I'm encouraged! Uphauled too

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by omnipresent, Aug 19, 2011.

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    I keep up with quite a few of the guys on the team via various social networks and I see them more excited, determined, focused & having FUN.. The cohesion coupled with good old fashioned healthy competition for position, has me feeling much MUCH better about this season! HOOK 'EM! [​IMG]
    From Dallas [​IMG] [​IMG] TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I think we're going to surprise some folks. We may not win the conference, but I think we're definitely going to show the world that we are much better than 5-7 last year. We may even win a few that we weren't supposed to win this year.

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    This encouragement made my wee
  4. Detective Shilala

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    A 5-7 season will have that effecton a program!
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    Shock the Nation! - Part Deux [​IMG]
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    I think we are going to surprise some people to the point of having a shot to win the conference. The fact that Aggy and Va Tech are ranked ahead of us is understandable but hilarious nonetheless. I think if we can get a McElroy-type caretaker performance out of GG (or ash), winning less than 10 games would frankly be a disappointment.
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    agree with this thread completely...

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    TA, I think it was a typo. He meant to say it "made me wee."

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    After what I saw last year and with Gilbert still leading this team I would be happy with 7 to 8 wins and any bowl game.
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    I am not going to lower my standards because of one bad season. We are TEXAS damnit. 10 wins and a BCS Bowl is the expectation. Has been and will continue to be. How do we get there? Make sure the young men share that expectation and line up for every play, every game expecting to win. Just like all the 10+ wins seasons in past years.
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    It's funny how this board has gone through the seven stages of recovery since last season. We've gone from we'd be lucky to win 6 games to if we don't win 10 it'll be a disappointment. Tell me it aint true:

    1) Pain - happened right around the OU game
    2) Denial - Yeah we couldn't believe the crap we were seeing was real
    3) Anger - I think everyone has seen the comments on this board
    4) Depression - see above
    5) The upward turn - Somewhere around the end of June attitudes here started to change and believe we had a chance to do something good
    6) Reconstruction - After the denial and depression finally started to wear off those that almost jumped off the bridge started to think rationally
    7) Acceptance

    Based on this thread I think we are in full acceptance stage. Heck, this thread also may mean we have regressed back to the denial stage. I for one am going to stick with 8 wins and possibly 9 if(when) we beat Aggy.

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    I don't want to be leaving the stadium and my phone starts blowing up with text messages. Because that means we just played another sh#tty home game and once outside the stadium I'm getting a signal and many of my friends wanted to rub it in. I liked it better when I could leave the stadium with just a smile. [​IMG]

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