How many car wrecks?

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    Okay, I realize car wrecks are very serious business and many of you may have been in one that badly hurt you or killed a close loved one. I am not minimizing their severity or making light of them.

    But driving in the US and particularly Texas is dangerous. Most people are in some number of car wreck collisions in their lifetime. My question is: "How many?" Use as a definition anything from a fender bender to a major crash. If the police came or you exchanged insurance information after a collision, it counts. Also distinguish between ones you were driving in and ones as a passenger. I am not interested in fault, report them all. Do not count single car accidents, I am looking for collisions. Obviously older HFs will probably have higher numbers.

    For me: Two (2) while I was driving (not my fault, one another car slid out of control on ice, the other they ran a red light).
    Five (5) as a passenger (three of those when I was very young, Mom wasn't a great driver)

    So a total of (7) seven. I'm pretty old. What is your number?
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    I think my total is at around 6. Only two were as a passenger, one with my brother and one with my mom (I can't really remember the one with mom all that well). I was hit three times, two from the rear and one guy who I suspect had been drinking, from the side. I also caused one of the accidents. None were major.

    It's been a long time since I've gotten into anything. I really hope it stays that way.
  3. gecko

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    Do you have any idea how much bad karma you are creating for the people who answer this thread with a number...?

    For me....2
  4. accuratehorn

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    I don't know, 5 or 6, do you want me to count the time I ran over the herd of goats in Mexico? What about the ones while car racing?
  5. utexas_61

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    3 (should have been a few dozen in high school but damn i was lucky)

    the first two were in Austin and it wasn't my fault both times. Hit at an intersection once and clipped on I 35 the other (that scared the **** out of me).

    the third was in Indonesia and a motorcycle slammed into my car going pretty damn fast. the guy died on the scene. I felt his pulse stop. [​IMG]

    hopefully no more...though i am only 23 so i am sure i will be in a few more
  6. judgroybeanbag

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    Well for me, 4, if you count running over a jogger while I was a passenger. One when I was 17 (rear-ended someone on a gravel road who was stopped, because brakes don't work well on gravel), got sideswiped on Bee Cave when I was 30, and then 2 weeks ago got sandwiched when someone rear-ended me at a red light. Keep in mind I drive 70 miles a day, every day except weekends, and have for the past 15 years.
  7. fratboy_legend

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    been driving 19 years

    Minor car damage (ex: Bumper only or dent smaller than a dinner plate): 3 or 4
    Major but reparable car damage: 3
    Total loss: 1

    2 have been at freeway speeds. never *Knock on wood* had an injury.

    i'll probably get creamed on the way to lunch now. thanks for bringing this up.
  8. Bluepies

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    Does getting hit by a car while on a bike count? After all, I use my bike more than my car.

    If not, I've got two. One when I was a teenager and in the car with my dad driving, and someone rear-ended us while we were stopped at a red light (cell phone, big surprise). The other was a fender-bender when I was 17, me and the guy next to me both tried to back out of our parking spaces at the same time, going opposite ways. Our rear bumpers hit each other.
  9. El_Oso

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    1990-the day before graduation from UT - got his head on by a sleepy guy. I was in a F-150 he was in a full sized bBlazer. Totalled. Good thing I was not moving or it could have been worse. I was on N. Lamar in the center turn lane waiting to turn and he slowly drifted over into my lane coming from the opposite direction.

    1992- Rolled a Mazda Protege I had made all of 11 payments on while trying to avoid a coyote in the middle of the night in Tucson. SHould have just hit the little ******. Totalled.

    2002- Got T-boned in Rockwall when a lady ran a stop sign. Totalled.

    2002 - While sitting in traffic to enter Texas Stadium on 183 for a Cowboys game I got rear ended by a girl rushing to get to DFW and catch a plane. She took the wrong route that day. I was in a truck I had bought only 2 months before. NOT Totalled...yet!

    2006 - Ice storm in Dallas January. Hit a patch of ice and ran into a concrete barrier head on. NOW it got totalled!

    I should get a horse.
  10. PiGuy

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    4. All minor. All incredibly stupid, and only one involves me hitting another vehicle in traffic. All under 2 miles an hour probably.

    1. Came to a complete stop a stop light behind some Kia SUV. Got distracted and took my foot off the brake. Car rolled forward (it was a manual) and in the bumper of the car ahead of me. Doh.

