How you became a Longhorn fan

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Chop, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. George Bailey

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    My dad was a lifelong Texas fan, I watched games with him from the time I was old enough to know what football was. My mom's cousin and uncle were UT law grads and season ticket holders. In 1966 they invited us to Austin for the USC game. Texas lost 10-6 but I was hooked. Most of our family vacations were spent in around Austin, I fell in love equally with UT and the Austin vibe. During my high school years, several buddies and I would drive down and just hang out. Back then you could walk into DKR and play on the field and nobody would say a word. We even hung out in the weight room and watched guys lift. Drank a lot of beer without fear of being carded and snuck into many a Armadillo show. Just had to slip the guy at the back door the right amount of cash.

    I did a few years in the military and had every intention to attend UT when I was done. Life happened and I never attended there. But my love for that school never diminished. Yeah, I'm a t-shirt tsip or whatever the aggies want to try to lessen my fandom with. But I don't say 'we' or 'us', I believe that ought to be reserved for grads.
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  2. Dionysus

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    I say that includes you and all Longhorn fans. :hookem:

    True story: I always use the “we” when talking about the Horns but I can remember a couple instances after a bad loss when my wife asked me how the Longhorns were doing, and I have said “yeah, they are not looking so good right now.”

    My ego needs a little separation during those difficult moments. :smile1: !!!
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  3. George Bailey

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    Yeah, I hear you. I just cringe when my family that supports tceh say that. None of them have a single credit hour from there but you'd never know it.
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  4. Chop

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    Major college football is very far removed from its early 1900s and before Ivy League roots, where it's influence extended little past the students, faculty, and alumni.

    Now it captures the regional loyalties of people who had nothing to do with the college at issue.

    As for me, I welcome all Longhorn fans, whether or not they ever set foot in a classroom on the 40 acres. If you bleed orange, you're in the club as far as I'm concerned. UT is the flagship university and sports program of our State. The Longhorns represent the State of Texas and Texas residents.
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  5. AC

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    This is my alltime favorite thread on Hornfans. Seems to bring everyone together. VY Fan said it at the tailgate and I'll quote him again. "We're a family"!
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  6. Dionysus

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    Added bonus: no in-laws
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  7. SunBurntOrange

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    Grew up in an Aggie household. Stepfather was a former Corp member from back in the early '50's. He started A&M at the age of 16 and graduated full honors at the age of 19. Very strict. Very demanding. But never unfair or mean or abusive at all. To his credit he was a good man and role model and he is sorely missed.

    There were five kids total. None of us had any desire to go to A&M and I think that bothered him although he never let on. Three of us went to UT-Austin, one went to Arkansas, I went to UT-Arlington. My oldest step brother was ten years ahead of me when he went to UT-Austin. So from the age of 8 or 9 I was already neck deep in Longhorns this and Longhorns that. He brought me everything from shirts to flags to books to you name it. He made sure I did not stray, so to speak. So even though I did not attend UT-Austin, by blood has been burnt orange for damn near as long as I can remember. When I finally got to go to my first game, the 1982 Cotton Bowl against Alabama and Bear Bryant, I could hardly wait for the day to arrive. And for those of you who remember how that one turned out, you will understand just why my love for everything Longhorn was permanently cemented on that day. And we have of course seen some incredible highs and some terrible lows, but that will never change.

    Hook 'em.
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  8. Chop

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    Love it!

    I think every time a kid from an aggie household goes to UT, a baby angel gets his wings in heaven.
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