If the Democrats take the House

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Clean, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Clean

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    It sounds like the last two years will seem harmonious compared to what's coming.

    Pelosi is already threatening to weaponize the House's subpoena power. She called subpoenas "nice arrows to have in your quiver". Apparently she plans to use subpoenas to negotiate with the White House, tying up Administration officials with endless subpoenas, unless the WH plays ball.

    Worst than that, crazy Maxine Waters could become chair of the House Financial Services Committee. This would give her the power to subpoena on any matter related to an authorized investigation relevant to the committee's area. That might give her the power to subpoena Trump's bank records, especially his dealings with Duetsche Bank.

    And listen to this:

    ‘Payback Time’… Maxine Waters Threatens Revenge – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

    Trump-hating Adma Schiff becomes head of the House Intelligence Committee. He's been a big part of the "resistance" since the election of 2016. No telling what mischief he can unleash.

    And that's just for starters. Welcome to hard times.
  2. horninchicago

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    So, just like the Justice Dept. and others who have ignored subpoenas, I'm sure the Administration can just do the same.
  3. UTChE96

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    From a purely political point of view, losing the House would actually be helpful as long as the Republicans keep the Senate to continue filling judicial nominees. The partisan investigations and possible impeachment of Trump and Kavanaugh would be completely fruitless and only serve to motivate Republicans in a critical 2020 Presidential election.
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  4. horninchicago

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    All true, but I'd rather not go through all that.
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  5. Horn6721

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    If the Dems take the House it shows there are more stupid or hateful people than I thought.
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  6. theiioftx

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    A majority of Americans, maybe 65%, are uninformed, lazy and do not understand basic economics. The fact that people want free healthcare, free college and open borders says it all.

    Don't forget, liberals are saying that white men are terrorists and there will be blood in the streets if they do not take the house. I've been stockpiling ammunition for several years. I have high fenced, remote property I can move to and live remotely. We appear to be moving to a real social crisis.
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  7. Horn6721

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    But do you think there are more people who truly believe free stuff is free than those who would like but understand they will actually be the ones who pay?
  8. theiioftx

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    I have a niece who is a PHD. She ran up school loans that she can barely pay as she does not really use her PHD. She is a liberal convert because she wants the government to forgive her loans. This all occurred during Bernie's run. Yes, people believe the government can just print money and hand it out. No understanding that nothing is really free.

    And as with most liberals, she is for raising taxes on "the rich" to do this. No understanding that you cannot tax enough to pay for all the free handouts.
  9. huisache

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    dems and free stuff: like the unfunded prescription drug bill passed by the republicans when that genius W was president?

    oh, ok.
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  10. Joe Fan

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    That part is correct. DC will Subpoena City.
    The new traffic clogger will be Uber deliveries
    The local weatherperson may start charting them on MegaDopler

    I imagine we will have some "Constitutional conflicts" as Trump, et al, grow weary of such appearances

    They have to do something to counter the gangbuster US economy. It's not like they actually have something of their own to run on.
  11. bystander

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    I think it's a combination of selfishness and cynicism. Those who are not an elite, tend to believe the elites are thieves so a government hand-out is what you are entitled to in a rigged game. The selfishness comes in on the choices made and the specific policies that bail you out.
  12. Mr. Deez

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    Most think it can be free for them. They're told that if we just repealed the Trump tax cuts or raised taxes on the "rich" a little, we could afford a national health system and/or free tuition. They think they're getting hosed compared to people in Europe who get free tuition or nationalized healthcare (or nationalized health financing).

    Obviously, Democrats and the media aren't going to correct them on this because it's against their interests to do so. They're better off with these people ignorant.

    Republicans need to do it, but they really don't. They'll defend the economic benefit of the tax cuts, and that's fine. However, they rarely point out what these big government programs would actually cost ordinary citizens. They need to point to the tax burden that middle class families have in Europe, because that would drive home the point. Their income tax rates are higher, and their payroll taxes are about double what ours are. And of course, these countries have about $3 per gallon in gasoline taxes and VATs that are in the 17 - 20 percent range. For all the talk about how progressive Europe is, it's tax system is much less progressive than the US tax system is because of the VAT and payroll taxes. How many middle class Americans would be willing to pay that kind of money in taxes? Very few.

    Honestly, I think this is a reason why Europe does socialism better than the US does (when we try it). The middle class and even lower classes pay taxes, so they have skin in the game. They care if the government pisses money away. Very few Americans care.
  13. Garmel

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    If dems take the House all of the inquiries into the FBI/DOJ will be over with. The FBI will get away with all of the crap they have done.
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  14. horninchicago

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    They're getting away with it with the Republicans supposedly in charge. FBI/DOJ continuously thumbing their noses at the House requests for documents.
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  15. Clean

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    Just curious. What part do you think is incorrect?
  16. iatrogenic

    iatrogenic 1,000+ Posts

    It is good that you understand the stupidity of the Democrats' policies.
  17. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    Trump not taking any ****
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  18. Clean

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  19. Horn6721

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    thanks for those. I was NOT a fan of Trump but have become one. After hearing nothing from Dems but what they are going to do to get revenge including using the supoena as a blackmail tool I am disgusted with them.
    So to see Trump stand up and say he is not going to let them waste taxpayer money.
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  20. Monahorns

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    Looking forward to seeing if House overreach will result in the Republicans retaking it in 2020. I think they need to be very careful with how they oppose Trump.
  21. bystander

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    I don't think the extreme Left is capable of being careful anymore than Trump will stop tweeting. They are hardened ideologues who will never compromise.
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  22. mchammer

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    As mentioned earlier, many House races were decided by 1-3 pts in favor of dems. Not enough cushion to go hard core.
  23. Monahorns

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    mchammer, but can they help themselves? I think I agree with bystander. Will be interesting to watch.
  24. HornHuskerDad

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    Unfortunately correct. What a sad state of affairs - and this is what we are leaving to our grandchildren.:brickwall:
  25. bystander

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    This is the root of the entire white privilege campaign. We owe it to them. Well not me, my Dad came over from Cuba. And what about the offspring of whites who fought on the side of the North during the Civil War? I guess those are the white Liberals who hate white people.

    They are entitled. I think it's taking hold. All that stuff they want has nothing to do with making our country strong; it is getting what they deserve and they don't care what happens. They figure the elites will live large NO MATTER WHAT so F everybody. It's a very cynical point of view and wholly emotional at its core.

    Apparently what is happening in Venezuela means nothing and nobody can explain it anyway other than their lack of diversity due to their one trick pony economy (oil). But then people of color who wear Che shirts say we did it to them anyway.
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  26. Clean

    Clean 5,000+ Posts

    Trump hater, Jerry Nadler, will lead the Judiciary committee. He claims the Dems are going "all in" to impeach Trump and Kavanaugh.

    Top Democrat: Dems To Go 'All-In' On Russia, Impeach Kavanaugh
  27. Clean

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  28. Horn6721

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    I hope Woods did not give any loon ideas.:yikes:
  29. BevoJoe

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    Keep going guys. Don’t stop, this is really entertaining.
  30. huisache

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    dems won some seats by a few percentage points and they can't go hard core? So Trump lost by a few million and it did not stop him. If you win an election you think you have a mandate. Period

    For some of you youngsters who did not tune in to Watergate, the fur and feathers are really getting ready to fly now. As that great Aggie, Clayton Williams, said: if you can't stop it, just sit back and enjoy it.

    It is going to be an awesome show.

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