I got a new puppy last weekend

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Nolalonghorn16, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Nolalonghorn16

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    First time dog owner (parents had dogs growing up). She's an 8 week old Shiba Inu and could not be more adorable. Any advice?????
  2. GT WT

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    Find a good vet. Get help training your puppy. Be patient. You'll get lots of love, so give lots of love.

    Good luck!

  3. rickysrun

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    Shoot her with a watergun if she starts whining at night for her momma.
    Patience, solid training, and be the pack leader!
  4. accuratehorn

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    Go ahead and choose a vet, and get the puppy shots. Puppies are like kids, they are succeptible to childhood diseases, and the worst is called parvo. I don't know if this is still prevalent, but it is a bad illness. Ask the vet about it.
    Once the dog reaches adulthood, at about one year or so of age, you are out of the woods for a good while (usually). Good luck, puppies are a lot of fun.
  5. Smurfette

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    Always walk through the door ahead of the pup. Also always make them wait for 30 seconds or so before it eats but after you put the food in the bowl. Don't let the pup sleep on your bed or get on your couch.

    A dog needs to feel like they are protected by their "alpha dog leader" to be able to relax and enjoy life. If you don't make it clear to the dog that you're their leader in doggy-understood ways, then their natural tendency is to try to be your leader and protector, which caused them to lead a stressful life and be more aggressive.

    In a one-dog home, it's not as important to do the simple dominance things because your dog will not be competing with other dogs for status, but the dog will be tense and uncomfortable out in public b/c they'll be needing to "protect" you.
  6. Dionysus

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    My 3-year old dog (some kind of terrier mix, got her from SPCA) goes running with me in the mornings. Her excitement as we head out the door is infectious, she's so freaking happy. I say "wanna go run?" and she absolutely goes nuts. We run along a bayou, so no leash and she behaves herself just fine and stays close by but has freedom to roam.
  7. CottonEyedHorn

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    order all your meds from here and save a bundle
  8. lostman

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    Ahh - all of the above AND post pics!!! [​IMG] Congrats!
  9. utmck

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    Smurfette is spot on.

    Every dog wants to know its place, make sure YOU dictate everything and it will figure out that you are the leader and it is just part of the pack. One they figure it out they will be a great dog, no matter what breed you have. Good luck!
  10. Nolalonghorn16

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    Thanks for the suggestions! She's adorable as you can see below, I've got a good vet and the trainer is coming in two weeks. There's a Shiba in my building that's mean as hell so I'm hopeful she won't be like that. I like everything I see in her so far, even how painful her stubbornness makes walks (which I'm hopeful the trainer will help break). She cried (loving that Shiba scream) the first two nights when I put her in her crate and for an hour and a half the second night at 4 AM but since then she hasn't cried when going to sleep. Appreciate the suggestions, keep 'em coming if you think of any!

  11. Texanne

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    She's so cute.

    I don't like the idea of crating dogs. I think it's wrong. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about it because I have cats.
  12. Puffer

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    i want a dog
  13. ampUT

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    You like poopies and volleyball, so do I.

    Nacho Libre
  14. AustinTejasFan

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    "I don't like the idea of crating dogs. I think it's wrong. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about it because I have cats. "

    We made an 8 week old Chihuahua mix part of our family in February and I've laughed out loud at her antics every day since. Of course with 5 adult cats and a 13 year old Pit, Bella's got plenty of family members keeping her in line. She knows she's not the dominate anything. She loves the cats and they vary from very tolerant to downright playful with her.
  15. BurntOrangeOnly

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    Congrats on such a cute pup! As someone above said, Smurfette is spot on. Since you're new to this and a little concerned about another dog's influence you might invest a little time watching The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic Channel. He has a tremendous way of training people to lead their dogs. From how to leash and walk to when/how to use touch to stop a behavior before it begins.

