How much 'junk' do you have?

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Mrs.Macanudo, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Mrs.Macanudo

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    No matter how hard I try, I can't whittle down my stuff so that my back pack doesn't weight 50 pounds. I have my laptop, my lecture notes, calendar, phone, my computer hardware I might need, and a little bit of make up. No matter how hard I try to consolidate, I can't get it down!

    It ticks me off and hurts my back! [​IMG]
  2. ryskey

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    Step 1: Fly to Nepal

    Step 2: Persuade a Sherpa to return with you by promising an endless bounty of yak butter tea.

    Step 3: Enjoy the lack of weight on your back, and the look on your Sherpa's face when he discovers he only has to carry 50 pounds.
  3. Napoleon

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    I believe that that is what we call a "Win-Win".

  4. Ave. H Horn

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    How about a 2-car garage full of CRAP!
    -tons of tailgate crap (tents, chairs, coolers, electronics, beer promo **** coming out of my ***)
    -no longer used bowflex
    -no longer used infant crap (bassinet, rocker(s), walkers, etc.)
    -seldom used yard equipment
    -seldom used refrigerator
    -seldom used tools, work benches, etc.
    -a bunch of crap that we could not pawn off on others from several garage sales.

    Everything but the two cars that belong in there!
  5. THEU

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    I just want to announce my wife and I can get 2 cars in our 2 car garage, and I am so excited about it... truly a major accomplishment.

    Mrs. Mac, how big is your computer? I got a smaller laptop, 14", in order to try to shed some weight... Other than that I like that I have uber soft straps
  6. bozo_casanova

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  7. Brisketexan

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    Do you carry your toaster in your backpack, or does it have its own padded carrying case?
  8. pmg

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    In the trunk?
  9. midtown

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    Living in a very small apt teaches you about space management. If it does fit in the house its going on craigslist. I can't for the life of me imagine not being able to park my cars in my garage.
  10. milk_monitor

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  11. savvy

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    i travel a lot and instead of lugging my laptop, personal cell, and other stuff around the world, I just carry my Blackberry Curve. you would think this would lighten my big purse, but sadly it doesn't. it just makes room for my Purell, Listerine strips, makeup, wet wipes, special K bars, Bible, airplane book, sunglasses, brush, eleventy billion business cards and various taxi and hotel receipts and ticket stubs. and that's just one side of the purse.

    i live in a tiny studio apartment and try to maximize space and minimize clutter. i cull the closet herd several times a year and donate to my chuch clothing drives. it helps, but i think the junk reproduces when i'm outta town.
  12. uisge beatha

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  13. next2naus

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    the ladies say I have plenty of junk

    Midtown is correct. I live in NYC, I have little crap cluttering.

    Savvy: lose the bible and the excess business cards.
  14. NBMisha

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    Overheads over both garage bays are stuffed, and a 15 x20 storage is pretty full. This after a few years of diligent clearing out.

    This tendency to collect junk at small and large scales is pervasive. I guess its part of what keeps the economy going.

    Seems like needing to lose weight. Easy to see the need, harder to do than expected.
  15. EuroHorn

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    Over the years, I have gone from a large 3br house to a 1br apt back to a 3br house and now to a 2br condo. I am pretty streamlined at the moment. I travel a lot on business so I don't really accumulate too much at home. I probably could have more stuff.
  16. txzen

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    Moving into a 100 year old victorian tends to call for a serious junk bloodletting. I still have some, but thankfully am much better about donating things I don't need, and tossing the rest.

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