How bad is this defense?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by orangecat1, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. orangecat1

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    Is it Rashaan Salam bad? Or just Carl Reese bad?

    This is amazing, that we actually slowed down the WVirginia passing game, but allowed any kind of run they wanted.

    with a broken down OL, Ou will put about 35 points on our D.

    And I guess some of our coaches will pat themselves on the back and say we improved from today.


    At this point, I would kill for Bull Reese! This is the worst defense since the early Mackovic years. Cannot believe the inability to stop the run!
  3. old65horn

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    we are Mike Leach bad. 5 for 5 on 4th down and 207 yards rushing by one back.. WV converted all five of the 4th down attempts! Most of them long yardage.

    What happened to our corners? They cannot cover a dead man.

    We are poor in fundementals and technique.

    This is not going to be a good year. We may make bowl elgible, or we might not.
  4. Son of a Son

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    Lol, we lostr tonight but don't fool yourself. We'll have at least a 9 win season before the bowl. Our defebse is not living up to the hype, but our offense is blowing hype out of the water.
  5. AustinBat

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    Good news - no one will be trying to lure Manny away. If they don't improve, that could also be the bad news.
  6. Branyon

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    WVU converted 5 of 5 fourth down plays.
  7. msdw24

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    Cant tackle air at this point!! Piss Poor planning and technique. How much are paying these assistants again??
  8. Denmark

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    Our D gave our O 7 pts, so I don't consider 38 pts on WVU to be blowing anything up. Baylor scored 63 on these guys.
  9. Gontex

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    Right side of the defensive line seems to be especially vulnerable to the run. Defensive tackles and ends do not seem to be able to stop my grandma from running for huge yardage. Not sure what is happening to our linebackers. I know with the wide open offenses that it is tough to cover everything, but we don't seem to be covering anything. WV blew us out of the building with both the run and the pass. We simply could not stop them.
  10. ProdigalHorn

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  11. Sangre Naranjada

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  12. Hpslugga

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  13. dillohorn

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    This is the worst that I can remember all the way back to 1957. It's embarrassing to watch and is getting steadily worse each game. It looks like outside of 2 players on the DL, most of the D are out of place, lost, take bad angles, and make pathetic efforts to tackle.
  14. theiioftx

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    Good grief. Take a pill or something. They were playing one of the most prolific offenses in the country and they were playing without their best linebacker. I wish I could see some of you guys annual performance reviews or report cards. This is a 9 win team and possible BCS team within a year.
  15. Sangre Naranjada

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    Fortunately, it is nowhere near as bad as an orangecat1 or an el squared post.
  16. Horn_in_Toronto

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    Unfortunately its every bit as good as Sangre Naranjada's posts!
  17. Sangre Naranjada

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    I don't know, Toronto... I thought we'd be 10-2 or 9-3 this season. I thought we'd lose either 1 of 3 or 2 of 3 during the stretch we're currently in, and would probably lose to KSU to end the season. Let's see how OU plays out.

    So far the team is living up to my expectations and I simply am not going to go posting dumbassed **** on this board because we lost a game I thought we'd lose in the first place. I think Prodigal Horn said it well (I'll paraphrase) - "I'm not upset that we're climbing back to the top instead of sprinting back".

    Listening to whiny ******* like el squared and orangecat1 would have people believing that we're mired in our 2010 level of performance, and I'm not about to let that kind of dumbassery go unchallenged.
  18. Denmark

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    Our '10 D gave up...33, 34 and 39 as the three worst.

    '11...39, 48 and 55

    So I think our D is just at bad or worse than '10 because our O is definitely better and keeping the ball more. So O is not mired in '10, but as the OP states the D is bad. Maybe young, but I think everyone has been talking about young for the last 3 years. I also am positive that we're going in the right direction, but it's not necessary to call other's opinions dumbassery. [​IMG]
  19. 2feathers

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    Between the safety we keep playing that isn't getting it done and hasn't all season and the fact that none of our linebackers seem to ever be in position to make a play, it's like we are playing 8 defenders against 11 on the offense.
  20. freyguy

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    What will make this season very stressful and exciting is our offense will have to be perfect, game in and game out to overcome the shortcomings of our defense. Woe be the team who gets us on the day when our LB's and DB's finally get it together.
  21. dillohorn

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    It sounds like some of the posters haven't seen just how bad this D is over the past 3 games. I have seen no improvement. It makes every other teams qb's look like Joe Montana and other rb's become Walter Peyton.
  22. SHS1984

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    I think defense played well enough for the team to win.
    Our offense could not execute well enough to score TD's when needed.

    I expect our D to do well against OU. I think that after the last 2 weeks, they will consdier it to be easier week.
  23. Clean

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    I'm not an Xs and Os guy, but it seems to me that this defense is talented, but so confused. Like the play where LB Tevin Jackson somehow winds up "covering" the WR that caught the pass and was running for a TD and tripped and fell. That had to be a busted coverage. No way he can stay on that guy. And on one 4th qtr WVa TD pass, the corner was beat but when the help arrived, they went BEHIND the WR instead of in front of him. That doesn't work in the endzone.

    It's a puzzle. I think Manny is out of his league. Maybe Akina or Davis or Giles needs to become "co-defensive coordinator". We need help and we need it quickly.
  24. CedarParkFan

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  25. EPThorn

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    I give a lot of credit to Dana Holgerson. He called a great game. He seemed to know when and where we were going to blitz for most of the night and called the perfect plays to offset that, which put a lot of pressure on our LBs and DBs to come up and tackle the RB, exploiting that huge weakness. Our DL actually had a good game.
  26. ViperHorn

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    Have to agree with EP. WV is trying to get Smith the Heisman. He doesn't win without gaudy passing numbers and winning. They had to win the Texas game, and they don't without a running game.

    That said, not shutting down the running game after halftime is the issue. Yes Hicks was not in there, but it is the coaches' job to make the best of what was left. I am not sure we saw that.
  27. I35

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    It not just about this game. The bad teams move the ball on our defense and mostly running it right down our throat. Our front line is have trouble getting off their blocks and the RB gets to the next layer where there are no LBs in place the clean it up and then it's our secondary having to chase them down 10 to 20 yards downfield. We've seen this over and over all year. We just don't seem to be very aggressive on defense with our philosophy. We show it everyonce in a while but normally the offenses are dictating what they want to do. The other teams OC sure doesn't have to worry about taking what our defense will give them because they are too busy doing what they want and telling us to like it.

    There are three bright spots. Our two ends pass rush and Q Diggs. But I went from concerned to worried to trying to think positive with being hopeful that we snap out of it. Now I've come to the conclusion that this is what we are. [​IMG]
  28. BevoJoe

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    Before the season I thought this team would finish 7-5 at worst and 9-3 at best. Still a lot of football to be played. Tighten up and eliminate a few mistakes and 9-3 is definitely in reach. I still believe 2014 is going to be a great year.
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