If you were to watch a game, who would you sit with?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by utahorn, Mar 13, 2023.

  1. WorsterMan

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    LC, 2 things with your photo:

    1. It so wrong a woman for our team to be so HOT... plus old enough to be my granddaughter! :facepalm:

    2. You teasing us old dudes with already high blood pressure!

    .... keep it up dude! :headbang:
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  2. Texanne

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    Y’all should want to sit by me. I understand sports, don’t care if you cuss, and - since I started taking these ******* heart drugs - don’t drink, so I’d be your designated driver.
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  3. nashhorn

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    Admire you Texanne, I’m recently on those heart meds but have not been able to abstain completely. Doing tiny bit of gummy’s and hitting a few shots of tequila still today. Just weak.
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  4. Texanne

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    Thanks. I will admit to enjoying a good IPA every now and again: maybe three a year.
  5. earl77

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    LC, hope you went to confession first!
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