I just broke up with my girlfriend

im searching the internet and i find this thread.As of about 4Hrs ago i broke up with my girlfreind.
I know exactly what your going through, and i know it really hurts.
I've always heard to get out their and find another ASAP, but I dont know if that would really work first hand, since this was the only girl I've ever loved.
I dont even know if I would try that if I could, because i miss her so much, but I cant so it doesnt matter.
I am presently healing from 3 back to back retinal reatachment eye surgeries, and am still bed ridden.
It will be a few months before I get my life back,and now what little life I had is gone.
Her coming home from work is all I had to look forward to every day.
We were engaged.
We were in love.
We were each others life.
Im only 17 and I'm sure now your all thinking I can go out and start again, find a new lover, and I'm sure your right, but until then I Hurt

She's almost 20 and in good shape (unlike me) and perfectly able to go out and find another.
I think she already found another, and thats why I had to let her go.
Maybe I cant claim letting her go.
For all I know, she might have had no intentions of ever returning to me.
Im sure at this point anyone who reads this is wondering what happened.
So heres my story.
She calls me from work and ask's me if she can swing by her freinds house for a minute.
I dont see a problem with it, so I tell her to go ahead.
Next thing I know, she becomes unavailable and ignores my phone calls.
I know she was ignoring them because she turned her phone off right after I called.
She didnt attempt to call back at all, as minutes turned to hours, and hours actually turned to days.
For 2 days I was unaware of
Where she was.
What she was doing.
Who she was with.
I spoke to her mom, and she said she would try to get ahold of her, but always told me she couldnt.
I stayed up all night trieing to get ahold of her, but was unsuccesful.
I was worried sick.
Come to find out, I had someone ride by her moms and sure enough, there sat her car.
She still wont answer my calls, so I left her a message to come get her things.

I want her back so much, but I know I cant let in, even if she wanted to come back.
Apparently she doesnt love me anymore, and their is no telling what she did in that time, so I will not let myself ask for her back.
I beleive she found another man.
So many things I havent stated points to that.

But I have to move on, and so do all of you.

If anyone reads this, support would be much appreciated.

Thank You
i just broke up with her too.......same situation as above....we argued sooo much but she's such a wonderful person...i couldn't take the arguments anymore....man i love her so much......
I just broke up w/tha love of my life because she cheated on me... i've had 4 beers n half a bottle of liquor.. i dont usually drink n i havent eatin since 8am... its 1am... I know how u feel... i miss my baby
love sucks everyone i just broke up with my girlfriend like a month ago we were going out for 5yrs . everyone says that ill move on and find someone else. But how are you soposed to move on from that. were do you go from there my whole world revolved around her. Shes the only person iv ever dated seriously she was my first love so yea it does hurt. Its so hard to move on from this. Right now i just look forward to the future and hope to God that everything will be fine. much respect everyone whos going through this hard time. My advice just pray
I have been with my girl for 6 and a half years. we already broke up for a month and a half in the spring of 2006. but i knew one day i would be back with her and did get her back before the summer started in 2006. things were great again sure we had mini fights and dident talk for a couple of days. up until last week. she said i will never change and what i mean is. Im a person who likes sports and doesnt like to go out to clubs and bars. thats not what i like but its what my girlfriend likes and i think is the reason why she just broke up with me last night for good. i dont know how im getting thru this. it was almost 7 years with a girl i was with since im 16
'm 18 who currently wants to be a musician. A few days ago, I just lost the one who i thought would've been the love of my life. She was the greatest past memory that ever happened 2 me, and I could never forget it. But ever since that day she broke up with me(on da phone), and said she didn't love me anymore, it scarred me hard. I've been going out with her for a year now, and my whole life has changed since she doesn't care about me anymore. We had arguments a lot bcuz unfortunately, i'm like a father to her, and she doesn't want to be told wat to do. She also wanted me to be a more loosen up person. 2 days after she broke up wth me, she had a new boyfriend. I went to meet her up one day, and I saw hickeys all over her body, mostly on her neck. I was jealous to the max. So we had arguments, but at her side, she was very cold to me, and it hurt soo much. I was soo angry, that II hurt her physically a lttle, and now she hates me. I can't even sleep the way I usually do, because it hurts whenever I'm alone. I haven't eaten much this whole week, and I feel sick. This is my first love, so it hurts the most, but sometimes I regret the things I've done. If only I can go to the past and change things, but we're humans, and we only learn from our own mistakes. She told me that she still wants me to be part of her life... as friends... But it's hard to get over it, especially if you're there watching your ex girlfriend holding and kisssing another guy... She called me last nite...at 2:00 AM. I asked her where have she been. She was out with her new bf, and she was having the greatest time ever... I called my grandma cuz I feel very close to her, and she told me that she is intentionnally trying to hurt me, even if she didn't say it. But actions speak more clearly. There's still many things I have to say, but I'm not going to go on and on. To make this short, everyone has to go through hard times, but it''s the only way to strengthen ourseles. Keep praying, and focus on your future. It's hard and I hate to believe it, but time heals everything.
I feel your pain my man. im going threw the same thing. i also cant eat. sleep. i cant even work. and what hurts the most is. i think she was seeing another guy as well.
You're not alone, I feel the exact same way. I just broke up with an amazing person who just wasn't the one for me. I left her knowing that I broke her heart into a million pieces and it's killing me. I've prayed that I've made the right decision and that God will be with her. She needs Him right now. I just wanted you to know that you're not alone and if we didn't feel the way we do, it probably wasn't real to begin with.
I horn my boyfriend a year ago and we are trying to make it work again and he havent gotton over it as yet, but i love him and i know what pain he is having,

What you need to know is why did she horn you?
Maybe you wont spending time with her or sweet talking her or giving her suprise gifts or maybe the sex was not that good?

If you guys are not going to make it work again then you need to take your time and do something u like like, that u never got the chance to do before, the only healer to your pain will be time, and for you not to feel that emptyness and lonely u need to get yourself so busy that you cant think and in on time u will realize u are over her.

i broke up last night-im gonna bone her friend-that will help.
I just broke up with my girlfirend today too. Actually, she broke up with me. No two ways about it. I'm a mormon, and about to go on a mission in about 6 months, and she said there's no reason for the relationship to continue, but she wants us to still be friends so she can date other guys, but still have me do all the little things for her that make her happy. She also said she didn't want me because I might not get along with some of her friends, who don't share my world views. I'm devastated, and can't think strraight. I spent so much energy on her and practically told her everything about me, which a lot of I keep hidden. I've bared my soul to this woman, and all she says is it's a waste of her time. I know how you feel, and I wish you all the best, being a guy in pretty much the same boat. I want to stop thinking about her but we've done everything together for the last 6 months and most of my other friends have faded into the background. I'll pray for you, man, definetly.
My girlfriend is about to break up with me because I don't skip my sports to be with her Saturday nights, I always want to do it after the game. I pretty much have one chance left, and there is a HUGE fight this weekend. I will miss other sports but Im a huge boxing fan.

So after thinking about it, oh f'ing well. Girls come and go, fights like this are once in a lifetime.

Kcuf it...
hey people its ok man i just broke up with my gf yesterday i nwo its feel gay u keep thinking but its ok man there is alot girls on teh way comig and i love my od gf but shes gone man any way chill out u will find the right one pece cya
just broke up with my girlfriend of 3 months yesterday and cant sleep, i know it was not long, but it still really hurts. it was a quick decision after a silly fight. i know its for the best in the long run but damn i feel sick and feel like an idiot.
your not alone buddy

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