Horns v NWSU

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by caryhorn, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. caryhorn

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    Horns look good. Real good. They seem to be playing under control, yet with pace. Making free throws. Very few silly fouls. I know the opponent is weak but Horns are still much better at every position.
  2. caryhorn

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    As I write that Roach and Davis start throwing up random three pointers for misses. I hope that isn't contagious to the new guys. Osetkowski is a huge plus, as is coleman and of course Bamba.
  3. bystander

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    Mo just dunked one that was unreal... his rebounding is full-on glass cleaner.
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  4. bystander

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    62-27 first half Texas. Nice... I have a feeling last year would have been quite different.
  5. bystander

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    Dylan looks really good. 9pts, 7 rebounds in the first half. But more than that it's his overall game. Very calm and you can tell he knows what to do out there.
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  6. bystander

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    Coleman is really good with the ball. Looks like a point guard for sure. Definitely an upgrade from last year. Springy. He did try to dunk when he had a dish for a sure 2 right under the basket.
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  7. bystander

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    Then there's Andrew Jones. Second year with the NBA camp experience under his belt. Has all the tools. Hopefully he will live up to all those stars.
  8. bystander

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    NWST coach apparently said his team was "shell-shocked" in the first half.
  9. bystander

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    Bottom-line... it's not fair and it's nice to be able to say that right out of the gate.
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  10. bystander

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    Then you have Roach jumping over his mom and out of the building dunks.
  11. bystander

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    Nice start. Crushing a team that needed to be crushed. This line-up is stacked with excellent players, incredible athleticism and one elite stud. I hope Shaka can bring it together. This should be a Sweet 16 team at a minimum.
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  12. Sangre Naranjada

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    My father in law said something like "yeah, but let's see what happens with real competition." I reminded him that last year this NWSU team would have provided us with real competition.

    The difference is night and day. The only concern I have is what happens when teams get Coleman into foul trouble and he isn't on the floor directing traffic. Will we fall back into Roach and Davis throwing up ill advised three pointers?
  13. MudHorn

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  14. bystander

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    I get his opinion... hopefully Andrew Jones will be the stabilizer in the backcourt at point if Coleman is out. I have some optimism (not peer reviewed though; purely wishful and hopeful thinking) that Jones will benefit greatly from his NBA camp experience and take a major leap forward. Not sure if his handle is pure point guard but he's a sophomore and maybe he's been working on it.
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  15. Run Pincher

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    Jones has definitely improved his hair.
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  16. Horns11

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    I thought all of the newcomers did a good job integrating their length. Outside of Allen in 2017, we only had Banks, Isom, and Cleare, and none of them were able to do the things outside of 10 feet that our current crop can do. If Bamba is our "new" Allen (and probably better in some aspects), then Osetkowski, Hamm, and Sims are the length who can move around and create things away from the basket. It frees up Banks to stay closer to home. That alone is worth a couple of wins in my opinion.

    Plus, Isom was misused last year.
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  17. Joe Fan

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    Bamba's length is remarkable. You kind of have to see it to believe it

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  18. VYFan

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    Awesome! Can’t wait.
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  19. BabHorn

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    Surprisingly easy win, as it should have been. The team looked composed instead of frenetic.

    This is going to be an awesome team to watch. I am concerned what will happen when Coleman is out early with fouls but the team seemed to weather that period okay.

    I am looking forward to the games vs Butler and, hopefully, Duke. Those should help the team prepare for the Big 12.
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  20. caryhorn

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    I thought it was a great first game. This team, if it continues to play pace, while under control, can be special. There are guys on the team which will play at the next level very soon. And very very successfully. Especially Bamba. I've been watching the Horns a long time and I've never seen a freshman big man with his talent.

    But in my mind, the thing that truly separates this bunch from last years is this stat: 23 assists vs. 5 turnovers. And Coleman had 7 assists with NO turnovers. We did not have one single game last year with that type of game from the point, not to mention the rest of the team's assist to turnover ratio. If this keeps up, we are in contention for the B12 top spot. I know, its way early. We shall see.

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  21. caryhorn

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    We should find out pretty quickly against Butler and who ever we play in Oregon. That will be a very good early season test for our freshmen/new guys. I think that Osetkowski will help keep us from flying off the cliffs; and it seems Bamba plays amazingly under control for a freshman, as does Coleman. Coleman had no turnovers last night. None. Roach and Davis remain what they are. Talented, decent shooters, but not suited for point guard play. Jones seems calmer, with more court awareness.
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  22. ProdigalHorn

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    Old habits die hard. The team played great, but some of the old guys (Jacob Young and Eric Davis, I'm looking at you two) fell back on the "first open look, get that sucker in the air" mentality. It's definitely difficult to gauge the team when anything above the rim seemed virtually uncontested, but at the same time, you saw a team that for the most part really looked like it had a plan, was running an offense with purpose, and understood how to use the guys on the floor.

    Of course, it feels that way when the shots go in. :D
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