I like our odds against North Carolina

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Wishbonemac, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Wishbonemac

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    Vegas has us 12-13 point dogs but I think our athleticism could catch Roy's Boy's off guard.

    J'Covan has been focused on this game since 8th grade. If we can put it together, tomorrow just might be a signature day for the program.

    UNC leads the nation in rebounding, I think blood may flow.

    I apredict that Chapman has a big game against their big guy, Tyler Zeller. I can't wait to see it.

    We beat Nicholls State by 53, they only beat them by 50, need I say more?
  2. Horns11

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    We'd need to follow UNLV's formula against them. Drain like 15 out of 40 three pointers and play physical underneath. UNLV also relied on a ton of missed FTs by UNC to pull it out.

    Our guards haven't been shooting very well lately. I don't think we can rely on someone like Bond to play over the rim for 28+ minutes. But if we can play good D, it might be just enough to keep them below 90 points and we can score around that if Brown is on fire.

    I'm predicting a UNC win in the 15-point range.
  3. Third Coast

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    I think we have a chance if UNC plays down to the level of competition.
  4. rememberthealamo

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  5. majorwhiteapples

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    It is early and the season and this is the best time to catch UNC. I hope it is a competitive game!!!
  6. salonghorn-70

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    Not sure that I like the odds, but I always have hope. [​IMG]
  7. Bob in Houston

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    Don't think UNC will underestimate Texas. Roy Williams already has pointed out to his team that they lost the last two years.
  8. Horns11

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    Yeah I think the revenge factor is on for last year's game. And we lost 85 percent of the player-points-scored from that game, which was probably the highlight reel that got Cory Joseph drafted at all.

    Barnes (theirs, not ours) was in a slump at the right time when we hit them last year. I highly doubt he's in as bad a funk as he was at this time last year.
  9. WashU-Horn

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  10. Joe Fan

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    I'm just glad I get to finally see one of our games on TV.
  11. Wishbonemac

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  12. Joe Fan

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    Uh oh. Kabongo just tweeted that he ill. Only 50/50 for tonite.
  13. Horns11

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    "North Carolina has taken 71 straight non-conference home games versus unranked foes by an average of 26.5 points."
  14. Bill in Sinton

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    So far in this game we are hanging tough but we are getting poor rebounding and making rebounding mistakes. Otherwise this game could be very close.
  15. Longhorn0184

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    Looks like we don't have an inside game... Again... wish one of them would try to drive the lane than shooting up a 3... just what I've seen so far.
  16. Bill in Sinton

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    We could be in for a whipping as we are behind at halftime 39 to 23. [​IMG]
  17. Third Coast

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    Finally some competition. Yay.
  18. Texas Taps

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    Making a big deposit in the experience bank
  19. Horns11

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    Too many misfires by the whole team, minus Holmes maybe. Shooting 5-23 inside the arc. And Kabongo's health is definitely contributing to some poor decision making.
  20. Hu_Fan

    Hu_Fan Guest

    For several seasons now, I have not been a fan of Barnes' "uptight" way of playing. For the whole first half the guys looked scared to take open shots. By the time they got in the Required Hoosiers Number of Passes, the shot clock was down, plus not many ball screens along the way.

    If I was coaching a team this young, and talented, I'd coach defense, and then on offense tell them to Run & Shoot, and we'll work on scheme next season after they have 35 games under their belt.
  21. Texas Taps

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  22. utempire

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    UNC is a very good team but we shouldn't look that bad. Year after year it just seems that we never have an easy basket. We have to work to hard to score which drives me crazy. UNC was getting easy board and easy baskets all game long. Things just seem to be way too complicated and they should just sometimes be allowed to play.
  23. Third Coast

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    Definitely wasn't a "quality loss". The effort seemed to be there, but they just aren't very good at this point.
  24. Rex Kramer

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    Before you guys get too down, missing (a healthy) Kabongo was huge. Also, Harrison Barnes was a beast. I read scouting reports on BC on how he was not very athletic and essentially overrated. Yeah, sure guys.
  25. rememberthealamo

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    ...we have beaten carolina four times in a row.... tonight was basically a final 4 team against a high school team..
  26. tejas77

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  27. Rex Kramer

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    Oh that was a joke? Hilarious. Except he really was hurt. Not so hilarious.
  28. majorwhiteapples

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    How many second chance shots did we miss in the first half?
  29. busterbrown16

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    I have refrained from posting after a very disappointing year last year and the typical post-season exodus by Longhorn underclassmen. Granted, because of the LHN, I have not been able to watch this team very much, but I am very excited about the players Barnes brought in to this program. They are young, they make mistakes, but they have talent. Not NBA talent right now (like some of our other recruits in the past). But they might develop NBA talent, or (gasp), they might just turn out to be really good college players that play at a program for 4 years.

    I think Barnes is starting to get it right. Kabongo is the only player I see that has a chance to leave early and actually get drafted. Hopefully, he does not listen to they hype and sticks around for a second year.

    However, that would give us Brown, Kabongo, and a good group of young players with a year under their belt next year. Brown will leave, Kabongo will probably leave, but then we will have that same group for a third year, and hopefully a fourth. Meanwhile, Barnes can fill in with talent (hopefully not one/two and dones) underneath and we can build a program instead of a NBA devleopmental squad.

    I temper my optimism for anything dealing with Barnes because he has gotten me overly excited before just to let me down. But I like where this is headed....for now. [​IMG]
  30. Third Coast

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