I am Shocked! CNN admits it worked to defeat Trump

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Apr 13, 2021.

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    Yep. So did NPR, the NYT, The alphabet networks, The Washington Post, etc..
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    I wonder if they are boning up on what due process means in the private sector...
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  5. theiioftx

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    CNN did not admit anything and they could care less. There is no accountability to the "press." They should have all access removed as press representatives.
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    I think it’s a stretch calling CNN press. CNN needs to be labeled a tabloid, have a scroll on the bottom of the screen saying “anything CNN reports is not factual, entertainment purposes only.”
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    Be careful. Tabloid seems to always bring to mind National Enquirer, and they may sue you for defamation for trying to put CNN in their classification.
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    Bring it on CNN, there are attorneys here that would defend me. Easy money.
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    My feeling about the past election is that the true fraud was the media carrying Biden to victory. I don't know about election day shenanigans and I wish Trump had not gone there. But the combination of a lying, compliant left-wing media and blogosphere, bludgeoning us with troll like reporting on a daily basis, was the travesty of what is happening to our country.
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