Hypothetical situation with Vince Young

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Hornyboy1, May 6, 2007.

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    First off, I want to go on record saying that I love Vince Young. He has represented my state as good as you could have and will be among the greatest QB s of all-time.

    I was thinking the other day and came up with this hypothetical situation. Let’s say one day that he decided to come out to the media out from the blue and say that he was gay. Just come out and say it. How would you react? Would it be shocking? Strange? Exciting? Disappointing?

    Personally, I would be shocked but would accept him regardless as it wouldn’t change my positive opinion of him as he is the greatest. I’m not worried as there’s no doubt he isn’t gay. But I just was wondering how everyone on this board would react. I think it would be easy to find humor in it. Please don’t flame me, this is just a hypothetical, and an interesting one at that.
  2. HenryGandorf

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    wow i love the offseason.
  3. Benson32

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    what a strange hypothetical. im at a loss for words.
  4. Randy_Allen_Fan

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    I would ask him out for drinks. Vince could kick a puppy and I wouldn't give a damn.
  5. Hornyboy1

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    I could care less if he was strait, gay, bi or asexual. I just didn't wan't to commit blasphemy here.
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    This thread is gay.
  7. Okay, gonna give this thread a chance in Quack's. It does raise potential for good discussion.

    But let's take it further. Does it or should it matter for a politician to out himself or be outted? To what level do you think it would be an issue, local or national. What about actors. Does it really affect their fans, should it?

    I have one, teachers. I think all of us had a professor that was gay or we suspected as being. I don't think anybody cared. Yet most would find it unsavory or unwanted in grade school. Is this because you think it is a bad example? Maybe you are fearful they would molest.

    This topic can go places but handle it maturely, please.
  8. hornian

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    If Vince were gay it would explain the smooth butt ******* he gave to Pete Carroll in the Rose Bowl.

    So I would be fine with it.
  9. hornian

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    Haha, I just notice the OP's username. Hornyboy. Haha.
  10. hookem2003

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    I don't know what it would take for me to sour on Vince, but it would be a helluva lot more than that.
  11. CaboWabo

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    jesus christ.....
  12. Hornyboy1

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    "Vince could kick a puppy and I wouldn't give a damn. "

    Vince could punch a 90 year old woman and I wouldn't give a damn.
    Vince could rob a quadriplegic and I wouldn't give a damn.
    Vince could spit in my brother's food and I wouldn't give a damn.
  13. rhg84

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    I wouldnt care
  14. TXSNOS

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    [​IMG] I think I would like him even more. [​IMG]

  15. Bevo5

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    I wouldn't care if vince came out of the closet on national TV while he man-raped me. Ok wait, that would probably get to me.

    Vince could eat puppy and I would be alright with that.
  16. Orange&White

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    I knew this thread was going to be ridiculous just by the title and I was not incorrect.

    However, when I first read the title I thought to myself, "but what if the hurricanes name was 'Ditka'?"
  17. NickDanger

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    How many "straight" people end up molesting people you know. It's amazing how some people jump to the conclusion or fear that a gay person might "molest" you or someone you know. I don't think there is any correlation between sexual orientation and the propensity for molestation.
  18. 90 Grad

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    Vince being gay would make being gay the preferred method of lifestyle in the world.
  19. crash_davis

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    ok, i'm bored. i'm mean bored as shyt and i'm sitting around thinking of hypotheticals. this odd thought crosses my mind. not only do i laugh at the ridiculousness of it, not because being gay is wrong, but ridiculously that i would event think it wrong. but still, i think, this is a question i will post on hornfans because i want to share my ridiculous hypothetical to the world.

    by far this is not the worst thread ever on hornfans. but this leads credence to my idea that you should be required to have some sort of license to be able to post. you have to past some sort of mental competency test.

    although, if that happened, you wouldn't get such gems such as this. i'm torn.
  20. drewdizzle

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    It's not 'Vince Young is gay'. It's 'Gay is Vince Young'.

    Seriously, I would only be concerned with how his outing would affect his relationship w/ his teammates, the media, etc. Otherwise, whatever VY does is fine w/ me.
  21. veggieboy

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    I don't care if ANYONE is gay.

    Politicians, teachers (grade school, high school, whatever), policemen, firemen, priests. I just don't care.

    And since I told my wife after the tOSU game that I was going to divorce her and marry VY, I might hit on him if he were gay.
  22. MaximumBarnes

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    NAIU would **** his pants.

    This is the worst thread ever.
  23. stabone

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    This thread is gay.
  26. Exactly, Nick. Their fears of molestation would be totally unfounded and based on insecurity or fear. Was curious what some would feel.
  27. mez2

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    i could care less.

    he has immunity as far as I am concerned. i love him so much, I think I might be gay
  28. DRAG69

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    You know this would be a great place to print that Bill Bradley coin toss quote right here.....
    But I am not.

    And if you do not know what it is you are not a Horn's fan anyway.
  29. BA93

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    The NFL is not ready for an openly gay player. Imagine the insults being hurled at the line before the snap.
  30. Macanudo

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