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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Mr. Fiesta, Oct 24, 2015.

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    I am past ecstatic that he didn't sign with us! We don't need cancers in the locker room or entitlement complexes on our team!
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    Is it mandatory that all SEC teams schedule an FCS or might-as-well-be-FCS team during the final month of the season?

    Almost. They don't play the 8th team for 2 years in a row, they rotate.

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    Watching Hubenak play in the Ole Miss game on the road... and what he's done in JC, and is older... have no idea why play Murry at all. Other than a fickle fan base that requires meeting emotional needs. The upside is you have a remarkable turnaround, the downside is you make an even bigger mess if he struggles due to age and inexperience.

    I could be dead wrong, but I don't think he'll succeed in college without a year of physical growth and maturity and time to absorb college and the level of the game.

    Even Manziel was a redshirt player. So was Cam Newton. So was Vince Young. So is Jerrod Heard. Correct me, but I think so was Winston at FSU.

    Here are some size-weight comparisons of notable QBs. Smallest to biggest. Think these are early data for college years. Off 247Sports/CBSSports.

    Murray 5' 11" 180 lbs -- turned 18 this past Aug. 7th.
    Manziel 6' 0" 195
    Heard 6' 2" 195
    V. Young 6' 5" 200
    Cam Newton 6' 6" 250

    I keep thinking Heard looks really small out there. Murray looks smaller, and aggy uniforms make a player look even smaller. Next week aggy hosts Auburn and Muschamp's ego in beating aggy, plus at Baton Rouge against LSU later in November.
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    It's very rare that a true frosh can be successful in the college game. Experience at this level, and some maturity, is so important.
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    Is that an aggy QB or do I miss a joke?
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    Hate to pick a nit with your post, but I think this will be helpful to you...

    Encyclopedia of Behavior Toward aggys, 4th ed., vol. 13 (New York: Harper & Row, 1962) 976
    1. "aggy" is always spelled with a y at the end and never with an "ie"
    2. The plural can be "aggys" or "aggyz"
    3. "aggy" should, under no circumstance, be capitalized
    4. If the chance of offense is present, "aggy" may be spelled "a**y"
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    Yes, its Kyler Murray. There was a pic of him out today (which I posted in this thread earlier) that makes him look like he is about 5'6, so that is what led to the subsequent flurry of pics of him as a jockey and so forth. Lastly, yes, he's not only "an aggy QB" but "the head aggy" as he is listed as the starter tomorrow.
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    Got it, thanks.
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    Don't mind at all. I've fixed it! And other places as well on this thread.
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    Wiki-altered to correct the date-typo
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    Godz to nit your nit, the plural for aggy is "aggy"

    For the same linguistic reason that we don't call a plethora of sheep "sheeps", but sheep.

    Example: Several aggy were squeezing their balls for some strange reason on national TV.
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    Murry's "family" and "the Promise" screwed they guy out of a year. There was no reason not to play Hubenak first and attempt to RS Murray after it was clear that Murray could not pass Allen in the order. But then I am sure Daddy Murray has his sights set on little Murray playing in the NFL after 3 years of ball in collie station (and two Heisman's - it is aggy after all).
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    "Several aggy were squeezing their balls because they were dreaming of sheep on national TV."

    You're welcome.
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    No way he is 5'11 180
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    Wasn't Vince more like 225 lbs?

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