How prepared are you for a zombie infestation?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by CleverNickname, Dec 17, 2007.

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    A couple of developments:
    12th Stud's twin 10/22 Gatling gun kits are now available through Cabelas; at least the shooting and reloading catalog. They, thankfully, come without the barstool tripod depicted in 12th Stud's post.

    The books from Max Brooks arrived, apparently with time to spare. Just began the Survival manual and it is obvious that the information therein is a bit dated.

    It seems the virus has evolved or morphed or whatever. The zombies recorded in the recent documentary on LTC Neville are considerably more capable than those in the book. Their vulnerabilities also seem to have increased. More later.

    The twin 10/22 Gatling gun continues to tug at my thoughts. In addition to use if the zombies get within our walls, the rapid fire weapon might be useful on scouting or raiding forays. If such adventures would be useful despite the risks, these guns could afford protection. For instance, if we learn of ammo dumps, or numbers of the aforementioned hot commodities, or canned food, etc., we could send out small convoys to acquire the goods.

    For supply raids:
    Perhaps three trucks, two relatively small ones for guns and one really large for cargo. Two pickups (not sure yet which makes and models might be best) each mounting four of the Gatling guns. The guns could be bolted or mounted (ideally with a quick release mechanism) somehow to the roof, both sidewalls of the bed, and the tailgate. Boxes of magazines (ammo, not the fold-out kind) within easy reach. If used in convoy, one gun truck in front (the tailgunner could assist the others unless his gun is needed). The other gun truck in the rear, with the front gunner being the available assistant. Plenty of commo to link up the vehicles.

    For scouts:
    Two trucks (you are all familiar with the wingman concept). Each mounted with four Gatling guns for 360 degree fields of fire. Video camera, infrared sensors (but only if these devils give off heat-without metabolisms, they might not) and plenty of commo, including radios capable of reporting to the compound.

    Only experience will tell us whether these combinations would be good for their intended purposes. I would doubt they would be good for inflicting significant casualties simply because of the high ratio of ammunition expended per kill. The guns would be protective only.

    All this assumes Mac's Strykers are not available. Just some thoughts.
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    For those times when you just have to drive through a mob of undead, I think I would like a couple of these.


    30 feet long
    8 feet high
    Seats 14-18 fully kitted individuals.
    A whole boatload of advanced features including left or right seat driving and a powerplant that can be pulled in less than 10 minutes.

    Link to Site
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    C'mon... There's nobody here with a torch that we can't A-Team a couple of 1977 Supervans?! They're cheap. Easy to mod. You could fix a 360 turret on top and plate the windows and doors. A team of two or three men per van could easily convert a van in one day.

    The one problem I see is tire protection. The Zees with superior engineering skills can easily fashion road-spikes to take out conventional road tires. You gotta go heavy duty or go brain-eater.

    Who among us have the capital for large scale military transports? C'MON!!

    Let's get real here, people.
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    The thing to consider is that during the day, you can just about walk to a supply position - it's @ night that you have to worry.

    As for marauding "non approved"... well, that's really what the reinforced rigs are for. We can deal with the zombies but I almost have a deeper fear of other crews who would mean us harm or want OUR food stuffs & supplies (vs. us... you know, the good guys, who only want to take their **** because we deserve to live more than they do).

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    Yeah, we have to worry as much about the Thunderdome crowd as we do the Zs.
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    too true

    Just because someone isn't a Z doesn't mean they aren't a threat.
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    Can someone give me a timeframe here? Are there indications of an impending attack/infestation? I need to know because there is a hell of a lot of information on this thread that I need to digest, not to mention the time it will take to fortify my island.
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    Negatory, Handler XIII... your pattern is full. Be sure to wear something distinctive & inform us as to your choice so that when we snipe you @ 500 yards, we'll know it was you vs. some generic zee.

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    I still like the Lex idea. For food we just need some MRE's, I had to eat some after Rita and they are not that bad. As far as weapons are concerned, I think you'll have been overlooking the Lightsaber, it is light, and from what I can tell simular to swinging a remote for the Wii since there is no weight on the blade.

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    Unless you've got "The Force" inside of you, there's no way to slice & dice from long range.

    & Believe you me, they'll be swarming like ants on a hot August day in East Texas.

    You couldn't swing that thing fast enough (if it were real, anyhow... which it ain't).

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    Is there any way to take advantage of zombies' fondness for turtles?
    The Link
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    You probably have to lead zombie kids a little bit more than an adult.
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    Pecos County is within range. Find a wind farm with a sub station that is close to a ranch, run a line to the house, and you are golden. This is especially the case if these are I am Legend style or 28 days later style and they can't be in sunlight.

    Pecos county also has a lot of petroleum out there. As long as you know a roughneck or two that survived the outbreak, your petroleum needs are set.

    Fort Stockton is a small population base with huge resources. Irrigation systems are already in place, the wind farms, and the petroleum sites. What you need to do beyond that is surround yourself with knowledgeable people in the fields of agriculture (except aggy), petroleum engineering, and of course a diversity of gender so that when the situation is finaly over, you can repopulate. Let's hope that natural selection avoids the pretty ones.
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    Uh, I like the wind farm energy idea. But just where are you going to refine this petroleum you pull out of the ground?
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    the petro would be for overall fuel purposes. Sure, you can't use it to power your vehicles, but petro has been used by civilizations for many millenia for various uses.

    Pecos County takes care of the gas situation anyway because I believe there is a gasoline pipeline out there. It is cheaper to pipe it out there than to constantly have big rigs drive it out there.
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    i suspect that when the zombie invasion begins, many of the industrial conveniences you take for granted like petroleum pipelines, and, oh, I don't know.... electricity.... will probably be deactivated, as most people will be holed up in fortified defense castles, and not necessarily dedicating their free time to ensuring the electrical grid/gas pipeline is up and running.
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    Hey, makes no difference to me. I'll just look down on ya'll from fully lit house on my Mesa while ya'll are gettin your brains chewed. [​IMG]

    The wind farms would need maintenance as well. I'm not saying it would be easy, but it is worth a shot. Worse comes to worse, you have land, you have plenty of deer, and you have isolation from the infection.
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    you are not what your sig says.
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    One good millwright or gear box mechanic could go a loooooong way in keeping the wind farm going.

    Wind farm could power lights to keep them away at night.
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    That's why I like the wind farm idea but don't know about the logic of the petroleum and attached pipeline. A rally point in West Texas is ok except that it makes foraging for supplies harder.
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    Better cap him just to be safe.

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