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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by DrPepperHorn, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. DrPepperHorn

    DrPepperHorn 100+ Posts

    What are the best one's near downtown? I don't mean TC or any of that crap. I'm talking about that places that barely speak English.

    I had one the other day that had ground beef, potato, and cheese with a flour tortilla that was dripping in grease. Don't know the name of the place though.
  2. mez2

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  3. Texas007

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    Lankfords has some damn good breakfast tacos. There is also a place called Taco Nation that apparently has some good ones. It is on Rusk.
  4. DrPepperHorn

    DrPepperHorn 100+ Posts

    I was asking in general what are some good hidden places for breakfast tacos. It wasn't a request for people to figure out where the taco I had eaten was from.
  5. Texas007

    Texas007 1,000+ Posts

    Chachos is not in downtown, but damn those breakfast tacos are freaking good. It is on Westheimer outside the loop.
  6. DrPepperHorn

    DrPepperHorn 100+ Posts

    Cool thanks for the info. Any more details about Taco Nation? Are they real traditional style tacos?
  7. HasBeen

    HasBeen < 25 Posts

    If you want real tacos I recomend Alamo. Take franklin south, under 59, under the train tracks. You'll come to a light (Canal I think) its right on the right. They have it all, Gorditas, barbacoa, pastor, great **** getting hungry gotta run
  8. Horny Ringman

    Horny Ringman 250+ Posts

    In the Heights, "Alma Latina" on N. Shepherd around 22nd street, just inside the north loop.

    Not downtown, but in the Oak Forest area, "Fiesta Tacos" on 34th street near mangum.
  9. Rip76

    Rip76 1,000+ Posts

    El Jalapeno...

    I-10 East
    exit Uvalde
    go right curve back around on Market and go west...

    Get the Supreme...
  10. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden 500+ Posts

    There is a pink taco stand across the street from the old civil courthouse that is pretty good. I can't remember the name.
  11. 100yearHorn

    100yearHorn 25+ Posts

    La Mexicana on Montrose north of Westheimer. Great b'fast tacos and full breakfasts and nice outdoor seating. One of the best Mexican places in all Houston.
  12. utexas_61

    utexas_61 500+ Posts

    damn these ******* threads make me hungry
  13. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Taqueria Laredo on Washington

    breakfast only. tacos $1 b4 10 am; $1.50 a/ 10
    excellent array of ingredients, including barbacoa on sunday
    helps if u can speak spanish ;-)

    NB_LONGHORN 500+ Posts

    Take I45 north to Cavalcade. Exit and turn right. Taqueria is right in front of you.

  15. TXHookem

    TXHookem 1,000+ Posts

    There's a dump on Washington that's really good - I think it may be Taqueria Laredo, as mentioned.
  16. ghost

    ghost 500+ Posts

    Wow, no one has mentioned the places on Navigation yet. I can't remember the names right now, but the one I have been able to eat at was damn good. The "red house" a little further down from Ninfa's is supposed to be real good from what some friends say.
  17. HoustonHorn

    HoustonHorn 250+ Posts

    Had lunch at Taqueria Laredo a couple of weeks ago, it was very good and had a nice kick. I bet the breakfast tacos are excellent, I will have to give those a shot sometime soon.
  18. Horny Ringman

    Horny Ringman 250+ Posts

    Love those sausage tacos at taco laredo.
  19. bularry

    bularry 250+ Posts

    I have not been, but heard/read good things about 100% Taquito, on the SW Frwy near Buffalo Spdwy. Anyone eaten there?
  20. annietx99

    annietx99 < 25 Posts

  21. DrPepperHorn

    DrPepperHorn 100+ Posts

    Reporting back. Tried Laredo Taqueria today. Definitely a great place. Had the egg & chorizo, egg & sausage, and a fajita taco. Salsa was so-so. I'll make a return visit for sure.

    If y'all can give addresses that would rock. Cross streets are helpful as well. One down in my effort to find the best breakfast taco in Houston.
  22. Mrs. Reboot

    Mrs. Reboot 100+ Posts

    A friend of our's swears by a place on Navigation, but I can't remember the name of it either.

    100% Taquito is great, but all I ever order there are quesadillas (which are tiny tacos with cheese). Their salsa and guac are good too. I can't really speak for much else there since I am addicted to those and haven't tried anything else! Not too sure if they serve breakfast.
  23. DrPepperHorn

    DrPepperHorn 100+ Posts

    OK, awesome. So there are some places on Navigation? Is there any way to get some names and addresses? I have no idea where Navigation St is.
  24. Horny Ringman

    Horny Ringman 250+ Posts

    I posted earlier, but I don't know that I put adresses. Try "Alma Latina" on Shepherd and 22nd street in The Heights. Or "Fiesta Tacos" on 34th Street between TC Jester and Mangum (Use the green sauce!)
  25. huge

    huge 250+ Posts

    taq la flor is very close to laredo, but on the other side of washington.

    i prefer to laredo.
  26. DrPepperHorn

    DrPepperHorn 100+ Posts

    Has anyone tried the BT at Ninfa's? Overall I am not a huge Ninfa's fan but I have heard they have good breakfast tacos. Has anyone had one with potatoes and cheese? They are almost french fry like cut potatoes inside the taco.
  27. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden 500+ Posts

    Ninfas is open for breakfast? Which one.
  28. DrPepperHorn

    DrPepperHorn 100+ Posts

    Ninfa's is pretty darn good. I went to a Ninfa's Express in the tunnels today. Ground beef and cheese rule. Potato and cheese is surprisingly good too. Greasy tortillas rock.

    Rumor has it that the place on Navigation mentioned above is Ninfa's.
  29. Ollie

    Ollie 25+ Posts

    Sorry to paritally hijack the thread, but can anyone recommend a place on the NW side of Houston? I've had Lone Star Taco (i think that was the name) at W. Little York and Windfern, and they have another location on Bingle I believe. Good potatao w/egg and chorizo w/egg as well as some fine sauce.
  30. Texas007

    Texas007 1,000+ Posts

    Chachos on Westheimer near Fountanview. Taco Norteno is awesome - Beef Fajita meat, refried beans, white cheese, and avocado. I also like the chorizo, bean and cheese.

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