I hadn't gotten one of these in a long time

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    Poor widow has not heard of GoFundMe
    My dear friend, compliments to you and your whole family

    My name is Ms. Mariam Konta, a widow who is suffering a cancer
    disease, I have a son of 17 years who is here with me.
    I am writing this email with severe tears in the eyes and great pain
    in my heart. I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my

    My dear, I want to donate $ 3.5 million (USD) to charity
    projects in your country, for the poor and least privileged and also
    for the construction of churches or mosques, and to establish business
    for my son in your country.
    Please reply for more details.

    Mrs. Mariam Konta"

    What a generous person
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    Surprised she didn't ask you to wire some money to a certain bank location or as for your SSN and bank account info. I usually tern these scam artists over to one or two of my contacts at the FBI to go after.
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