If Missouri Wins Tomorrow - Next Week 7PM

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by DRAG69, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. DRAG69

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    I just heard a report on ESPN-Austin that, according to an inside, unnamed source, if Missouri beats OSU tomorrow the game next week in Austin will be primetime 7PM on ABC regardless of the outcome of our game against OU.

    Don't know how much stock you can put into this but a night game would be sweet !
  2. HoustonHorn93

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    This is the best news that I've heard in awhile. Can't make the game as we'll be driving to Disney that day. We figure to get to Orlando around 4pm and I was thinking we would miss the game. Now we can head over to Downtown Disney and the ESPN Zone to watch the game.
  3. TexanWolv

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    I sure hope Missouri wins....Because it will give us another one of those classic weeks where an opposing fan base invades Horn Fans and tells us all week how they are going to destroy us only to be disappointed and never heard from again.
  4. Hu_Fan

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    I like that it would allow for an all afternoon party on BEVO Blvd, with the game extending it well into the night. And coming out of the stadium after the game, nothing like that kind of Sat night in Austin.
  5. Lat22

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    If true, that game might rival the 1990 UH game.
  6. Chest Rockwell

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    I hope that is true. This should be a primetime game if either of us win tomorrow.
  7. sportswriter

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    it appears to be true. the 7 p.m. ABC game for our region will be either Kansas-Oklahoma or Missouri-Texas. whichever one isn't picked for 7 will be ABC's 2:30 game.
  8. SWHorn

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  9. Ok_Longhorn

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    Cool, I'll be at Disney then too. Not sure what we have going on that evening but I think I know where I'll WANT to be..
  10. 1918Speedway

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    That would be an allsome birthday present!! [​IMG]

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