Human bed-warmers

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by texascoder, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Hmmm, wouldn't it be easier to just supply an electric blanket?
    On second though, I wonder if the "warmer" *has* to leave before the customer goes to bed? [​IMG]

    Edit: oops, didn't paste URL correctly... it's fixed now
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    Link that works:The Link

    Kinda funny.
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    Oh boy....what if the staffer happened to eat several bean burritos prior to hopping into the bed? [​IMG]
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    I know they said the human bed-warmer would be wearing a fleece onesie, and their hair would be covered, but this creeps me out.

    But it doesn't creep me out as bad as when I turned down the bed in my Salt Lake City Airport Hilton room at 11:15 p.m. and found pubic hair.

    I had just checked in.

    It wasn't mine.

    I called the front desk only to be informed that their housekeeping staff was long gone and would not return until morning. I raised holy hell to the point that they finally sent up someone from the desk crew with clean sheets, and I watched as he changed my bed. They had wanted me to come to the desk and get the sheets and change my own bed, and I told them that if I did, then I wouldn't owe them any money, because I was paying not only for a place to sleep, but for services. "If I have to change my own goddam bed, then I'm not paying you a dime!"

    They changed it, all right, and shortly after, I got my company to switch to a different hotel.
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    "It wasn't mine."

    Too much info.
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    Texanne's a waxer?

    I knew it.
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    Was at the Extended Stay at Katy Frwy and Wilcrest in Houston about two years ago. Was not my first choice, but my company has a corporate contract there and I figured it was better than expensing another place. Checked into my room, and when I closed the bathroom door, there were blood smears all over the back of it. Did not wait to see if there were pubes in the bed. Just told the desk clerk what the deal was and left,
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    You didn't ask for the Charles Manson Suite?
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    In the netherlands you could get a literal dutch oven.
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    Dutch oven

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