'Horns v Kansas

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by old65horn, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. old65horn

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    Game we could/should have won.

    Lost the game, in my not so knowledgeable opinion, in the 2nd half when their GUARDS got offensive rebounds while out guards did not fight for the ball. The announcers said that Texas needs to stop playing like this is a country club.

    There was also one critical call. KU guard,Garret. was called for charging. After a TO, the call was reversed giving KU the bucket and a free throw. Never seen that before. I thought a call was a call. a big factor. Instead of us being down 2 with the ball, we were down 5.
  2. Walking Boss

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    The call was reviewable to see if the defender was in the restricted area, which he had half a foot inside the line. Finished on a 12-3 Ku run to end game. Same story for Shaka’s team after year one of Barnes players. After two wins against bottom feeders(one of which just spanked huggy bear at home) I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
  3. longhorn47

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    Live by the 3 (1st half); die by the 3 (2nd half). Almost 2:1 rebounding deficit. Poor FT shooting. We've seen this movie more than once.
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  4. caryhorn

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    I never felt like Texas was going to play consistently well enough to win. In the second half Texas stopped passing the ball.

    They dribbled, and dribbled until they were trapped, had no shot and threw up prayers. Not enough of those were answered.

    Shaka cannot coach his team to move, cut, roll and attack the paint. Bill Self's team did enough of that to win.
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  5. LonghornCatholic

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    I didn't watch. Too painful.

    Respect to you'll who are sticking it out. :hookem:
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  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Honestly there were moments where I saw decent basketball. An then there were "doh" moments all day. Is that progress?
  7. VulcanHorn

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    Agreed. Signs of an offensive scheme here and there. But back to taking bad 3-pt shots later. Hey, at least the crowd was half decent. Although about 40% were wearing blue and red. It was a nice change instead of seeing empty seats.

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