Horns vs. TCU

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by txlandagent, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. txlandagent

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    Holy **** one of the best basketball games I’ve ever watched. Horns left it all out on the court!

    Jericho Sims free throw wins the game. Clutch win for #1 tonight.
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  2. uisge beatha

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    Been here, just too emotional to actually post. Ended up a great win for us.
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  3. txlandagent

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    I was gonna say game ball to Davis but I think the whole team gets it. Really gutsy play tonight. :hookem::bevo::yippee::yippee:
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  4. giveemhell

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    The TCU player who seemingly could not miss tonight, whiffs on an easy layup in the final seconds...providence?
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  5. txlandagent

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    Glad you saw it uisge. Providence indeed.
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  6. caryhorn

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    Horns win the game in the face of:
    1. our best shooter being out, fighting the battle of his life;
    2. another starter, Roach, out with a broken hand;
    3. Bamba fouling out;
    4. our worst FT shooter having to make a last second FT to give us a lead
    5. TCU's point guard getting a point blank look for the win for a shot he makes 99.9% of the time;

    And....no problem, HORNS WIN.

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  7. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I went to the game and I gotta say WOW! We had a double digit lead with around 10 minutes to play when a timeout was called. I looked at my wife and said, "This is where we give up the game in every loss this year".

    Sure enough they seemingly stopped playing ball and just dribbled around the court letting the play clock get down to 3 seconds and take desperation shots and next thing you know it's tied.

    But then some of those shots started falling and the crowd got into it and the game was on.

    What a gritty win last night. Have to say the crowd really sucked until the last 5 minutes and overtime. It's great the team stayed up despite that.

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  8. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 2,500+ Posts

    That dude is a power pack of energy and emotion. It never mattered to him what the score was he was all over the place and in his teammates faces all night with encouragement.

    We need a guy with his passion on our team. I think that would solve a lot of our lack of energy issues during stretches which costs us games.

    You know what he did when he missed that layup? He went over to the bench and started high fiving his teammates and telling them good game.
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  9. caryhorn

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    This^^ What is the deal with this trend? Seems to happen every game. We were moving, lots of motion on most possessions in the first half, and getting into the paint. And Moving to open the 3 point shot, and hitting a few. And running plays to get lobs for Bamba and Simms. Lots of lobs!

    And in the second half it seemed like the guy with the ball was on an island, no motion from his team mates who were standing like statues, and he was trying to one on one it for a shot. (Except for O's 3 pointer at the end of regulation which was a set play.)
    I really don't get it. Every color analyst who has done our games has harped on our lack of motion. How our standing around does the job of the other teams defense. It makes our offense very easy to defend.
  10. ProdigalHorn

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    That shot was a little tougher than I think people made it out to be. He made a great move to drive but he had to rush and I think started the shot farther out than he normally would have (if I remember right.) The shot was bothered just enough.

    We couldn't guard that guy at all once he got back into the game in the second half. This team is definitely not "elite" defensively without Roach in the lineup.

    Fortunately the offense came back and hit shots tonight. Davis was huge, even though there were still a couple of ARRGHHHH moments... This team HAS to figure out to play against a zone. No idea why TCU got away from it, but that helped us get back on track late. Coleman was fantastic with a few blips of awful sprinkled in. The more I watch Osetkowski, the more I think he's a defensive liability unless he's playing on the blocks. He just can't close out on shooters on the perimeter, and when he does he gets roasted driving to the hoop. I liked that he let the game come to him more in this game than just jacking threes.

    Gutsy, gutsy win. Everyone fought hard and beat a team that they probably shouldn't have been able to beat. I thought TCU played pretty poorly in the first half, and when they started clicking in the second, I thought it was over. But the guys pulled together. Let's hope they can build on that.

    Basically, we just had a "leave-it-all-on-the-floor" double overtime win at home against another 1-2 team to avoid being dropped into the bottom of the league standings. That's how brutal this league is this year. This team is going to need incredible focus and mental toughness to get to the NCAAs!
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  11. FWHORN

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    Somewhere somehow this team needs to find 6 more wins in conference and beat Ole Miss. That should equal a tourny berth.
  12. txlandagent

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    our BPI is currently 36 and should climb more as we get through conference play. TeamRankings.com has us winning exactly 7 more games and in as a 12. So, 5 conf games, Ole Miss and probably 1 conf. tourney game. We're firmly in as a 12-13 seed if we can finish a game or two above .500. That's our floor.
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  13. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    I do think this team has a good shot to at least stay at .500 in league play, but they need Roach back ASAP.
  14. Omniscient.one

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    I read that Jones was on the bench but I also saw they had a chair with his jersey on it. Was he there?
  15. caryhorn

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    Maybe, maybe not. I know Roach is a decent defensive player. But he is prone to bone head mistakes at the worst times. Now he can make some of the most athletic plays ever, and then he makes a bad decision, turns it over etc. I really don't like him handling the ball, bringing it up court, or dribbling it into traffic in the half court offense.

    He makes a good drive occasionally when a land opens and he can get to the basket. But he also has trouble finishing at the rim.

    Ambivalence is the operative word for me. I want Roach healthy and available, but his role needs to be limited when we are in the half court offense.
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  16. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    He's better than decent. I feel like last week was a tradeoff - the offense got better shooting, but was pretty bad on defense on the perimeter. Putting Roach on Fisher would have been a really interesting matchup, particularly down the stretch when he was basically doing whatever he wanted to do off the dribble. No question that Roach is a guy that still doesn't seem to understand a lot of the nuances of basketball. But the offense did plenty of melting down in the second half without him. Awful passes, wasted offensive possessions, dribbling off feet, poorly timed forced threes... I feel like we get that whether Roach is in the lineup or not.
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  17. txlandagent

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    Watching Longhorn Weekly, apparently Roach has been ailing and playing through discomfort in his hand for over a month...since Michigan. That’s 7 games playing with a hand fracture that got progressively worse. Thats insane to me.

    His first two years here he was a major liability on the ball - this year he’s dropped his TO avg by 1 and actually has the best 2pt% on the team. He’s been a great defender (at times) and has developed a keen sense of timing in getting set and drawing charge calls, but then he only makes 60% of his free throws. Roach is an asset but the silver lining is in his absence, guys like Davis, Young and Febres wil start and rotate in much needed PT which will enable those guys to build up game confidence and momentum leading into tournament time. Shaka said Roach should be back in a couple of weeks. We need him, but we need him healthy.
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  18. caryhorn

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    Holy sh--. I did not know his hand had been injured since Meatchicken. That is indeed nuts!
  19. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Someone with better memory than me help me out. There was a nonconference game where one of our guards went to the floor pretty hard under the hoop on a drive, and had to shoot free throws right after, and I remember wondering whether he was going to shoot them because it looked like he'd hurt his hand. Can't remember who it was, but I'm wondering if it was either Jones or Roach, and if that's where the injury occurred.
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  20. caryhorn

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    I remember that being Jones. Broken bone. Against Zags I think up in Seattle. That's when Jones went out for 4 or so weeks; and then tried to come back but could not stay in games due to "being too tired" to play which of course we now know is leukemia.
    But I don't remember Roach slamming his hand on anything against UM. So many scrums happen under the basket, driving hard, etc,.

    Just hope he has a speedy recovery.
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  21. txlandagent

    txlandagent 500+ Posts

    Coach said on LW that it happened in practice. Apparently it was fractured then but they thought it was a minor sprain and Roach kept toughing it out and dismissing it. Obviously it got worse as it went untreated; to the point he was noticeably too affected by it to play. I’m no doctor or trainer but I’m surprised they let it go so long without evaluating more and intervening.

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