I am looking for the guy who owned the old Model A that the cheerleaders rode in on for years.

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    I have been asked to find this guy so that they might use the old car as part of GAME DAY on BEVO BLVD.

    I knew his Dad for years and would see him almost yearly up at Fair Park....I just can't remember his name....

    ANYONE???? thanks! and Hook'EM!!!
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    I talked to a guy on Saturday who was telling me a story about this man (unrelated to the car) and he said that he would probably have passed away by now due to his age at the time of their meeting. He said the car was a Chevrolet, however? I can't really remember. My friend has what he says is a vanity plate from the car in his garage and it is dated 1986.

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    ALL of that could be correct....I did find the gentleman that I was looking for....the son of the very jovial guy that would drive us in and around the track....The Dad passed away over 10 years ago, I think. Knew him for years and would see him at Fair Park for the o.u. game over the years....it would be kind of hard driving 110 cheerleaders on that old Ford....luckily, I was on three squads that only had 5 girls and 5 guys....They are hoping the car is still around and it can be part of BEVO BLVD.
    The Vanity plate was HooKM I think....
    Brings back great memories and the older guy that had the car was a great guy and always with a smile and something exciting to tell you about the Horns....

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    I searched for a pic on the interwebs but was unsuccessful. Found several for the Georgia Tech car, tho.
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    The dad, Mel, lived in Lockhart (where I also live) at the end of his life. He would drive that car in the local parade, hauling the local Texas Exes scholarship winners who were not too embarrassed to ride in it. Mel was a really good guy, but that car was in very rough shape. I offered to keep it in my garage if needed, but that didn't happen. It could use a benefactor to give it a new lease on life, if somebody hasn't already done so.
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    I confirmed with my friend that the vanity plate in his garage is "HOOKM". Mel traded it to him for an Alaska "HOOKEM" plate.

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    Mel was the nicest guy...knew him for the three years I was cheerleader. I remember getting to the stadium extra early just to visit with Mel....always excited about the HORNS....for years and years we would somehow run into each other at Fair Park....always a great guy....about 8 years ago I ran into his son outside the Fair grounds....told me his Dad had passed away...Mel was thrilled to drive the cheerleaders into the stadium, but he made some great memories for us. R.I.P.
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    Here is the vanity plate at my friend's house:

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    I remember that car. Where is it?

    It could be replicated, I suppose.

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