If you could only chose DGB or M. Edwards..

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by horn4jc, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. horn4jc

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    I would chose DGB. We have plenty of quality DLs. We need more quality depth at WR. DGB would create matchup problems for defenses and force them to play more honestly. That would open up holes for Brown, Bergeron, and Gray. Also, they would have to play one-on-one because Shipley's a great go to guy along with a healthy John Harris. With his size, he can also be a good blocker for bubble screens and jet sweeps to DJ and Marquise.

    It would be gravy if Edwards committed to the good guys. But DGB would give the offense instant firepower it needs.
  2. South Austin

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    DGB, for the reasons you state, but I don't think we end up with either.
  3. BevoJoe

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  4. CraigHorn

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    Hard to pick, but I'd go for DGB.

    Would prefer both but expect neither.

    Will be elated with either.
  5. HornSwoggler

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    ^^^^^^^ what Craighorn said.

    We need every available weapon on offense ASAP!
  6. LonghornCatholic

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  7. bazbo

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    You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you might find, you get what you need.
  8. I35

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    In regards to Mario Jr, is he still trying to decide? In the all-star game they stated on several occasions that he is a Florida St committ. It sounded like he is a very strong committ for Florida St..
  9. H-D Rider

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    Nice Bazbo... very nice.

    IF I had to pick ONE, it would be DGB... but...

    JC... we have a plethora of talent at DT, but I beg to differ that we have plenty of quality of DE's.... the fact of the matter is that we don't have any Rush DE's on the team with MEjr's or Torshiro Davis' impact... So really, I must say that we NEED both!
  10. hornpharmd

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    Mario Edwards could end up a DT looking at how big he is now. I think we need more help at WR.
  11. majorwhiteapples

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    I might have misread it but Edwards was listed at 290 at the Under Armour game. A teen-ager that big is only going to get bigger over the next couple three four years. I see him as at DT very quickly into his college career.
  12. coolhorn

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    Edwards is pretty much making sure nobody has to make that choice.
  13. Texas___Fight

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  14. horn4jc

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    I've all but given up on Edwards. But as far as DGB, I realize its an uphill climb. But, at the same time, I'm thinking were in it until he makes a decision. Listening to Geoff on the Horn and seeing other posters, its almost like we're the insecure high school kids saying the hot girl "will never go for me so I won't even ask."

    I understand being realistic and I'm glad Daje Johnson is making a visit. But let's not underestimate Mack's closing ability and Darrell Wyatt's relationship with DGB. Also, we need an impact WR stat and he would start from Day 1. Piggybacking on the analogy, we are one of the studs and do have a chance. Besides, if he was 100 percent sold on Arkansas, why hasn't he committed? I think for him, its a question if he'll be too homesick for Austin.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he commited elsewhere. But I also wouldn't be surprised if he came to the good guys.
  15. rememberthealamo

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    I will take DGB
  16. orangecat1

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    DGB, young Shipley has proven true frosh can excel at the position. He could start for three years and then go to NFL.
  17. johnnyg88

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    Fox News here in Austin just reported that DGB was now only considering ark and mo. Edwards was now only considering lsu and fsu. Hope that announcer doesn't know what he's talking about.
  18. Owlhorn

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    both were reported earlier today on several boards.
  19. WorsterMan

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    I will be devil's advocate here and say I would choose ME Jr.
  20. Bevo Incognito

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    I don't believe that anybody knows a thing about DGB. I think he's been entirely silent the whole time. Thus, any speculation by FOX news or others is silly. Of course, that's just MY speculation.
  21. Longtex

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  22. SHS1984

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    I hope that he comes to UT. He could make a big difference, but I just can't understand why he would come here to try and catch passes from Ash.

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