How do you ask a woman out on a date?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Punt on 1st Down, Jul 15, 2007.

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    Meh. I'm 22. I'm still in the 20 - 23 year old bracket of the dating scene. If it isn't 6th street or something similar, it is the mentioned restraunts.

    I'll step it up when I graduate, but as long as I am still stocking Ramen in the pantry, the first spots will remain as they are.
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    I guess all you old farts have graduated so long ago that you forgot what it is like to be a broke college student.

    You do realize that a semester at any The University of Texas is pushing close to the $3600 - $4000 a semester range and that my Calculus book alone costs $250.

    You can rag on me for Olive Garden all you want, but at least I've got my priorities in line. If she likes me enough, she will def. understand. They always do. If you have good looks and good personality and make sure they have fun, then where you take them doesn't matter.
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    Start them off with a delicious Food Club Chicken Pot Pie. I understand you can get them for less than a dollar apiece. Have saltines as apps. Glass of water. Done. You got nowhere to go but up.
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    You guys just wait. I'll graduate and move on up to Johnny Carino's. Then we'll see who will be laughing at whom. [​IMG]
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    Dude, it's not about how much you spend. Olive Garden is a cliche. It screams "I have no imagination and am a boring date." We're talking about Olive Garden. Seriously, a picnic lunch with PB&J sandwiches at Zilker would be a better alternative. You can ride one of your 3 bikes.
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    What you are missing is that there are plenty of places priced the same or less than Olive Garden that are much better. Use a little imagination and you will find many restaurants on a college budget with food and atmosphere much better than a sad chain restaurant. Creativity is always more impressive than the amount of money spent.
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    Oh, come on now. You can't just show up, douche out, and then leave. Defend yourself, son!
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    Titan I'm not saying anything bad about the Olive Garden. Hell my wife likes to eat there.
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    if a guy is hot-handsome-hunky-cute (HHHC), he doesn't need to spend a dime to get an endless supply of females who will service him with no effort on his part. I did not bother to read all 600 replies but just thought I'd clear things up.

    example: I know this one brother who get unlimited action, so i asked him how much he typically spends on dates... he said he just invites them to coffee dates and spends perhaps 1-3 sessions with each woman. So I said, well you get a woman by just spending 3 cups of coffee on her? No, he makes them pay for their own drink and they still go home with him within a few minutes.
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    So if I understand this correctly, Eastwood should ask out Titan's mom.
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    What is with all the crap about olive gardern. I like it. It might not be the best but it is good. I dont think everybody has the Hornfans warped view of olive gardern.
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    Not quite sure what to say.....

    In reading this post for the past 90 or so minutes, there was some serious reader tension.

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    I wouldn't take dating advice from the guy who started the thread called "How do you ask a woman out on a date?"
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    In reply to:

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    Punt on 1st Down:Steve Urkel:: praise of Folly: Stephon Urkell.
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    I just wanted to be post #666 on this bad boy.
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    I now realize my life has absolutely no meaning after FINALLY reading the entire thing.

    Good thing I was [​IMG] and had nothing to do all day.
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    I don't think parent's income affects academic scholarships. What did you do at Lake Travis?

    And you're not very shy about boasting about anything, are you?

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