    Congrats again, you're gonna have a blast with your new best friend!
  16. Bevo5

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    To crate or not to crate - it's a good debate with no right or wrong answer. LIke Mac vs. PC. Everyone has an opinion.
  17. GT WT

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  18. XOVER

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    Get you a shock collar. Set it at a low level. Your dog will be trained in a week. Maybe even a couple of days.
  19. Nolalonghorn16

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    So we're 3 weeks in and by far the best thing that's happened was the trainer coming last Saturday. The trainer let me get away from the ISU debacle and taught me to walk with her. Now we're going on long nightly walks and she's so exhausted that she sleeps through the night completely. Puppies need to be exhausted...who knew?
  20. l00p

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    A tired pup or dog is an awesome pup or dog for sure! Take doggy swimming. It's great exercise for them and they get thoroughly spent. They may not make it out of the parking lot to go home before they pass out. They won't want to walk, play ball or much of anything but sleep and sleep heavy. They are so happy and love it.
  21. Rayug

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    There are conflicting ideas on crating? I have a black lab who flunked out of a guide program, when it's her bed time she will whine to be put up for the night. The kids have put her up before and didn't close the den properly, but she won't leave the crate until she hears us up and about and she will come running towards us. I think it is a great tool for keeping her grounded in her obedience training.
  22. The Eyes of Texas

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    Cute dog!! Looking at those big assed paws makes me wonder if you didn't get an Akita rather than a Shiba. I have a 75 lb dog who was about 1/2 that size at 8 weeks....
  23. Nolalonghorn16

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  24. ProdigalHorn

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    How cute - gonna be a big one, too! I miss my dog!! [​IMG]

  25. Nolalonghorn16

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  26. Burnt Orange Bevo

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    Didn't read this post until today. Congrats on your puppy, she's a real cutie. Wife and I adopted a young adult female German (Shiloh?) Shepherd last November. She definitely requires time/care/attention, but she's one of the best dogs ever that we could have ended up with.

    My biggest recommendation is to feed your puppy high-quality dog food, not the typical commercial brands. After visiting some specialty pet food stores, talking with our vet, and trying a few brands out, we've settled on [Innova] Evo Salmon formula for our Shepherd. The better brands have higher protein and no fillers. They cost more, but you'll see the difference in the firmness of your dog's poop. Some of the cheaper brands will result in runny/soupy poop.

    In addition to Evo, I know Orijen and Wellness Core are well regarded as well. Sometimes you can find coupons for high-quality pet food brands at pet shows, which we've used to stock up on multiple dog food bags.

    10 Best Dog Foods
  27. stina

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    Your puppy is lovely. On the crating theme, think of crating as letting them go into their den at night. I agree with the good food comment and the suggestions to always remember that you must be the pack leader. One of the best ways to do this is to remind them that you are in charge of the food. Always make your puppy sit before you allow them to eat. It doesn't need to be long, just enough to remind them that they eat at your pleasure. I imagine you are past the other piece of advice I have for puppies. I have discovered that the easiest way to house break a puppy is with a dog door. If you have a dog door and put the crate in front of it while you're at work during the day, they will housebreak themselves. About two days of choosing between going out the dog door to potty or doing it in their "den" will teach them to use the dog door without any effort on your part. It's probably cheating but it works.
  28. Nolalonghorn16

    Nolalonghorn16 250+ Posts

    Quick update:
    Tipsy is now 6 months. She's still adorable and loves every person and animal she meets unless that person is on a skateboard. Crating is going well but I'm a sucker and put her in bed around 4-5 AM most mornings. I only heard the Shiba Scream once, the second night she went in the crate. Otherwise she is virtually silent and often quite hilarious. She's very well behaved and today was the first day I went to work and left her outside of her play pen. She didn't destroy a thing [​IMG]

    Tipsy drugged before flight at Thanksgiving:

    Tipsy sleeping:

    Tipsy being a dog:
  29. The Eyes of Texas

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    saw there was an update on this thread and was hoping for some new pics!! [​IMG]

    That is one hella cute dog.
  30. Texanne

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    OK, that dog may be the cutest pup I've ever seen!

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