    2. Driving a 16' moving truck, I tried to go under a hotel's brick entry facade to do a uturn when I missed a highway split. Didn't take the turn wide enough and took out a bunch of bricks.

    3. Parked my car on in an inclined parking spot at my apartment. Somehow the parking brake failed and I wasn't in the habit of leaving it in gear at the time so it was i neutral. Rolled back across the parking lot and hit another car. Woken up to very loud knocking from a cop trying to track down who's car it was. [​IMG]

    4. In bumper-to-bumper traffic, exiting a highway to get on another one, some ******* cut in front of the car ahead of me. They slam on their brakes, I slam on mine, brakes suck and I hit the car in front of me. No damage in the end at all actually.

    #2, 3,and 4 all happened within 6 weeks of each other.
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    if i include my entire lifetime....2 as a child, one very bad fatality accident for the opposing driver that was extremely intoxicated, nobody in our car was hurt thankfully. one in a car pool while going to school.

    I have been in 4 accidents as an adult, 2 bad ones not my fault and two fender benders which were rear-enders..very minor which were my fault.
  12. jimmyjazz

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    4 in 28 years.

    3 as a driver were my fault, with one resulting in a totalled vehicle after driving too fast for the conditions and skidding into a fire hydrant. My other indescretions resulted in minor damage. I was also involved in a totalled vehicle as a passenger where again, the driver was technically "at fault" (although the situation was tough to avoid).
  13. KC-97HORN

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    I’m 34 (I’m a man) and I have had an average of one every 3 years of driving- only one of which was I partially at fault for.

    As a driver, I have been in 6 and rear-ended for half of those (please don’t queue the NAIU jokes….)
    1) while at a stoplight, the dude in front of me put his car IN REVERSE and slammed down the pedal because he wanted to get in another lane and didn’t think to see if anyone was behind him.

    2), At a complete stop, at an on-ramp to a highway, Mack truck behind me thought I had already gone and floored it into my parents Honda

    3) happened 2 months after #2, on my first day of work- same thing, different city. guy behind me thought I had already gone and floored it into my Jetta

    4) Icy road, got cut off going around a bend on an overpass, lost control, over-compensated and totaled my Jetta -this is the only one where I can (and did) take some of the blame- but I only had a minor bruise

    5) on a 4 lane 2-way road, dumb woman who was PARKED on the right hand side of the road, tried to do a u-turn in the middle of the day to cut across the 2 lanes without looking. I literally cut off her front bumper with my Explorer- the cop gave her a ticket, and we both watched in awe afterward as she COMPLETED the u-turn in front of both of us- cop got in his car and flagged her down to give her another ticket…

    6) Just happened in Oct- got blasted from behind and thrown into the car in front of me, that one hurt a lot…

    As a passenger, just one, my mom had to stop short as a car shot in front of her, causing the guy behind us to rear-end us. Sucks that he got the ticket, because there was really no way he could have avoided the the accident. It was low speed, so no injuries.
  14. Nivek

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    Passenger in 1, no idea what happened, I was asleep; guessed that a tire blew and mom lost control and rolled the car.

    Sideswiped once, guy believed that mirrors were for vanity not use. Beat up my car.

    T-boned once by a guy who didnt think he needed to stop at a stop sign. Killed my car

    I rear-ended a guy once (my fault) Minor damage

    I have been rear-ended once (their fault) Minor damage (none to me)

    Been involved in a fatal car accident, 2 people died.
  15. libertytxn

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    My first accident happened when I was 16 y/o. I was in the school parking lot. I was backing out and another kid in a '55 chevy figured he could squeeze by before I got out, I never saw him. I was driving a '63 Mercury Comet that had those hugh wing like things on the back end. Opened the side of his car up like a can opener!

    That was the first of over 30 wrecks I had before I was 22, none of the others were my fault. Seemed like everyone wanted to pull out in front of me or rear end me or pull over into me.!

    Then I had "the wreck"! Head on colision with a two ton truck, both of us going around 40mph! It took over two years and several surgeries berfore I was able to walk again. It will be 31 years ago on the 30th of this month.

