If you don't believe in God...

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Austin_Bill, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. Austin_Bill

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    You might want to start taking a closer look.

    The book of Daniel in the Bible is a good place to start. The book is mostly about the tribulations that will happen before the 2nd coming.

    Then take a long look at what is happening around the world.

    World Pandemic
    open violence in our streets
    40 million locus are moving across Africa eating every plant in their path.
    Second swarm of locus has popped up in Argentina and is moving towards Brazil.
    Hail in the shape of corona virus falling on Beijing China
    A Massive dust cloud from the Sahara Desert has crossed the Atlantic ocean and headed for the United States. It's about to hit Texas.
    West coast is getting some fun earthquakes, So Cal recently had a 5.8 magnitude quake
    Mexico just got hit by a 7.4 magnitude quake
    Massive flooding in China
    Tornadoes in China

    Really Bizarre Things Are Happening All Over The Globe

    My take in all of this. Buckle up your seat belts, it's about to get very bumpy out there. There is about to be a huge shortage of food out there.
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  2. Monahorns

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    In Daniel 9, an angel gives the date when Jesus will enter into Jerusalem right before His crucifixion. It matches what you would estimate looking at history.
  3. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill 2,500+ Posts

    For the so called scholars, that deny that the Bible is a prophetic book, this is a problem. As Daniel was written 600 years before Christ. How can a Book predict an event 600 years before it happens?

    2020 is the start of some very bad things, this is the Lord teaching his own lessons to his children. Those who have eyes will see these things happening and understand, those who don't will lose all love and charity in their hearts, and act accordingly.

    That is my take on these things.
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  4. iatrogenic

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    As I heard a particularly smart *** kid say one day after being asked why he did a "bad thing", he stated, "because of bad parenting".

    Next time, God should just make everything perfect so he doesn't have to visit bad things upon his creation. That would be easier for all involved. Humans would have more time to run around glorifying God, because He needs that, and God could just kick back after creating the Universe and let that glorification just wash over Him. After all, why create a universe if you don't get your creation to give you the credit and adulation 100% of their time instead of fighting grasshoppers and dust storms, chopping off peoples' heads in His name, and killing viable babies in the womb?

    That's a rhetorical question. Don't act is if you have the answer.
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  5. Creek

    Creek 1,000+ Posts

    I believe in God, don't know if church leaders do. They failed when they shuttered their churches because of Covid 19.
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  6. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 2,500+ Posts

    I would say read "The Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel, although I doubt any atheists will read it. I would also say that I'm 100% sure that satan is the real root cause of the BLM movement. It has done and will continue to do nothing but create more racism, hatred and violence.
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  7. Facing Addiction

    Facing Addiction 500+ Posts

    If you're into fiction, the Christ Clone Trilogy is a good series. Written in 1998 it is a story of the end of times as occurring in the modern day. Even back in the late 1990s you could see prophecy potentially coming to fruition.

    My mom was an avid reader and good Christian woman. I asked her to read it, but I told her that if she started reading it she had to finish it. About half way through the second book, she threw it against the wall. It sat there for two days before she picked it back up.

    Very scary to see these things play out all around us.
  8. Creek

    Creek 1,000+ Posts

    I believe in prayer. Surely, if God wants us to worship him, he isn't going to kill off church goers worshiping him.
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  9. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    When I see Epstein, etc. and the news about the Increase in Catholic clergy abuse of children, along with all the insanity in our cities I’m reminded of ‘ if you can find 20 good men”. Scary stuff going on today, religious or not.
  10. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Good heavens I forgot the major issue to me - abortion on demand - that is the most heinous attitude today, IMO.
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  11. AC

    AC 2,500+ Posts

    I wrote a post today that was 50/50 well received and not. To me Satan is behind BLM, Antifa and those entities that fund/ direct it. It’s DNC leaders and major donors who are directing this.

    God help us. Leave us a way to escape some of these ramifications.
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  12. bystander

    bystander 10,000+ Posts

    I think BLM started because of police brutality. And because they gained some power, others jumped on board and expanded the mission statement because that's what people do.

    But the police are a problem and the bad apples need to be dealt with. Think about Serpico. That happened a long time ago. The graft and power mongering on the streets was rampant.

    We shouldn't be surprised that this is finally happening.
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  13. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    I'll answer....

    First of all...if God is truly God and is who he says, created the universe, life, and all things in it, why wouldnt He be worthy of all adulation, glory, and honor....and do things however He desires? And to your response to this.....I know...all the ugliness and evil...What kind of a God would God be if he were just a puppeteer holding all strings of us and life? How boring and pointless would it all be?
    No, God...in not just His infinite wisdom but infinite integrity and love, gave us ...and even angels apparently....a gift called free will...a gift through which sin and destruction would enter the world....but not because it was His desire.
    It isnt He that is responsible for those aspects of life you seek to hold against Him...it is we...though in His mercy He covers a multitude of evils for us. You have no idea what this world would be like without the power of light that graces us. If He were to remove His hand completely you would certainly know the difference.
    It is He that is loving enough to yet provide redemption, hope, life in spite of ourselves. What a great God is that!?
    I'll add... on a very personal note....I use to be you. But I came to realize that what I just described as true for the world...in the macro...is true for the individual, as well.
    I came to my knees after years of "my way" and screamed out to a God I claimed didn't exist..."You did this! You!! If you are responsible for everything then how can I be held accountable?!? You created me! You made my brain! Whatever happens or whatever conclusions I come to it is your doing...right or wrong. You! You!!!".

