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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by LagoHorn, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Outstanding! [​IMG]

    Good luck to Huston in 2008.
  3. kjgirl

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    Way to go Huston [​IMG]
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    I can't believe he was only making $380,000 last year. Seriously???
  5. HookemHrns03

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    Baseball players aren't arbitration eligible until they've completed three full big league seasons. They're indentured -- basically meaning the teams can pay them whatever they choose. Then (like in this case) teams generally sign players to a bigger deal to avoid going to arbitration in their 4th-6th years with the team.
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    He deserves more. [​IMG]
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    He definitely deserves it. One of my favorite Horns on my favorite team. I'd be surprised if he's still with the A's beyond July 31, though. [​IMG]
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    380K and "indentured" shouldn't be used in the same sentence.
  9. VacantlyOccupied

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    He also rec'd a signing bonus of almost a million bucks three seasons ago, so it's not like he's been scraping by on just $350,000 per year.
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    I'll be indentured for $380,000 a year!
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    me, too, HausFrau.

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