    I've had two fender benders since, neither was my fault.
  16. Statalyzer

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    Male. Been driving for 5 years. Only one wreck that counts for sure. I was stopped in my Kia sedan at a red light and I saw a pickup coming up behind me a bit fast. When I finally realized the jackass (on his cell phone of course) wasn't going to stop, I honked as loud as I could and mashed the brakes because, although I would have rather stomped the gas to reduce closing speed, my main concern was to not get pushed into the intersection and get t-boned. Thankfully he heard my horn and slammed on his brakes, so the impact wasn't too bad. Still cost me $900 and of course, his truck didn't have a scratch on it.

    Not sure if collisions with animals count, but in 8th grade the family minivan got hit by a deer. Yes, that's right, we did not hit the deer, the deer apparently wanted to commit suicide and just burst out of the woods and, despite my dad swerving out of the way, still rammed right into the side of the van.

    Not sure if this one counts either, since I didn't collide with anything but the curb, but sophomore year of college I was so slow on sleep that I nodded off while driving on Lamar. I thank God there was nothing but grass right there so all I did was drive up the curb and rip up my RF wheel (and then have to replace the wheel and the front axle). I could have slammed headlong into a pole. I could have run over a pedestrian. I'm fortunate I merely cost myself a load of money and embarrassed myself.

  17. HornsOverIthaca

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    2. Both were my fault. I put a lot more distance between me and the person in front of me now. The first one back in 2006 I was paying too much attention to not getting t-boned from the left and I drove straight into a guy who changed lanes in front of me moments before. He wasn't there when I looked and I can't look in two directions at once. Having been there I don't see how I could have avoided it. The second was earlier this year when I drove into a van's bumper. It broke a headlight cover, bent the hood a bit, and disconnected the radiator from the reservoir. The van driver barely even noticed it happened.

    **** HAPPENS!!!
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    6. (53 years old)

    1) Late to work, driving on Mopac to turn off on 183. Going too fast and went into a skid, hit a divider.

    2.) Most infamous one. UTPD, driving a patrol car around the patio of the Erwin Center, lost orientation of where I was, did a complete Dukes of Hazzard number down the only stairway leading down to Red River.

    3.) Wichita right by Dobie Center. Speeding to assist an officer at the Union, got plowed into by a car turning at 20th. Made me decide the time was right to go to law school.

    4.) Law school traveling north on Cullen, reaching for a french fry, plowed into the back of a slow car.

    5.) Took a turn too fast in a Scirroco, ended up in a ditch in College Station

    6) Lower deck IH35 Austin. Guy zooming in and out of traffic came up on bumper, switched over, hit the car next to me and then hit me. I spun out at 65 mph, went backwards riding the median for 200 feet.
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  24. Two. I'm 27.

    One as a passenger. Very serious wreck that my mom was technically at-fault. On Hwy 71 before you enter Oak Hill a car was stopped in the left lane to turn left. The car in front of us swerved to the right at the last minute. It was either swerve and side swipe the motorist or hit the car... we hit the car. Starflight came for my baby sister. Mom cut her head open, little brother got a knot on his forehead the size of a golfball (no joke).. my older brother and i were fine.

    I had a fender bender the thursday before Texas played OSU in Columbus. I was so happy I just bought my ticket for a cool $125. I kept looking at it while I was waiting for the light to change. When it turned green I wasn't paying attention and rear-ended the dude. He was cool. We just talked about UT.
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    3...all my fault when I was under the age of 21. I'm 34 now and aside from hitting a deer a dusk on I-90 in Montana last Summer (family vacation), I've been accident free as a driver and passenger.
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    zzzzz, I'd forgotten about entrance cameras. If that was the issue I understand. On two-way access roads, I've always seen it arranged so that the oncoming cars have to yield to the cars crossing and entering. I'm talking about people who stop on entrance ramps because they think traffic is too heavy.
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    Creed- both on ramps are at stop signs. You had to stop. Then wait until its clear. This is not an interstate on ramp.

    I cant ******* help it if the two morons behind me both thought they needed to go before I could get a clear lane. They had locked their view to see the traffic coming from the left, and were just as stopped as me. Neither thought to look forward before ******* flooring it from a dead stop.
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    I get it now. I just still get angry thinking about the guy in front of me stopping when there was literally NO TRAFFIC on the highway next to us.
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    hmmm... let's see...

    Backed into someone the first day I had my license at 16.

    Had some woman turn right from the left turn lane when I was in college-- I t-boned her, not my fault though.

    I've been rear-ended twice, and rear ended someone once.

    I think that's it.... so 5 for me.

    I'm 29.
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