    And this gentle, loving, patient voice replied,
    "No, child. You. It was you all along. This is your choice. It wasn't my plan for you."

    And by His grace and mercy I relented, and He has proven himself to me every day henceforth.

    Now, I dare you, iatrogenic....I dare you to scream out whatever you want to God...anytime you are ready...and see if that same voice doesn't reply.
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  14. horninchicago

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  15. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Mr Rainwater,

    Thank you. Greatest post ever on HornFans.
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  16. iatrogenic

    iatrogenic 2,500+ Posts

    Nice sermon. I didn't say God doesn't exist, but I have faith its not in the form you describe. No offense intended.
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  17. AC

    AC 2,500+ Posts

    God will wait for all of us, he is patient and he puts us in hard places so we will cry out for him. I’ve been there. I’ve never won a wrestling match with God. I wrestled like Jacob for two years with God. Also he gives us a way out if we trust him. I trust him! It’s been a long two years but God gave me a path and I took it! All glory to him. To many Covid 19 has been a horror! To me it’s been a life line to new roads he is leading me down. I know I am to try to help others now. Please don't let go of me Lord Jesus.
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  18. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    That's what I'm talking about, AC!
    I am here if you ever need anything...don't hesitate.
    To me, while the world is in a state of shock and awe in some ways (which, by the way, you "ain't seen nothin yet"), this year has been a time of blessing...a time of mercy and grace given us from God...a time to bring sinners to His saving grace, a time to refine those who already follow and trust in Him, a time to take deeper and mold and shape others for the days ahead and what is to come..a time to be strengthened...a time to strip down all the excess that keeps us from His perfect plan.
    Fact is, the world is messed up, we are messed up...He knows it...and He offers all who seek Him rest, hope, an intentional course for life that has eternal purpose....though there are trials necessary for our own good and His integrity....to what degree Satan and our own spirit of defiance brings hardships in this life...Oh how much more abundantly does He pour out His blessing on those whose hearts are stayed on Him!
    This is my prayer for you, AC...that your heart remain stayed on Him, and that His blessings flow as rivers of living water to you and through you and touching all those around you. I pray for myself, as I pray for you, that I lay down my life that He possess it completely for His will to be done - and thereby we find our true purpose in life.. by His design.
    A courageous missionary, Jim Elliot, once said, "He is no fool who will give what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."
    Stay strong, brother. God knows AC and He hears you...and He loves you with a love you cannot fathom.
    Like I said...If you ever need anything...
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  19. Galvestonhorn

    Galvestonhorn 250+ Posts

    All because that apple eating woman.
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  20. Mr. Deez

    Mr. Deez Beer Prophet

    I've wondered what would have happened had Adam refused to eat the fruit. Men rarely say No to presumably hot naked women, so it's a pretty unlikely outcome, but I do wonder
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  21. nashhorn

    nashhorn 5,000+ Posts

    Women on the other hand, do say no, but for some reason she didn’t that night.
  22. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Mullet Time

    You just know Eve was smoking hot
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  23. huisache

    huisache 2,500+ Posts

    It is good to see that Satan is still at work being against whatever all right thinking people are for and that God is still out there plugging away for us righteous folks.

    I guess the thing I like most about Our Creator is that he is so willing to overlook my sins and those of others among His followers.

    For example, I look at Austin Bill's logo and see a skeleton shooting a bony bird at the universe, or Satan, or BLM or whoever else is WRONG and it just makes me feel so good knowing the Lord will overlook exhibitions of bad taste and the like. As our Muslim brothers like to say before detonating, God is Great.

    Whoop!!!!! as our Aggie friends like to say
  24. Monahorns

    Monahorns 5,000+ Posts

    Creek. We believe in a God who died for us and raises us from the dead. I am not minimizing death. I don't want to die and will make decisions accordingly. However, my point is that worshiping God is worth the risk.
  25. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 10,000+ Posts

    It is strange going to what was a nearly full worship center, and having only 200-300 people. Some because the children's and youth programs are still closed down. I am beginning to believe that the scamdemic has created a generation, that would rather watch online in their pajamas or at the breakfast table than to get dressed and drive to church

    My Bible study class is on ZOOM, which is not my friend
  26. HornHuskerDad

    HornHuskerDad 5,000+ Posts

    Mine also, Sabre. My Sunday School class meets on Zoom, as does my Bible Study Fellowship class. And our church service is carried on livestream on the facebook page. Zoom is not my favorite way to meet, but it's better than not meeting - and until COVID-19 is solved, Zoom is here to stay.
    As for the livestream church service, it'll have to do until COVID is solved - and it's a great way for those who cannot attend physically (elderly, homebound, hospice patients, and so on) to stay connected to the church.
  27. Captain9Dragons

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  28. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    Why not? We all got to go sometime, both church goers and non church goers. Everybody's day comes eventually.
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  29. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Mullet Time

    I would like to hear the almighty explain why the human body's recreation area was integrated with its waste facilities
    Really suboptimal design work there
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  30. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    Yep! It baffles science.

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