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  1. LtSwtCrude

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    Anybody brought up.... that Tom Herman could be the coach aggy Big Cigars may go after...
    His background is impressive.. what he's done with receivers and offenses.

    UH is #18 AP, and undefeated.
    I'm not worried about Sumlin taking aggy anywhere, but I might be with Tom Herman.
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  2. ViperHorn

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    Let's keep it real - they will lose only one more game - LSU and end up with a 9-3 record. The better news they will be buried in a middle of the pack bowl game because the will be the 5th or 6th SEC team.
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  3. Sangre Naranjada

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    Never underestimate aggy's ability to implode.
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  4. Fit_Horn

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    Here is South's call you are talking about. Classic!
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  5. Sangre Naranjada

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... That's a great dose of aggy misery right there!
  6. VulcanHorn

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    That brought a smile to my face.
  7. LtSwtCrude

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    aggie opening it up for 3-way competition for the starting job

    I watched the 2nd half of the Ole Miss game. IMHO, Hubenak looked like a real QB compared to the other two. And hadn't even played until he went in (for this team, this year, I mean). I'd read his JC stats once... the guy has the skill set. If I'm a coach, based on how he performed at Oxford, it's already obvious, so I say the competition is designed to get everyone on board when Hubenak is the starter. I could be wrong, but look into this paragraph... The evaluation will take into account the often weak side of 5-star Mr. Everythings...

    ""What we're looking for is consistency, across the board, in quarterback play, cutting down on turnovers," Sumlin said he told his quarterbacks when he met with them collectively at 9:30 a.m. Monday, "and this week you're going to be evaluated not only based on practice and percentage and drills and everything else, but you're also going to be evaluated on your leadership skills, your communication with your teammates, your communication with the coaching staff and general overall play and demeanor."
  8. NRHorn

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    True Story-
    I work with about 7 Aggies. The Monday after this game I downloaded the vid, renamed it "Bikini Top Falls Off Blonde" and sent it out to these lads.
    Several times that day I was able to hear the great Dave Souths voice "Baylor burns a time out", only to be quickly stopped.
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  9. LtSwtCrude

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    Texas wins two games, light at the end of the tunnel.
    A&M loses two games, program in disarray.

    First 5 games, a&m offense avg. 39.2 pt/game
    Next two games, offense avg. 13 pt/game
    But they were playing (finally) top competition

    First 5 games, aggie defense: gave up 23.6 pt/game
    Next 2 games, giving up 32 pt/game
    Again, Alabama and Ole Miss are not cupcake games.

    Somehow they can't figure out their NC games are not that challenging, nor are half the teams in the SEC West.
  10. Driver 8

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  11. LonghornCatholic

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    Did they ask Sumlin about his binger?
  12. Joe Fan

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  13. ProdigalHorn

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    The thing that cracks me up is what always cracks me up about Dave and Dave - neither of them seem sure of what's going on. I actually didn't mind the silence after the score because of the crowd noise. The funny part was when they got quiet at the beginning where they don't really seem to grasp that Baylor is going for 2. The third guy (the spotter?) is the one that really sounds despondent. "Never thought I'd live to see this..."
  14. NRHorn

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    Something tells me the spotter has repeated that phrase again
    This was the lone Big 12 victory for the bears that year.
  15. Godz40acres

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    The aggy one is near the end... Where they belong.
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  16. LtSwtCrude

    LtSwtCrude Guest

    Extremely clever. :bow:
  17. LtSwtCrude

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    One thing could save aggie... if they ever accepted losing. That would put them on track to potentially learning, growing, developing. Change can't happen until you face losing and dare to use the word. As long as there is no chance the culture can go through that process... then the tweets are correct.
  18. horninchicago

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  19. ProdigalHorn

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    I think you meant "until you face running out of time"
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  20. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Mullet Time

    Alleged binger ... Or has his identity been confirmed?
  21. LtSwtCrude

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    A&M 2016 Schedule
    I'm beginning to see the real reason they jumped to the SEC.
    Home games numbered in burgundy.
    • Sept. 3: UCLA (1)
    • Sept. 10: PRAIRIE VIEW (2)
    • Sept. 17: at Auburn
    • Sept. 24: Arkansas (Arlington) (2.a?)
    • Oct. 1: at South Carolina
    • Oct. 8: TENNESSEE (3)
    • Oct. 15: open date [convenient!]
    • Oct. 22: at Alabama
    • Oct. 29: NEW MEXICO STATE (4)
    • Nov. 5: at Mississippi State
    • Nov. 12: OLE MISS (5)
    • Nov. 19: TEXAS-SAN ANTONIO (6)
    • Nov. 24 (Thurs.): LSU (7)
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  22. stormhorn

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    I see at least 6 loses on that schedule.
  23. NRHorn

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    Yes and three guaranteed wins, Prairie View? New Mexico? UTSA?
    Smart like a fox, just win three other D1 games, go to Shreveport and talk about next year.
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  24. Brad Austin

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    Wow, Aggy is learning...they're staggering their cupcake wins to break the annual string of higher level SEC bitchslaps. Squeezing chumps in between *ss beatings so the sky only falls a week until they can house a nobody and reclaim bogus superpower status.

    "The Alabama blowout was a fluke, didn't you see our mighty fighting Aggies trounce New Mexico St. today? We're back! If we beat Ole Miss and LSU, AND Bama and Auburn lose twice, we win the West" :rolleyes1:
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  25. Crockett

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    First game is with UCLA. Ducking North Texas, Rice or SMU?
  26. LtSwtCrude

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    Question: If they play S. Carolina every hear, home-and-home... does that mean they only play one other SEC East team every two years also?

    You have seven other SEC East teams to play, other than S. Carolina.
    Therefore it would take 14 years to have played the other seven SEC East teams, home-and-home.

    Many players will go through A&M never playing Georgia or Florida. A coach could coach an entire career there and never play all of those SEC East teams. He'd have to stay almost a decade and a half.

    Generally speaking, you are effectively a member of half of the SEC Conference, + One.

    The other of the two cross-division games amounts to the sporadic frequency of a non-conference game spread out over time. Texas might play USC home-and-home every 14 years. What's the difference in playing Georgia home-and-home every 14 years? Of course there's the conference championship game where you might meet one of those cross-div teams, but you'd need to win your Half-a-Conference title to do that.
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  27. Joe Fan

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    aggy made CNN "Breaking News"

  28. YearOfTheSteer

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  29. Crockett

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    Problem for Kyler might be no college coach worth a damn is going to put up with sideline histronics, cursing at coaches and unearned playing time. Better to lose a game and go with less optimal players than cede control to a whiny freshman (or senior for that matter.)
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  30. MudHorn

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    Is this in bad taste?

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