting it going a little early. big test for the young horns. Looking for a big game from Mo and O inside.
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    3 1/2 minutes before either team scores
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    HEY! Texas won! What's going on!!!!! This is a big turnaround!
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    score por favor??
  5. caryhorn

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    Horns 61
    butler 48

    Horns started attacking the basket in the 2nd half, hit a few jumpers and pulled away. The shooting was erratic, but our pressure defense was consistent throughout. Bamba was bothered by double teams which caused him to turn it over a couple of times. He was hesitant in attacking the basket, and that hurt his scoring. I suspect Shaka, et. al. will have him working to receive the pass and immediately go to the hole without dribbling. Mo did get his share of blocks, and altered many more.
    Osetkowsky had a lot of trouble finishing in the first 30 minutes of play. He got hot the last 10 minutes and really came through.
    Jones was the leader on offense. He and Davis kept us in the lead and hit big shots every time Butler would get close.

    Good game Horns! Congrats on a nice win. Not pretty, but a win nevertheless against decent competition.

    Duke will be a learning experience for our guys. Hook em! :hookem2:
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    Solid win for the Horns. Defensively they were pretty good. Stepping up in weight class with The fighting krewzeuskis next. Not sure Texas shoots the ball well enough to stay with them, but we shall see.
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    I think Coach K will have his team swarm Mo, giving him all kinds of hell on the offensive end. Mo will need to be very patient to avoid getting into foul trouble, imho. Jones, Roach and Young will need big games. Osetkowsky will need to have everything working too. It should be an entertaining game. Hope we can keep it close. Anything can happen if we are close at the end. Go Horns!!
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    nice, now to see how we compare with the blue bloods, err, devils :hookem:
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    Nice summary. We'll have to play a lot better against Duke to stay competitive, let alone win, in the next game. Bamba was way too tentative in the offensive paint tonight.
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    I was only able to see part of this game (while cleaning the kitchen, which was a really beeg job). UT people are going to love Osetkowsky. It's true he did have troubling finishing against Butler, but he had a great array of moves to get himself open for those shots. He is exceptional at using his size (he's 'wide') for positioning, something our bigs have not always done. He even ran the break a couple times. I am not sure yet what he cant do. Maybe Duke will show it?

    If you did not see this game, you missed nothing. The first half was painful. Despite our height and size advantage inside, we made no concentrated effort to work the ball into them
    F, Dylan Osetkowski, 6-9 vs F, Kelan Martin, 6-7
    C, Mo Bamba, 6-11 vs F, Tyler Wideman, 6-8
    Our guards did not drive, shot jumpers instead. Not constantly punishing the other guy with your advantage is not smart basketball, IMO. And our PnR game is pretty lame too. Duke is probably going to beat us. Again. Like they always do. The fun part will probably be the battle inside -- Mo Bamba vs. Bagley and Carter. All 3 of these guys are likely top NBA picks next draft. Duke goes inside a lot, which means Bamba is going to get some blocks -- his reach is unreal
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