If you leave your shopping cart...

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Uncle Rico, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Uncle Rico

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    in the middle of a parking space or don't return it either to the store or to a cart place then I hope a nuclear bomb goes off on your face.

    PS-I have a young child and admit that it sucks balls going to the store with them (sometimes). That said, it doesn't give people the excuse or right to be an ******* and not be considerate of other people's time. If you decide to have a child then you have to deal with it.
  2. Longhorn_Fan68

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    feel better now?

    (I'm just distracting you while another shopping cart is rolling into your car)
  3. kujotx

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    Additionally, people who park in handicap spaces, pregnant women only, parents with kids spaces should also get a sucker punch in the junk.
  4. mandingo

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    How 'bout the ******* who leave their shopping cart right there at the checkout stand for you to deal with . You have to move it before you can even put your groceries onto the conveyor.

    I just wait 'til they have all their bags in hand, then in a really loud voice, so that everyone else can hear, say "Excuse me, you forgot your cart."

    It works.
  5. Uncle Rico

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  7. TXSooner518

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    amen. man people that do this are GIANT d-bags. At least sometimes they stick them up on the little grass/curb islands, which is still a massive douche maneuver, but at least you minimize the chances of fking up someone else's property because you are a lazy, inconsiderate, selfish piece of refuse.

    I absolutely berated one woman I saw do this and she just gave me a muddy stupid look like my dog would if I tried to explain trigonometry to him.
  8. MizzouSnives

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    seriously, f**khead those people.

    i was at Best Buy last week, and walked out after a guy who had a cart. he wound up being parked next to me, unloaded his stuff, and then put his cart DIRECTLY BEHIND MY CAR. he didn't even move it to the middle of the double-aisle, just left it in the flow of traffic.

    so i stared at him, then coughed to get his attention. "oh, is that your car?" he asked. "Yeah, nice try buddy." so what does he do? he just moves the cart ONE CAR DOWN. [​IMG]

    at that point i wanted to get home, so i just said f**khead it. hopefully that guy got pulled over with kiddie porn in his backseat or something. i hate people like that.
  9. Statalyzer

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  10. Not Shinola

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    Baby(s) in the car, and no immediate cart repository = cart left in the middle of the parking lot. Go read a story about a raped 6 month old, and then try to walk 50 ft away from your unsupervised children in public. Complain to the grocery store, 20 years ago this wasn't a problem because they hired enough people to do it for you.

    As a trade off, any time I see mom with kids and I am by myself I will take her of her cart for her.
  11. Orange&White

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    Ever notice the amazing correlation of the number of fat people who are to lazy to properly place the grocery cart?

    I was once sitting at the intersection of 1431 and I35 about four years ago. The RR fire department was on the scene putting out a grass fire started by a cigarette butt. There was a Wilco Sheriff directing traffic around one lane. The guy in the car in front of me, stopped at the stop light, tossed his cigarette butt out the window and it hit the Sheriff. It all occurred right as the light turned green. I have never seen an Officer get more angry without a weapon being involved. I can only imagine how many tickets were issued to that guy.
  12. atxbaby

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  14. Third Coast

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    I agree that there is no excuse for leaving a cart in a parking space - even if you have a kid with you. Just put your groceries in the car and leave the child in the cart when you return it to the cart rack. But, don't forget to get your baby out of the cart before you return to the car. Of course, parking as close as possible to the cart return rack helps also.
  15. Squall

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    I was at target a couple of weeks ago and wanted to start a thread like this.

    I didn't flag her down though, cause i noticed a 12 pack of budweiser in cart.

    the ***** forgot it, so rolled the cart over to where it belongs and grabbed me a free 12 pack.

    didn't feel bad about it in the least.
  16. jt09

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  17. Chest Rockwell

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    While we on the subject of shopping cart etiquette . . . how about the people that walk into the store and see there are no shopping carts, so they have to go back out into the parking lot to retrieve one. Is it so F'ing difficult to mention to me as I walk in that I might want to grab a cart while I'm outside, rather than having to retrace my steps like you? Misery loves company I guess.

    Either way, I finally have found a time to use this emoticon. [​IMG]
  18. kujotx

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    Bingo. I have taken my two young daughters to my local HEB and pulled that maneuver.

    Alternatively, why not pull into a space next to a cart corral (if available)?
  19. Not Shinola

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    Usually I park next to one and 90% of the time I put it away.
    But if I have 2 kids with me, or I have one and the weather is bad I am not going to walk my kid(s) all around the parking lot to put a cart away because Kroger doesn't want to spend an extra $15/hr
  20. SubliminalHorn

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  21. Orange&White

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    This argument by Not Shinola his ********. I've have seen countless women put their carts away while caring for two kids. If they can do it, you sure as hell can. The issue is less about Kroger spending an extra $15 an hour and more about you not being an ******* and inconveniencing EVERYONE else because of your laziness.

    And about kidnappings, I have no doubt that it did happen. But it is such a random event that you can't base your entire life around it. Kids have been run over in grocery store parking lots, so you are endangering your child just by showing up.

    Give me a fuckin break.
  22. pmg

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  23. chuychanga

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    jt09 wins.

    I shop every week with a 3 year old and a 3 month old.

    The groceries get loaded into the car while they both sit in the cart (preferably a race car cart). If it's raining, the older one is wearing a raincoat and the little one has a canopy over his carrier seat. If they get a little wet or cold it ain't gonna kill 'em (the older one loves to be out in the rain anyway). Then we all three go put the cart away and all three go back to the car.

    Don't be lazy.
  24. Uncle Rico

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    1. Agree with the people who park right next to or as close to a cart bin as possible. Don't give me the it's too far away bit because it won't hurt any of us to walk an extra 20 feet.

    2. Not enough people are wishing death by nuclear bomb to those who violate the rules.
  25. Not Shinola

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    Not saying that it happens all the time. Not saying my life is changed because of it. But in the back of my head I never forget that there are messed up people everywhere, and I am not going to leave children unattended in a parking lot.
  26. jt09

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    I laugh at people who think "unattended" includes "within eyesight."

    If someone can get to your vehicle, unlock it and take your kids while you walk 50' in a straight line to drop something off, you deserve to have your kids stolen.
  27. Hayden_Horn

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    i usually take my cart to a cart drop, or sometimes back to the store, if its closer.

    but sometimes i don't. i'll hitch it up on an island or wedge it between concrete bumpers and signs so it won't go anywhere because i'm feeling lazy.

    i remember when i used to work at a store with carts i used to love to go out to gather the things up. it was like a break from work. light up a smoke, go corral all the carts, and get out of the store.

    people who just leave them free rolling though? nuclear bomb in the face
  28. Not Shinola

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    Good for you willing to carry your kids all around a parking lot to put a cart away. Still not going to do it because its a pain in the ***, its not my responsibility, and if the supermarket is competent they will get it for you within two minutes.
  29. jt09

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    When your kids get older, I hope they give you the same reason for never putting any of their crap away.
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