Hype - Buy or Sell?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Buck-Horn, Jun 12, 2019.

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  2. Sangre Naranjada

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    Is Sports Illustrated still any kind of relevant player in the sports reporting game?
  3. nashhorn

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    Relevant if not, I get what they’re saying. Tap the brakes till hopeful becomes factual. Lots of ground to make up and just as many of us that love Sam have the same qualms of him completing the season unscathed by injury.
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  4. Sangre Naranjada

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    I hear you, but as I have said before...Sam was a daredevil as a Freshman and paid the price in terms of injury. Last year he managed himself far better. With another year of coaching and understanding that those extra three yards are (almost always) not worth missing the next two games, I don't have any severe worries about him on the injury front.
  5. nashhorn

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    Hope you’re right but I can visualize him as I write grinding for that 1-2 yd TD against LSU or OU.
  6. El Sapo

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    I think the article makes some fair points and for myself anyways, I don't have expectations of us being a playoff team this year. Personally I wouldn't be surprised to see us take a small step back this season and would consider 9-10 wins a great year because of some of the same points the article makes. Tom Herman likes to run the ball with the quarterback and Ehlinger likes to run ol' #8 on the wristband and bulldoze people. Losing Boo hurts... we are thin if Ehlinger gets injured. Breaking in 8 new starters on defense in the high flying Big 12 is also a concern of mine. Todd Orlando will earn his paycheck this year.

    However I do think we are 'back' in the sense that we are a good to very good team again. Gone are the days of Mack mailing it in and Charlie wandering the wilderness baking his cake. I felt last year's team was tougher and hungrier than I've seen in a while and I'm sold on Herman. Depth is our issue now and that will just take a little more time.
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  7. Chop

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    I read the SI article. My take--these guys really don't know our team. I see things a bit differently. Here are some ways my fan take differs from these "experts":

    DL: NT--Wilbon equal to or slightly less than Nelson; Coburn is the emerging BAMF on the defensive front and could be All-American by the time he's a Sr. Any DE we trot out on the field will be a significant upgrade from Hager, but not as good as Omenihu. Overall - roughly equal to last year. Could even be a bit better if Coburn really emerges as expected.

    LB: The Shark showed dramatic improvement over the course of the year. The first few games, he looked lost on the field. The last half of the season, he was a strength. Ossai is the rising star here. The loss of Johnson hurts. Overall - a bit off from last year.

    DB: Our safeties are among the best in the game and are now a year more experienced. At CB--I'm concerned about Boyce getting better and overall quality depth. IMHO, Boyd was a bit overrated and was a big play or big bust sort of guy. Overall - better than last year.

    OL: Cosmi is a star, Angilau and Braun are both better than Vahe (a strong power run blocker but a liability at pass protection), more depth, all returning OL have another year under the belt building cohesion under Hand. Overall - better than last year.

    WR: Johnson is a star. Duvernay is real good. Young WRs who have waited in the wings are emerging. Loss of Humprhies hurts quite a bit though. Overall - a little worse than last year.

    RB: Ingram has another year of experience. J. Whitt is very, very good. Overall - better than last year.

    QB: Sam has another year under his belt, so better in that sense. Loss of Shane and other backup depth hurts. Young backups have promise but lack experience. Sam should be even better, but overall our QB situation is fairly categorized as a bit worse due to the loss of Shane as a capable backup.

    Special teams: ?

    Overall: A bit better, on paper, than last year (when we finished in the top 10). Of course, I hope we make the playoffs, but some folks may be getting a bit carried away penciling us in at this point...
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    KBBAKER 250+ Posts

    Am I the only person that thinks LSU is over-rated? Just curious.
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  9. Buck-Horn

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    Have a hard remembering when they were NOT overrated!
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  10. AC

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    No I agree. They can’t hang with our offense.
  11. Run Pincher

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    I think they do know this team. The author did state Texas does have talent on defense, but lacks experience. This is certainly true, but anyone that's not concerned about LB needs to join Alice in wonderland.
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  12. Austin_Bill

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    Read what Chop has to say and close the thread, he hit the nail on the head.

    I'll add a little to what he said. The Dline will not be a liability next year. Texas is 2 deep across the board and They also have some emerging stars. Besides Coburn who is going to make some noise this year on the all conference team. You have Ta'Quon Graham who played every bit as well as anyone on the dline last year. Add to that Malcolm Roach who will be light years better than Hagar. Backing them up is Jacoby Jones and Marcus Bimage, plus you have guys like Daniel Carson Moro Ojomo. We have quality starters and solid depth.

    Just have to read what Chop Said. Don't sleep on DeMarvion Overshown spinning down to become an All American Linebacker. He is a beast.

    See Chop. But I will also say Texas is on par with Bama and Clemson on this position.

    I'm not sold 100% on the corners I think we will see some growing pains, but Cook and Green are going to hold down the starting spot with Boyce being the Nickle guy. The real key is that the safeties are so good they are going to erase a lot of mistakes our corners make.

    Offensive Line, -
    We have some solid starters and solid depth, but I'm still concerned about the Left Guard spot and the Right Tackle spot. I'm confident someone will step up, I'm must not sure who. I love Parker Braun and what he brings to the running game, but he doesn't know how to pass block and that is a liability.

    I mentioned this about Parker. He can redshirt and still make an impact this year. Play him against LSU, Oklahoma, Big 12 Title game, the bowl game and one other game and he is both an impact this year and a full time starter next year.

    Literally, he isn't needed in any other game.


    So SI makes a point that what will happen if Sam goes down? Well you can say the same thing about every program in the country including Clemson and Bama.

    With that said, Casey Thompson showed me something in the spring game. I generally don't pay much attention to what happens in the Spring game, but I saw enough to say that if called upon, Casey Thompson can move the ball and make plays both with his arm and legs. He is every bit the playmaker Herman is looking for in his offense.

    RB, WR, TE - Not going to waste my time, we have weapons and depth so I'm not worried one bit about these positions.

    If SI is making the comparison that we might not make the playoffs, they are right, Texas could have a one loss season and not make the playoffs depending on what happens around the country. However, This coming season is about 4 games. LSU, blOwU, Big 12 title game and one other. The rest of the season is a cake walk.

    Don't ask me what the one other game is, I have no idea, might be TCU, Okie Lite or someone else. It's the game where Texas comes out flat and gets punched in the mouth. Every season has one and it's up to the players and coaches to dig down and be the better team.
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  13. AC

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    Agree with Austin Bill 100%. My biggest concern with opponents is actually Baylor and ISU both road games. They both have very good coaches and will play solid defense. Herman teams are great in big games but overlook teams they should beat, especially in road games. If we are without SE for these back to back road games that will be a tough spot. Who knows, I’m just prognosticating. But if we go 11-1 and win the Big 12, that’s a great season. I think we can accomplish that this year. Injuries will probably be the factor. They’ll be physical and play hard either way.

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