I'm a PE teacher now!

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by TheWalkingHorn, Jul 22, 2017.

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    About a year and a half ago I got my PE certification, but then last year there was a hiring freeze because of a surplus of PE teachers in AISD (most schools are seeing a decline in their population). I did another year in the classroom, but I am finally going to be a PE teacher! I'm super excited, and I'm hoping that since I'm at a Title I school I will be able to arrange some UT athletes to come out and volunteer at my school. From now on, call me Coach.

    P.S. Herman, I'm available if you need me.
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  2. Dionysus

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    Congratulations, Coach.
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  3. mb227

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    Oh, and figure out some way to instill in those moldable minds that :ousucksnana:
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  4. TheWalkingHorn

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    That has always been a pillar of my educational philosophy. :hookem:
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  5. T Herman

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    Are you staying hydrated?
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  6. TheWalkingHorn

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    Championship level.
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