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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Uncle Rico, Jan 30, 2008.

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    I will gladly relinquish the close spot to people with children as a reward to parents whose children are behaved, don't throw temper tantrums, and don't run around like it's a ******* playground. That would be an even trade in my book. I HATE the unattentive parent.
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    what really sucks is when it's windy and someones discarded cart finds its way to your car.
    I've ran down carts heading for cars that were'nt even mine.

    Also, if somone is MOVEING a cart DON'T take the space from them as they are getting back in the car to finsih pulling up ! that's rude as **** !
    I was almost 1/2 way in the space and some discarded cart blew into my space so I get out to move it and this ***** came from the space in front and pulled all the way forward ! that made me soooooo freakin MAD [​IMG]
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    one of the first things my parents taught me was to put my things away when i was done with them
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    I thought of this thread yesterday. I'm at the grocery store, express lane, two things. The chick in front of me had about fifteen things (ten items or less), but I didn't sweat it. She forgot something and had to run and get it. Didn't take long, didn't sweat it. Pulled the checkbook out of her bag, didn't sweat it.
    But then she just started zoning out while writing the check.

    "Where am I again? Oh yes, HEB, thought it was Randall's for a second."

    "What day is it?"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "Hee hee, I can't seem to spell today."

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All of a sudden, I erupted with one word, entirely too loud:

    F O C U S ! ! ! ! !

    (it was a bit drawn out: FOH-KESS!

    I mean, **** just stopped. Everyone looked at me, then at her. The only sound came from the dude behind me, who was able to say, "seriously."

    Somehow, she managed to finish up and leave within thirty seconds.

    I'm probably totally in the wrong, but it felt absolutely great.
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    no no you are thinking of its sister city: Bumfuck, Egypt. ButtFuck is indeed in Afghanistan.
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    numbereleven - GOOD WORK MY MAN!!!! I'm usually the jerk that calls someone out and get the evil eye. More people need to be called out like that. And good for the guy behind you.

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