I Keep Hearing That We Have the Worst O-Line in College History

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by KBBAKER, Nov 5, 2017.


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    Why then.....

    1) Were the current players offered a scholarship by UT?
    2) Has the Offensive Line Coach not been fired?
    3) Does everyone think that these same players will "magically" be better next season?
    4) Were Charlie Strong's recruiting classes ranked so highly?
    5) Do we continue to run up the middle without a fullback?

    Please don't mention injuries. I'm curious why the current players on the field are completely unqualified in their current state. I assume they were not "chopped liver" in high school.
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  2. 806 Horn

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    Is this ESPN’s spin-off of USC’s greatest team of all time?
  3. Detective Shilala

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    I have heard the OL is bad and I have seen it with my very own eyes however now I learn they are the worst in the history of football?! Goddammit I am pissed off now!
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  4. Sangre Naranjada

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    You keep hearing we have the worst O-line in college history?

    Really? Maybe you should stop listening to dumbasses who would say such idiotic and hyperbolic things.
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  5. ProdigalHorn

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    Your argument is compelling. I no longer believe this is the worst offensive line in the history of college football.
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  6. Sangre Naranjada

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    Our line is young, inexperienced, and gets their asses beat in one on one situations far too often. In short, our line is bad.

    But "bad" isn't the same as "worst in the history of college football". That type of negative hyperbole is moronic on its face, and impossible to demonstrate factually even if one were motivated to try.
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  7. X Misn Tx

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  8. gahornphan

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    I've seen plays when Shane or Sam seemed to have plenty time to throw, but they couldn't find an open receiver. Could be on the qb or the WRs - don't know.
    Regarding the running game: Maybe the running backs aren't shifty or quick enough to find and exploit the hole, and/or not good at making people miss and/or not strong enough to break tackles...etc.
  9. El Sapo

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    I'm looking forward to spending large portions of the off-season discussing this. That we're doing it during the season just feels like a bonus :hookem:
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  10. BevoJoe

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    The talking head that said that is probably trying to stir the pot, maybe hurt our recruiting agenda, who knows. Stats show this line isn’t the worst in college football ever or we’d be 0 or negative in production each an every week. Worst at Texas in years maybe, mediocre overall perhaps, lack experience, ok. But not the worst ever in college football.
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  11. VYFan

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    If they would make a 30 for 30 about it, we could DVR it and watch it at our leisure.

    “The Bottom Line”
    “The Back of the Line”
    “The Most Offensive Line”
    “The Thin Orange Line”
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  12. caryhorn

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    Worst in History?? That covers a lot of territory my orange blooded friends.

    Worse than Baylor's? Worse than Kansas? Worse K State? how did we beat K state if our O line is worst in History? We would have been shut out.
    We would not have beaten SJSU with the worst O line in history.

    Things are shi--y enough without hyperbole like that bs above.

    Our O line is so bad that we cannot beat OU, OSU, TCU Maryland and USC. That does NOT make it the worst in history. And frankly, I don't blame the O line for the losses at USC, OSU and Maryland. We gave up fricking 51 to Maryland for pete's sake. We turned the ball over against osu, and usc. And didn't kick field goals against osu and usc.

    Damnnittt I hate dog piling a group of kids that are over matched physically and mentally, and maturationally. Its easy to pick out one group on this team to blame, especially after a beat down to the best defense in the Big12. I repeat, the Best Defense in the B12.

    But it is just flat wrong.
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  13. Statalyzer

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    Part of is that teams are rushing 3 and still usually getting pressure. So when they don't get pressure, they are still covering 4 to 5 guys with 8 defenders.
  14. easy

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  15. duff_man

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    Do people really like Mike Finger? I don't see the reason for taking a shot at Herman's response.
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  16. ProdigalHorn

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    And how good was Iowa State's offense against TCU again? I'm not sure he's really helping his point there.
  17. IvanDiabloHorn

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    I predicted at the start of the season our first string was fine and if we could get through without numerous injuries we could win a lot of games.
    We had the injuries in the Ol and the Ol performance is a result of the injuries.

    We still have three games left and can win out, especially if we get a couple of the injured Ol back.
  18. Statalyzer

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    Better than ours.
  19. caryhorn

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    Tcu and especially Kenny Hill played their worst game of the season, by far, against isu. And tcu's O coordinator called a really bad game in the red zone. He didn't help Hill any.
  20. El Sapo

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    This. All of this.
  21. 4th_floor

    4th_floor Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing.

    Mike Finger doesn't use toilet paper. Thus the nickname "Stinky Finger".
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  22. Pomspoms

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    Even if we had a healthy offense line I still think we lose the same amount of games because I just don't believe in our offensive coordinator and the scheme he uses.Ok I will say that Herman, who i have lost respect for and his coaching decisions and who cost us several games so we could have had a better record. I am not going to let him off the hook. My expectations have been let down however I am excited about our defense and our punter.
  23. Pomspoms

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    Do we really have to have a five-year contract for a new head coach can't there be two years worth 6 million or maybe even a third year? It is reported that Herman has no plans to change any of his assistants.....well that sucks.
  24. zuckercanyon

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    Inexperienced lineman do not walk onto the field and produce immediate results. They will be experienced and well coached next year as well.
  25. zuckercanyon

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    I'll also add I don't feel like the o-line play was stellar last year. It seemed that Foreman would make the unblocked defender miss, then get 7-8 yards or more. If Foreman had stayed a la Ricky (don't blame him for taking the opportunity to play at the next level), I think you'd see the same kind of result. Good points are being made, I just think it's not realistic to think that a patchwork o-line filled with underclassmen is going to compete with top-10 talent. There's a reason it's preferable to redshirt freshman lineman.....
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  26. caryhorn

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  27. SabreHorn

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    I seem to remember a certain freshman center being forced into action in the first quarter against OU, and doing a great job against the million dollar Mobilhoma defense.

    It's called preparation and coaching.
  28. zuckercanyon

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    I'm ignorant of the freshman center you speak of, but was that freshman surrounded by experienced linemen? If they were all wet behind the ears, then my point is no longer valid.
  29. 22Horn

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    in the history of football, who would ever be in a position to make such a rash statement......I guess that individual has seen every NCAA game and analized each team and player.....

    Crazy comment!!

    KBBAKER 250+ Posts

    My God! We've had 10+ years to redshirt these guys! Where the hell are they? Where are all the upper classman?

    I believe that we have not had a lineman drafted in 10 years. Recruiting and coaching matter.

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