Horns vs. Wofford

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by LITNIN HORN, Mar 14, 2010.


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    ...in the Sweet 16. It will happen. [​IMG]

  2. TheGallopinGoose

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    I'm more fired up about beating Wofford than beating Kentucky. I can't stand those w-sips! [​IMG]
  3. AustinTejasFan

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    Terriers not scared of Horns. The Link
  4. TheGallopinGoose

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    Listen to those w-sips, acting like this rivalry is some sort of joke or like it's just something we made up. This is no joke! We live to beat the hell outta wu!
  5. Nuclear Bear

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    Can You imagine Dickie V calling this game?

  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    "Did you see that? It's unbelievable! It's the only time you'll ever see a Terrier hump a Longhorn!"
  7. orangeblack&gold

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    OK, I need some help with a photoshopped terrier with sawed off legs to post over there when we get past UK.
  8. accuratehorn

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    This would be a dream match-up. I'm sure those filling out their brackets around the country are sweating this one out, which way to go?
    I witnessed the last epic match-up between the Horns and terriers, BTW. We Michael Vicked 'em in that one.
  9. toucan82

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    dammit, I can't decide if I want the w-sips to lose in the first round or get to the sweet 16 so we can beat them
  10. Brother Horn

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    Stinkin' cw. I could NEVER route for the w-sips and any Horn wishing them any success what-so-ever is a 2%er who never uncovers!
  11. tallgrant

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    I tell you what- if w.u. loses in the first round of the tournament, it has been a great basketball season [​IMG]
  12. alt875

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  13. toucan82

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    I loaded up on Wisconsin gear last night

    HOOK 'EM BADGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. tallgrant

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    Man it made me angry when the announcers brought up w.u. during our game. They're not even playing and we can't escape them!

    Freaking media conspiracy.... [​IMG]

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