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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by weller1, Jan 28, 2021.

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    UTSA is hardly a draw. Seeing Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or any NFL team coming to town every Sunday? I promise they will sell that stadium out. We aren't talking about Corpus here guys.
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    And there it is

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    Not quite the same as:

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    I will say this about Easterby, he has united a divided city
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    They would need a complete teardown of the Alamodome and start over if they wanted to be even close to NFL-caliber amenities. Or, they could just build a new stadium somewhere on the NE side to appeal to Austin people who don't want to drive 90 minutes to get to a game. Either way, that's a $1B proposition.
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  6. havoc7701

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    Horns looking up with Sark and a stellar coaching staff, but cosmic karma must be balanced, so Texans front office looking pretty inept right now. The wife and I have been binge watching Ballers on HBO so we’re all armchair GMs...
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  8. Joe Fan

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    Texans went after the wrong assistant
    Could have still checked the box they wanted and had a chance against KC in the future - Todd Bowles
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    And that is from any game ever recorded in his life not just the NFL or even college.
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    I think this is since Mahomes was in high school

  11. Joe Fan

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    A big thanks to all involved

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    I'm not a bettor, but how can I take that 30/1 odds for the Cowboys making the SB and bet my house against them making it?
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    Wentz is supposedly one of our QB targets to replace Watson because he wears his religion on his sleeve

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  15. AC

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    If my hometown of SA got an NFL team, I would root for them! The Texans have been a joke for a long time. A few years ago they looked serious, now they're down Hopkins, Watt, and about to be down Watson. That's a rap folks. Hello 1-15 maybe 3-13.
  16. SabreHorn

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    I have been in Houston almost all my adult life. The Houston NFL Wannabes are and have been an embarrassment since before they played their first game.

    Some friends put together our old group to get a luxury box, and as a former member of the Bay Area Athletic Club (Sky Box 650 in the Dome), I said sure. McNair hired Charlie Disasterly, and I told them to hold my check. That guy could **** up a train wreck. Then they hired the HC, who hired the worst OC in the history of football. I said, "find someone else to buy me out".

    Instead of trading away their #1 the first year to get multiple draft picks, they drafted easily the least intelligent QB in NFL history. Roll along a few years, and once again they have the #1 pick. Needing everything, they could trade the #1 for multiple picks, but they pick a guy who wasn't even the best DL on his college team - he didn't take plays off, he took quarters & games off. Worthless as tits on a boar hog.

    Yes, they are in my hometown. No, they are not "Texans", and never will be. They are a collection of (to quote my dad) "damn foreigners" being overpaid and not earning their keep. I don't watch them on TV, and have been to only ONE game, when VY beat them on a QB draw in OT. A group of us sang "The Eyes of Texas" with VY before he left the field.

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    Never liked them naming team Texans from the get go even though I am a true blue obnoxious Texan. Just never set well for me referring to them that way never suited me.
    JJ being the true exception I doubt any others have any transplanted ‘Texas’ loyalties. Stupid name for a football team, imo. Might as well take Redskins,,,,,,jk here.
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  18. Joe Fan

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    New sign at Chuy's

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  19. AC

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    Maybe they'll sell the team. The McNair's. Until that happens, the Houston Texans are ******.

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