How do I eat a new sandwich?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by BostonRC, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. BostonRC

    BostonRC 25+ Posts

    For the last month or two, I've been eating at Big Jimmy's sandwhich shop. A few weeks ago, this one caught my eye. It is new and fresh, and interests me greatly. Its Australian heritage is exciting and exotic.


    See, I had a long relationship with Subway. For six, seven years, it was always the same thing. Every day. Turkey on wheat, lettuce, cucumbers, mayo & honey mustard. It was probably the most important sandwich in my life.

    Sure, in high school I ate egg salad every day, but that was only the third most important sandwich in my life. There was another I would rank #2, but it was in Thailand and I really don't want to get into that. And the peanut butter and jellies my mother made me in primary school would easily be the fourth-most important sandwich I ever fell in love with.

    So here's the rub. How can I make a commitment to a new sandwich again? I would love to eat it at Town Lake, or maybe when I'm riding my blue tricycle - which I nicknamed Flowing River of Life. But this is a scary step, and I need some advice.

    So, do I do it? How do I let this sandwich know that it's my number five, with a bullet?
  2. po elvis

    po elvis 250+ Posts

    just do it jared.
  3. washparkhorn

    washparkhorn 2,500+ Posts

    The Baconator puts less fear in my soul than that sandwich.


    What the hell is it?
  4. kangsta

    kangsta 500+ Posts

    if you eat that every day you might die very soon
  5. Macanudo

    Macanudo 2,500+ Posts

    I like sandwiches as much as the next guy. Maybe more but I have never felt the urge to keep a tally of which on fits in my "favorite" order.
  6. JohnnyRage

    JohnnyRage 25+ Posts

    Go for it, but you're going to have to create a new resume.
  7. VoodooChi|d

    VoodooChi|d 500+ Posts

    Are there any sandwich places near campus open past 2...

    JimmyJohns closes at 2 I think [​IMG]
  8. longhornmatt

    longhornmatt 25+ Posts

    A lot of people are going to post about how you should just sit down at a table, bite into the sandwich, chew it up, and swallow it. But that's *********. Every Joe Blow off the street chews up their sandwich and then swallows it at a table. You need to do something unique to set yourself apart.

    I notice that you have a tricycle with a symbolic nickname. Impressive. If you could post a picture of the tricycle, along with a picture of yourself and a little more personal info, I think we might be able to find the right way for you to eat this sandwich. It won't just be a simple, "Sit down at the restaurant and chew" sort of thing though, that's for sure. Only loser squares would try something like that. It might seem like it works for a lot of guys - but as someone who has eaten quite a few sandwiches myself (not bragging, lol, but seriously I am ******* awesome you miserable peon) - I can tell you that sandwiches hate that crap.

    Anyway, you need to be confident when you decide to eat that sandwich. There is a poster here named Steel Shank who seems to have a great affinity for sandwiches. You should PM him, and try to set up a relationship with him and/or his sandwiches outside of this website. I think this will give you the confidence boost you need to confront sandwich number 5. Sandwich number 5 is clearly very special to you, especially if you don't count all the other sandwiches you are eating right now, so you need to go the extra mile for it.

    Regardless of what happens, you made the right decision in consulting this message board about your personal life. Just be sure to take all of the advice you are about to receive literally, because nobody here would dare mock your situation based on the personal details you have so generously shared with us, nor would they simply use this thread as an opportunity to quote movies. I mean after all, this isn't 'Nam. There are rules here.

    Best of luck to you.
  9. jcazes

    jcazes 500+ Posts

    Well done, longhornmatt. Well done.
  10. HenryGandorf

    HenryGandorf 250+ Posts

    johnny did it first. and subtle.
  11. Punt on 1st Down

    Punt on 1st Down 100+ Posts

    Nice. Do I sense a parody?

    I prefer to have my sandwiches at home but sometimes I'll stray to Thundercloud, Jimmy John's, or Schlotzsky's. Subway is ok. I never really liked Quizno's.

    But I'm looking for a new sandwich. I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. DLev

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  13. Quadry

    Quadry 250+ Posts

    I would email the place first.
  14. Jive_Turkey

    Jive_Turkey 1,000+ Posts

    You should ask UTGal to go with you when you try this new sandwich.

    And wear a bow tie.
  15. UTGal

    UTGal 100+ Posts

    Personally, I prefer them two at a time....and have found that they are best while in Miami Beach. [​IMG]
  16. Ankf00

    Ankf00 250+ Posts

    bravo, sir. bravo.
  17. NEwherebutA&M

    NEwherebutA&M 100+ Posts

  18. SA_Town_Horn

    SA_Town_Horn 500+ Posts

    Well played by longhornmatt. That was great.
  19. BostonRC

    BostonRC 25+ Posts

    longhornmatt, here is an old shot of me on Flowing River of Life. I don't fit in it quite as well as the old days, but I have upgraded by adding some pegs and streamers.


    I was just thinking today about Mom's PB&J. She only lives four blocks away. Maybe I would enjoy the comfort of my #4 sandwich, but does she want to revisit a recipe from 20 years ago? I think I might just ride Flowing River of Life by there a few times, and maybe peek in the windows after dark.
  20. miguelito

    miguelito 250+ Posts

    I've given up on cucumbers, because cucumbers have given up on me.
  21. LongIslandIceSIP

    LongIslandIceSIP 500+ Posts

    holy hell. im rolling laughing here !!!!!!!

    great job everyone
  22. UTGal

    UTGal 100+ Posts

    For an Ex boyfriend's birthday I bought him two extra sandwiches - well, okay, they were really for me too, but he enjoyed them as well....He loved taking pictures of me with the sandwiches.... [​IMG]
  23. Punt on 1st Down

    Punt on 1st Down 100+ Posts

    Well, I've liked sandwiches at Texadelphia as well. However, I'm still in search of that 5th awesome sandwich.

    Though, I prefer having a single sandwich at home made with standard ingredients.
  24. miguelito

    miguelito 250+ Posts

    Well that was awesome.

    edit: awww, PO1D, it was funnier with 3 of those. [​IMG]
  25. plumborange

    plumborange < 25 Posts

    I ate a new sandwich at Red River Cafe today. It was a grilled cheese with avacado and bacon...and it was the special. My usual sandwich (club from TC) knows nothing about this.

    It's not that I don't want my usual anymore, I just needed somthing different. And it's not like I want a new "usual", I just like some strange now and then. I mean, the new sammich was good and all, but I'm pretty sure it's just a one lunch kinda thing...does that make me a bad person???

    Anyhooo...I just dont want my sandwich life to get stale, know what I mean?
  26. UTGal

    UTGal 100+ Posts

    And before the haters all start to post about how this story just couldn't be true, or how cheap these sandwiches must be, let me just get it out there and say that it's true, I have the receipts to prove it and they aren't cheap or easy to come by - I looked long and hard for the perfect sandwiches and it was well worth the search....good times.
  27. Steel Shank

    Steel Shank 1,000+ Posts

    What seems to be the problem here?

    Boston, so you got yourself a new sandwich? Don't resist the deliciousness that has come into your life - embrace it. Become one with the sandwich. Do the dance only two souls who were meant for each other can perform. And what ever you do - don't ever look back. It's like a Bon Jovi lyric, something about 'playing for keeps'.

    Here's a little number I put together recently I call "The Twins":

  28. po elvis

    po elvis 250+ Posts

    i like wheat bread.
  29. miguelito

    miguelito 250+ Posts

    Shank, the plastic rose makes that picture. [​IMG]
  30. wealeat

    wealeat 25+ Posts

    Don't use the drive thru, I'm sure you'll want to order this sandwich in person.

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