Ibraheem suspended from team

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LHABSOB, Sep 27, 2022.


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    I had high hopes for him
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    what a bozo
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    Trying hard to not judge but damn.Just reading the charges is chilling. Interfering with a 911 call?
    While we don't know the circumstances Sark does.
    I trust Sark
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    Wake the heck up.
    I believe in everyone getting a second chance, but geez this is the third time.
    Get counseling, find a group of men that hold you accountable and go to a DII school.
    (Like he reads HF)
    Hate this for this kid. 20 years from now he’ll understand.
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    One can only hope
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    I did also. But how many chances does he get?
    I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and considering the questionable quality of the state’s local cops now days, would normally cut him some slack. But there is something wrong with 3 unrelated arrests in my judgment.
    I recall he had some pass “breakups” at Kimball, but to be so highly ranked, we need guys who can intercept the ball in my opinion at cornerback.
    Wish the kid luck and hope he gets it all straightened out.
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    This isn't the same charge that got him in trouble last year? If not, it is definitely time to cut bait with this one.
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    I think he's played in all of two games.
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    1. In HS he was the n a car that had earlier car jacked, however it was discovered he was not part of the incident.
    2. Posted Girlfriend porn without her consent
    3. These new charges are misdemeanors. Pushed his GF and tried to get her not to call 911.

    Man- you’d think after Sark giving him a pass In hanging with the wrong crowd on point 1, then I get he’s a dumb kid and posted crap he shouldn’t have… dodged another bullet.
    You don’t put yourself in any altercation situation. Any. It will most likely lead to a dismissal and other teams don’t want the liability.

    Just walk the heck away from anything that gets you in trouble. I’ve done it. It’s really not that hard.

    We don’t know the facts, but three times of bad decisions is a trip to portaling to OU.
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    Do you trust Sark to give him a 5th chance or will 4 be enough?
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    As a Kimball grad, I am embarrassed for this young man. Not Boy, but Man. By now you should be figuring out how life works. At 62 I am still figuring out how life works but I know not to do stupid stuff.

    As a coaching staff - When is "Enough Enough?"
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    The first rule of management is to never assess the punishment before the offense. You will likely regret it later.

    Second rule of management is to praise publicly and criticize privately.

    I don't know the kid, never met him. I did, however, know Tony Edwards and lived through that fiasco with our "fans". That one miscarriage of justice cost our school a football season and a young man his career. I don't believe anything I have experienced as a Longhorn fan will come close to having to sit through a game at Floyd Casey in the middle of biggest bunch of bigoted pieces of **** disguised as Longhorn fans. Embarrassment doesn't even come close.

    I have no alternative than to trust the coaches on this one.
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    Good riddance.
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  18. theiioftx

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    I do not have a link to my personal opinions. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.
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    Damnit man! We need your sarcasm detector fixed STAT!

    Edit: “Link” is a crossover reference to lexicon.
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    Remind us what happened with Tony Edwards
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    Hmm.... Is HiC actually Dr. McCoy from Star Trek?
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  23. NRHorn

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    I love this group. Another classic.
    “Link” , well played.

    I might start a blog and then link to it.
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    I really like your first 2 paragraphs. Level heads are hard to find.

    With this kid's past I'd still sit him until the facts are known. He had a past and not a good one. Once facts are in, act appropriately.

    I will say this, football players are the most privileged students on campus. They have responsibilities to go along with those privileges and are naturally going to be under a microscope publicly. This kid has a past. We've all been on short leashes of some sort in our lifetime, the smart ones among us know to keep your nose clean during those short tenures. Deep down I hope he's innocent of this nonsense. If he's not I wouldn't be shocked and hope he finds another program
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    I'd be interested as well. I think there was something that happened in 84 but don't recall the details. Tony was one of my favorite players back then. One of the 3 or 4 guys we got from Missouri in the early 80s. Leiding (via tulsa)June Jones and edwards that I recall. Might have been 1 more.
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    A group of players went down to Sixth Street one night (maybe after a game, I don't remember). Edwards was a passenger in the car owned by another player. I believe a lab report showed that Edwards had no alcohol in his system. Edwards walked back to the car while the others were settling the tab. Car was locked so he sat on the hood to wait. Midget from APD showed up, hassled him, then arrested him for several things including resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, public intoxication. Cop proceeded to handcuff Edwards and then beat the crap out of him with his baton.

    Of course the Spaceman made it front page news and TV stations ran with the story.

    Months later, it was revealed by Austin PD that the Mexican midget hated black people, particularly large black people, and football players in particular. He confessed to the powers that be that he made it all up so he could take his Napolean complex out on Edwards. Of course the truth did not come out until after the season was over and after the NFL draft. The cop was fired and barred from being a law enforcement officer with any agency in Texas.

    Our fans in Floyd Casey the Saturday after the arrest were brutal. **** like

    1) Edwards, what time do you have to be back in your cell

    2) Akers, you should have left your n****** convict in jail
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    Horrible, sabre. I'm at a loss for words. Thank you for the recollection.
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    Thanks Sabre
    What a sad shameful event.
    It should remind us not to jump to conclusions.
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    He didn’t play vs Bama, UTSA, or Tech. All the legal stuff aside, coaches don’t seem to think he’s much of an asset. Wonder if he’s just enjoying the college life too much and not putting in the work? Hope he figures everything out.
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    The aggies or sooners have a player in this exact situation this board is showing nothing but scorn and ridicule.But he's one of ours so it's different what else is new.
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