How to find a good attorney in another state

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  1. Horn6721

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    Hope this is right forum.
    I need to find a good lawyer whi does real estate problem work in another state.
    Any suggestions on how to find one?
  2. SabreHorn

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    What state? Most of the larger Texas firms have offices across the country except for Louisiana. The two largest firms in Louisiana have offices in Houston. If it is Louisiana, there are attorneys in Houston who are members of the bar in both Texas & Louisiana.

    If your problem is in Tennessee, good luck. You need to sit down with someone familiar with the "dual deeds" in Tennessee, and who can explain to you if yours is a "usable deed" or an "enjoyable deed".
  3. mb227

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    Concur that knowing the State would help matters...but if you have someone local who practices in the field, they may know someone in the other State (or at least be able to get a few names to start with).

    For example, and just using Texas as an example, when we get a call on a trial matter for a parole client in a different part of the State, we will often start with the TCDLA directory if we don't actually know someone in that specific jurisdiction. The same sort of associations exist at the national level. I would imagine other areas like real estate law are going to be similar with having some manner of association...

    As a side CAN sometimes get some names through the website by doing a search by State...that would likely get you someone who attended a good Texas school, got licensed here but then went out of State...
  4. Horn6721

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    It is Mississipi and I have no clue how to find a good one and not someone in the good ol boy crowd
  5. mb227

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    Depending on what you are seeking to accomplish, those good ol' boy crowd types can sometimes BE the best option...just sayin'

    There are a few in MS who went to Texas though...
  6. SabreHorn

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    The two largest firms in Louisiana are Adams & Reese and Jones Walker, both of which have offices in Houston and Jackson. The head of litigation in the Houston office is a Texas grad.

    If you want a smaller fee and firm, I have a firm that has done a lot of work for me. Located in Houston, the head of the firm is licensed in Texas and Louisiana, but is GC for an international corporation in Mississippi. I'll be glad to make the introduction.

    The good ole boy network is alive and well in Mississippi. I worked as a consultant on a tort case over there in which the presiding judge (in his 80s) had a 40 year "relationship" with the plaintiffs lawyer. No conflict at all, but I was surprised she made her closing remarks without ever getting on her knees. Award was draconian.
  7. Horn6721

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    It is a small case. Problems with the realty management company who has handled a house I own.
    I really appreciate it but afraid it is too snall for big firms
  8. zztx1

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    Search on the law school website, closest to the location of your property for a real estate professor. First, it might be an adjunct who practices real estate. Even if it is just a faculty member, email them. They have good leads on someone with judgment who can take care of your problem very quickly. That is the key in law. Finding someone with good judgment on how to solve the problem easily.
  9. Horn6721

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    Thanks for the good advice.
    HornFans is awesome:hookem:
  10. AC

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    Youve been good to me so I’ll do this for you. My LA Attorneys at Taylor and Porter know MS attorneys. I’ll ask for a recommendation/ contact and pass it on.
  11. Horn6721

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    Send you a pm.

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