How do you get to Stillwater?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Wishbonemac, Feb 17, 2012.

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    A. Just make sure J'Covan drives the bus, he'll get us there!

    Seriously, is there another player in recent memory who's meant more to our team and loyal followers than JB?

    My eye sees him being almost TOO unselfish during some points in the game as he tries to force his mates to step up.

    I couldn't be prouder and I think he's just waiting to bust out.

    I just know he's got something special in store for us for Baylor Monday night too.

    All that said, OSU's mascot/point guard Keiton Page has been almost invisible against us for the last couple years and the law of averages just might be about to snap back. We need to come out strong.

    #53 needs a big road game. His days in baggy shorts are nearly over and I really want him to have some pleasant memories of his years spent here.

    Hint:next time he commits a hard foul and helps the poor guy back up-he may not have a foul called the rest of the season! I really think the Refs want to see something like that vs his Scowl City look
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    Head north, close your eyes and smell your way.
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    Let your grades slip in high school and blow the SAT.
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    Pee on the east side of the continental divide. Let it flow downstream and pick up dirt and grime. When it hits Stillwater, you are partly there.

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